The truth about Clinton’s Alt-Right speech

Just when and who started this Alt-Right thing? Any how, apparently Hillary thought she could capitalize on accusing anyone who had one positive thought about Trump, and didn’t particularly care for the Clinton corruption, …. well let Paul Watson tell it. He put together an amazing video. Too bad Trump doesn’t have a quick response team.

Yes, Hillary ACTUALLY said that Putin runs the Alt-Right…..

Hillary Clinton interrupted her coughing fits, her seizures and her 3 day naps to slam the Alt-Right.

Hillary Clinton and her cruelty – I thought you should know

“I thought you should know.”

An attorney in 1975 uses some dirty tricks to get a child rapist off for raping a 12 year old girl. And the lawyer is none other than….

You MUST watch this damning video then SHARE with everyone you know.  If the entire country saw the cruelty of Hillary Clinton that is showing in this video then she would lose in a landslide!

H/T:En Evolve

For anyone who wants to see the full clip and thinks her words may have been edited, I give you the link to the full thing.

Hillary Clinton laughingly discusses her defense of a child rapist  bunkerville 

Why is Hillary measuring White House drapes in 2016, can’t she reference the ones she stole in 2000?

How about a ‘back in the day’ review of the Clinton crime syndicate. You see, enough is never enough for the Clintons. For anyone who still is surprised by their hubris, I am giving you this memory of the bad old days. Bonus: We are paying over half of the rent for the Clinton Foundation office. Do we really want to go there again?


Former President Clinton and his wife, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, have sent $28,000 worth of household goods back to Washington after questions arose over whether the items were intended as personal gifts or donations to the White House.

Giving Back

After they were criticized for taking $190,000 worth of china, flatware, rugs, televisions, sofas and other gifts with them when they left, the Clintons announced last week that they would pay for $86,000 worth of gifts, or nearly half the amount.

The gifts were just one of several flaps that followed the Clintons out of the White House:

Lawmakers are questioning Clinton’s desire to rent expensive office space in New York City at government expense. Because of the contention, the former president’s foundation has offered to pay at least $300,000 of an estimated $790,000 annual rent for the office Clinton favors.

Mrs. Clinton, the new senator from New York, has faced questions about the propriety of accepting the gifts in the period between her election and her swearing-in. Senate rules would have limited what she could accept had she been a senator.

Members of both parties also have criticized Clinton for granting scores of eleventh-hour clemency requests, including the pardon of Marc Rich, a fugitive in Switzerland from 51 counts in the United States of tax evasion and fraud.

H/T: ABC News

NYC Commisioner Bratton is so scared of Trump goes to work for Clinton’s Teneo

Let me first say I am being sarcastic. Police Commissioner William Bratton is out on the stump with words as inciting as the old Goldwater ad that the world will end if Trump is elected. So just like FBI Comey, AG Lynch, and who knows how many others, people who start out with excellent reputations, wind up falling on their sword for the Clintons. And Bratton can be bought for a bucket load of silver. I recall this quote:

It is that, in addition to being personally corrupt, the Clintons are corrupters. They are piggish users, with the people and institutions around them inevitably tarnished and sometimes destroyed even as the Clintons escape to their next scam.

The appearance of police commissioner Bratton with his knees knocking thinking about Trump being elected President, is starting to make the channels. Why I asked. A quick search gave me my answer. Why?

The New York City police commissioner said Tuesday he has accepted a job at Teneo Holdings, a global advisory firm with strong ties to the Clintons.

In an interview Tuesday, Mr. Bratton called the new role a “dream job” that would put him in contact with chiefs of some of the largest companies in the world.

The company made him offer, he said, “that couldn’t be refused,” both for the pay and the opportunity. The job also allows him to stay in New York, something he and Ms. Klieman wanted. WSJ

He has joined Bill Clinton, Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, and a cast of criminals in the Clinton money machine. The company? Teneo. You will notice in the clip the moderator says he will be joining a “consulting firm” but doesn’t name it or who or what is involved in it. Checking You Tube, he has made the rounds of the talkies with the exact scathing talking points. “Trump scares me.” Then goes on with his swan song.

Check earlier posts Huma Abedin, Bill Clinton’s Butt boy Band’s new Emails will take the Clintons down? and and Teneo, Bill Clinton’s new butt boy Justin Cooper, and Hillary’s Emails for the back story.

My regular readers know about my opinion of Teneo

NYPD chief Bill Bratton on why Trump “scares” him, resignation


Hillary Clinton lies about daughter Chelsea’s education, claims Ph.D in Public Health

It’s hard at crooked Hillary’s age to recall exactly what her Mensa daughter exactly studied in college. By the way Hillary, maybe instead of your daughter spinning by Puerto Rico she could have gone to Haiti and checked out your brother’s gold mine. I am finding daughter Chelsea almost as annoying as her mother.

WH Dossier:

One of our astute readers points out to me that Hillary Clinton didn’t get it quite right the other day when discussing Chelsea Clinton’s education.

Talking about the Zika virus the other day, Hillary said she had been alerted to the problem nine months ago because her over-educated daughter Chelsea already knew about it way back then, since she has a PhD in public health.

Alas, Chelsea does not have a PhD in public health. Her PhD is in international relations. She has a Masters degree public health, as well as one in international relations.

Teneo, Bill Clinton’s new butt boy Justin Cooper, and Hillary’s Emails

Yesterday I covered Doug Band, Huma Abedin, Bill Clinton’s Butt boy Band’s new Emails will take the Clintons down? After Doug Band moved on, his replacement for butt boy was Justin Cooper. And if we think Band has his hand in the cookie jar, Justin Cooper has it up to his elbow. Mr. Cooper negotiated the “acceptable behavior” of the Clinton Foundation and the State Department just for starters. Here we go:

…..Buried in the  State Departments IG report and while not named in the report itself, the “non-Department” aide referred to is apparently Justin Cooper, longtime aide-de-camp to the former president. Cooper had no security clearance and no expertise whatsoever in safeguarding computers. He helped Bill Clinton research two of his books, frequently traveled with Clinton, was involved in Clinton Foundation fundraising, and, at the same time, worked for Teneo — the sprawling investment banking, political consulting, and PR firm that started on Hillary’s tenure. Teneo paid Bill Clinton, Huma Abedin, Doug Band, Justin Cooper. The firm was founded by two former State Department employees and then hired four more. More at Dick Morris

It was Cooper who initially opened and registered the private server and it was he who apparently maintained its security. But that wasn’t the end of it.

Justin Cooper may hold the answer.

Mr. Cooper is a central player in the shadowy worlds of Bill and Hillary Clinton — serving as Mr. Clinton’s top aide since 2015, when his predecessor, former right-hand man and “surrogate son” Doug Band, resigned from the Clinton Foundation — yet he has largely escaped notice.

The obscure Mr. Cooper may, in fact, be the linchpin of the case swirling around the Clintons. Perhaps more than anyone apart from the principals themselves, he is at the nexus of the Clinton Foundation, Hillary’s work at the State Department, and her possession of highly sensitive government documents. After all, Mr. Cooper was the one who, before she became secretary, negotiated with the Obama White House over the parameters of acceptable conduct by Bill Clinton and the foundation to minimize the possibility of “conflicts of interest.”

Enter Mr. Cooper.

The server for her private domain name,, and the foundation-run shared an email network and a physical location in New York while she was secretary, both under Mr. Clinton’s auspices. It was Mr. Cooper who, according to archived Internet records, registered both and, which was used by top Clinton Foundation personnel.

Mr. Cooper served as a coordinator between the overlapping worlds of Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Clinton and the foundation. He is a top fundraiser for the Clinton Foundation. He is also a senior adviser to Teneo, founded by Mr. Band and whose clients — such as Coca-Cola, Dow Chemical and Bank of America — certainly gained access to the former president, the secretary of state and their vast international network. At one point, Mr. Clinton was given a contract with Teneo for his rainmaking efforts worth $3.5 million.

Teneo’s dealings have been shrouded in secrecy, perhaps because it appears to have served as a feeder fund for the Clinton Foundation. Among the Clinton loyalists employed by Teneo: Mrs. Clinton closest aide, Huma Abedin, who served as a Teneo “senior adviser” while she was also employed by Mrs. Clinton’s State Department, the Clinton Foundation and Mrs. Clinton personally; six former State Department officials, including her former economic envoy to Northern Ireland, Declan Kelly; and Mr. Cooper, whose bio, before it was scrubbed from Teneo’s website, noted, “In addition to his role with Teneo, Mr. Cooper serves as Senior Advisor to President William J. Clinton ” and “assists in operating the Clinton Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative and the Clinton Family Foundation.”

In an interview last year on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Mrs. Clinton denied communicating with the foundation while at State. “Other people in the State Department did,” she said, “in accordance with the rules that had been adopted [perMr. Cooper’s arrangement with the Obama administration].” But according to an Oct. 28, 2009 email, Mrs. Clinton wrote longtime adviser Sidney Blumenthal and copied Mssrs. Band and Cooper at the foundation.

A source familiar with Mr. Cooper’s arrangement with the Clintons says that they have paid his legal fees associated with the FBI investigation, amounting to “hundreds of thousands of dollars.” They aren’t paying those costs out of a sense of decency. They’re paying them because he knows the “why” of the server, which may very well have been to make it easier for the foundation to hustle big donations.

More at the Washington Times


The staffer, Justin Cooper, said he was already setting up an account for Mrs. Clinton and offered an email address to Ms. Abedin as well.

Hillary Clinton private email server set up before becoming secretary →

Among the Clinton loyalists employed by Teneo: Mrs. Clinton closest aide, Huma Abedin, who served as a Teneo “senior adviser” while she was also employed by Mrs. Clinton’s State Department, the Clinton Foundation and Mrs. Clinton personally; six former State Department officials, including her former economic envoy to Northern Ireland, Declan Kelly; and Mr. Cooper, whose bio, before it was scrubbed from Teneo’s website, noted, “In addition to his role with Teneo, Mr. Cooper serves

MONICA CROWLEY: The linchpin of the FBI’s Hillary Clinton investigation →

H/T: Washington Times


Hillary Clinton and the dude (Doctor) that carries anti-seizure injector pens?

Gateway Pundit appears to have the scoop on a couple of pics that have been floating around showing Clinton needing help up a set of steps. On Saturday I posted What is up with Hillary Clinton’s mental health? included was a video of her bizarre behavior. Another photo of the Black guy who carried something in his hand appears to be an auto-injector pen. Better yet, who is this Black guy who is too overweight for a S.S.agent, and puts his hands on her and tells her to continue her little talk after she becomes flustered. The link ** Danger and Play has much more on the dude.

** Diazepam auto-injector pens are used for Acute Repetitive Seizures.

Diazepam is prescribed for patients who experience recurrent seizures!

Twitter user Azusa posted this earlier.

The Ralph Retort reported:

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