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Biden may actually have taken a cognitive test?


I like how Biden’s expression changes from “frightened Joe” to “mad Joe” when the host asks him if he’s taken a cognitive test. Joe scowls & veins start pulsing on his temples. Joe’s oddball comment about testing for cocaine & junkies sounded like an allusion to his boy Hunter!

Was there a “tell” that Biden had indeed taken a cognitive test? Watch closely. Note that out of nowhere Biden says “Can’t figure out the difference between an elephant and a lion.” That question is asked in the standard cognitive test. Pictures of animals are shown and need to be identified. Trump did talk about taking the cognitive test and elephants were mentioned but it is hard to believe that Biden would find that a thing to remember since he can’t recall even where he is half the time.

Don’t forget at some point there will be a 3:00am phone call at the White House! Scary thought.

In a virtual meeting with the National Association of Black Journalists Biden’s home boy asks a good question:

Here is why Joe:

Other than that…. oh, Biden changed his mind about going to Minneapolis.. Good idea Joe since over 100 police organizations are unwilling to pitch in a keep your sorry whatever safe… ..all is well in the swamp.

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