Maddow interrupts convention coverage, Durkam deny cities crime and looting


Kristie Noem spoke at the GOP convention and got the necessary “fact check” from Maddow. The media said they would fact check and this is a doozy from the “Summer of Love” Jenny, interrupting the coverage. Maddow pulls up Durkam “on quick notice.” Sure.

Let’s not forget that Maddow was sued for defamation but the judge threw it out because “no reasonable viewer would view her show as factual”

She brought in Jenny, Summer of Love, Durkam. Wasn’t it in her city the other night where “peaceful protestors” attempted to cement/trap police inside their precinct before attempting to light the building on fire??


NOT A JOKE: MSNBC interjects after KristiNoem’s GOPConvention’s speech because Maddow said Noem was “very wrong” to say Democrat-led U.S. cities like New York, Portland and Seattle have been overrun by crime and looting. For this “reality check,” she brought on…Jenny Durkan!



Something for a chuckle today. Enjoy.

Other than this all is well in the swamp.

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