Lawyer for Atlanta cop disputes prosecutor’s account of Brooks’ death


Lance Lorusso, attorney for Garrett Rolfe, weighs in on murder charge against his client. He appeared on the Laura Ingraham show last night.

Then we have the the D.A. Paul Howard and his rush to wringing out all the emotion he can from the situation. Not waiting for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to conclude their investigation. But he too has his problems.

In recent months, three women have leveled sexual harassment and discrimination allegations against the 68-year-old DA, who is seeking his seventh term.

And to make things worse — for him — the GBI is investigating whether Howard was padding his six-figure salary with $170,000 in Atlanta funds that passed through a nonprofit that was set up to reduce youth violence.

The GBI probe and the ethics complaint followed a report by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Channel 2 Action News about discrepancies between financial disclosures Howard filed with the state and tax filings submitted to the IRS by the nonprofit he heads as CEO.

He also faces ethics charges on failing to document those payments in state financial disclosure forms. To be sure, it’s never good to be investigated by the GBI or ethics probers when an election is just a couple of weeks away.

…..Noah Pines, a former prosecutor who is supporting Willis, told me, “If there’s ever a time that Paul Howard is in trouble, it’s now. The only question is whether the public is paying attention.” More at AJc

There is plenty of information about this fine fellow Paul Howard out there and clearly he has his own agenda. Anyone who was watching T.V. yesterday as this played out knows we are very deep in the swamp on this one.


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