Sunday Respite – Texas


I think many of us have been thinking of being somewhere else.  Chris Rea puts it to music as only he can. Texas. Chris Rea. ALBUM : THE ROAD TO HELL – 1989. LYRICS :

Warm winds blowin’ Heat ‘n’ blue sky And a road that goes Forever… Been thinkin’ ’bout it lately Been watchin’ some TV… Been lookin’ all around me and what has come to be… Been talkin’ to my neighbor And he agrees with me… It’s all gone crazy

Well, my wife returns from takin’ My little girl to school, she got Beads of perspiration As she tries to keep her cool… She says “Unless it don’t get no better, there’s gonna come a day, someone’s gonna get killed out there”… And I turn to her and say, “Texas” She says “What?” “They got big long roads out there”.

… good pics included.


Wishing everyone a wonderful day with much peace.

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