Anatomy of a Biden ‘rally’ in Lancaster, PA


Hey Joe! Is that your idea of a rally??? Sitting in a backyard in Lancaster, PA? How many people did you pack in? 5.  I’m sure the Amish like having you around.

Biden blessed our little piece of heaven, bucolic Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with a so-called rally yesterday. It was suppose to have at least 5 attendees… , no doubt hand picked. The purpose was to peddle the virtues of Obamacare. Seems reasonable since that last I heard Obamacare was in the rear view mirror for voters. Sounds like a safe pick without raising any attention and he thus can claim he has climbed up the stairs and out from his basement. But then we are only a couple of hours away from home so he could retreat quickly.



Let’s count:

But what happened went wrong. Yet not a peep from all of the MSM who were attending. There was about two minutes of Peter Doocy on Fox standing in main street saying zip. So let’s go through it. First:

Biden bans the local news. Not going to take any chances on any misspoken word flailing out. Almost made it but not quite. LNP is the local newspaper.



Here he gets heckled with his five BFF he just met.

After the “rally” with the five and tired of the booing being heard he moves inside with his teleprompter and gives his prepared speech to his hand picked MSM types.

But the Trumpers managed to find their way


More MAGA. – Sound


Biden Claims “Now We Have Over 120 Million Dead From COVID”



We have Trump rally. Compare the two – Sound.


All is well in the swamp.


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