Bag Man Biden’s first campaign stop at Comcast – collecting on merger of NBC?


I read that Biden last night was visiting his old friend at Comcast no doubt “collecting” his chits from the hey day of the merger of NBC and Comcast. You see, the Obama administration made NBC agree to become the radical news source that it is for the merger to occur. Now that we know what sticky fingers Biden has as a bag man with his nefarious business deals, it makes sense for Biden to make his first collection at Comcast- owner of NBC and MSNBC. No less the visit with the “diversity officer?” Now that is a real knee slapper. Hey, anyway, it’s always good to have a friend down D.C. way.

Former vice president and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden will attend a fundraiser at the home of an executive of Comcast, which owns NBC.

David Cohen, a senior executive vice president and the chief diversity officer for the company, will host a fundraiser at his Philadelphia home on Thursday, Common Dreams reports. The event will also include Democratic members of Congress and important donors.

Comcast owns NBCUniversal, which runs NBC, MSNBC, and other news networks.

Biden spoke with donors on Wednesday, according to Politico.

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Let’s step back in time, oh say around 2011. I’ll throw out some highlights.

Slowly, we are learning more about the merger of Comcast and NBC. Not that NBC could carry George Soros’s water any more than they do, but it is stunning that there is no shame.

The pending merger between NBC Universal and Comcast appears to have received Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski’s support because of the companies’ recent promises to the NAACP, Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, the National Urban League and several Hispanic and Asian civil rights organizations. The two media giants promised more “diversity” in new and existing programming, and in all levels of the company and they promised more minority characters in existing television programs and more new programs targeted at the specific racial minorities.

To get the civil rights groups on board with their merger, NBC Universal and Comcast worked out several Memorandums of Understanding, or written agreements, with the different groups, dividing them by race. The separate agreements included an Asian American Memorandum of Understanding, an African American Memorandum of Understanding and a Hispanic American Memorandum of Understanding.

Under the terms of the FCC order approving Comcast’s takeover of NBCU, at least half of NBC’s 10 O&Os have to find a nonprofit news center with which to work within the next year. The order cites the alliance as the model for what it would like to see in other NBC markets.

Proponents of the growing nonprofit news movement are hoping that NBC’s FCC-mandated efforts will bear fruit and encourage other commercial TV stations to seek out nonprofit partners.

There’s just one problem with this: Voice of San Diego is a member of INN (Investigative News Network) which is funded by the Open Society Institute, the URL of which is “” Yes, these “non-profit” journalism centers are funded by George Soros.

Note “Open Society” circled. Click on image to enlarge.

Recall our earlier post: NBC-Comcast cave to FCC Diversity :

NBCU will strive to ensure the presentation of diverse viewpoints by seeking the expanded participation of minorities on its news and public affairs programming,” the companies promised in writing to black leaders. “To advance this goal, NBCU will consider suggestions from the African American Advisory Council of individuals who could be considered for such participation.”

“In addition, Comcast Cable is committed to launching a package of 40-60 Spanish-language channels in all of its major Latino markets, with a balanced mix of programming serving all demographics and strongly promoting a diversity of Latino voices,” the companies promised in writing to Hispanic leaders. “Comcast Cable also will more than double its 600 hours of Latino VOD content, continue to add SAP-enabled offerings, and offer thousands of choices within a few years.”

The media giants also agreed to allow black leaders to have influence over NBC’s news programming. In addition to programming “diversity,” the Comcast and NBC Universal Memorandums of Understanding with different race-specific civil rights groups promise “diversity” in company employment, in supplier and vendor procurement and in “philanthropy and community investment.

I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.

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