Huge Upset: Commie Leftist Cori Bush Defeats Lacy Clay in Missouri District 1 Democrat Primary


There was a major upset tonight in the Missouri Democrat Primary. Welcome to the newest member of congress, a Justice Democrat. A friend of Bernie.

Commie Cori Bush, a Justice Democrat and Black Lives Matter organizer, defeated Rep. Lacy Clay in Missouri District 1 representing St. Louis City.


Of course she thanks Bernie Sanders.


H/T:Gateway Pundit

Here is a link to her platform… Just one:

Investing in Social Safety Nets

There’s no excuse for extreme inequality, poverty, & insecurity in the richest nation in the world—that’s why I’m a vocal champion for bold policies that will ensure our basic needs are met.

Medicare For All

Green New Deal

Housing For All

More of her platform:

Congrats America.


Everything going swell in the swamp.

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