Ken Starr: ‘Hillary may have prompted Vince Foster to suicide- left out of report’ (and not all)


Kenneth Starr is back in the news today, “Thought Hillary Clinton prompted Vince Foster’s suicide  — but left it out of the final report” here.

So goes today’s story.  And that was not the least of it. He and Justice Kavanaugh left out a whole lot more. I ask you to look at just the one video below. That’s all.

“Hillary Clinton’s humiliation of Foster in front of his peers steered him to take his own life on July 20, 1993, six months into her husband’s presidency.” according to Starr.

Starr, appointed independent counsel in 1994, “did not want to inflict further pain” on the first lady, according to author Ronald Kessler, who pressed Starr on the matter after a recent speaking appearance in Maryland, at the Annapolis Book Festival.

So they say. Now that Vince Foster has resurfaced back into the news, no less than Moby Dick. He keeps calling…for justice.

Let me cut to the chase. Watch just this one video. If I have enticed you to further inquiry, I will leave links to months of research I have looked at. Its all out there, hours of tape and thousands of documents for anyone to do the same. Thanks to FOIA.

I can only conclude as well as others, that the investigation had a pre determined outcome before the case was ever reviewed by Kavanaugh. After all, it was the same FBI agents who did the original investigation who did the review. The lead investigator Rodriguez was not permitted to subpoena any witnesses. He stated he resigned because the conclusion had already been reached prior to the investigation. Sound familiar?

Suicide? Take a look at this video,

At the 2004 confirmation hearing for Kavanaugh, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) stated: “Mr. Kavanaugh served in the Office of Independent Counsel under Judge Starr, where he conducted the office’s investigation into the death of former Deputy White House Counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr.”  A 1998 New York Times article also states that Kavanaugh “led the investigation into the death of the deputy White House counsel Vincent W. Foster Jr.”


If you want primary documents this link gets you off to a good start: Source FBI Coverup

Look at it. Think about it. A couple of earlier posts with a couple of links.

This is the only time in history that

an Independent Counsel was ordered by the court to include

evidence of a cover-up by his own investigators in his own Report

After the lawsuit ended, documents were discovered in the National Archives that were written by Rodriguez, including a 31-page memorandum to his fellow prosecutors in the OIC dated December 9-29, 1994 on the subject of “November 29, 1994 Meeting Concerning Foster Death Matter And Supplemental Investigation Prior to Grand Jury.”  The memorandum explains why the evidence does not support a conclusion of suicide in the park and states in its first paragraph that Kavanaugh was at the meeting.

The full works which much of the above came from:

Paging SCOTUS Kavanaugh – Vince Foster is calling

Supreme candidate Kavanaugh, from the deep state, led murdered Vince Foster coverup

Adds important details to the above video


If you are inclined… something for the weekend light reading and listening. Actually I found after I started reading the documents, I couldn’t put the next document or video down.

Former associate Independent Counsel Miguel Rodriguez tells about the Vince Foster murder cover-up.

Thanks to WhatFingerNews for the coverage! A great site for all the news.


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