Russians and John Podesta and $35 Million Buckeroos – called collusion?



John Podesta and Russia Russia Russia. If you thought  Joe and Hunter Biden was raking in the dough over in the Ukraine, do I have a story to tell you about John. 



Better yet, back in the day, Marie Bartiromo interviewed Podesta about it and this was an interview to watch. She held his feet to the fires of hell, a brilliant interview.

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign manager, John Podesta, played a central role in another potential Russian collusion scandal that has not yet been investigated.

Podesta, the former chief of staff to President Bill Clinton, served on the board of Joule Unlimited, a now defunct alternative energy company, from January 2011 to January 2014. He resigned from the company’s board to accept the powerful job of Counselor to President Barack Obama.

Best part about this story, Breitbart is just picking it up, let’s see if we can give it some traction:

Circa June 30, 2017 over at Bunkerville

Epic Battle – Marie Bartiromo vs John Podesta over his Russia links

Here is a smack down that one doesn’t get to witness very often. Marie sank her teeth into Podesta and like a good bull-dog, didn’t let up. Finally someone looks at the Clinton crime cabal. Example:

“You joined the board of a small energy company in 2011,” Bartiromo said. “Two months later a Russian entity directly funded by the Kremlin invested $35 million in the company. You were given 75,000 shares in a Russian company which you failed to disclose when you became an Obama associate.”

“Maria, that is not true. I fully disclosed and I was completely compliant,” Podesta responded.

“You are picking through my emails that were stolen from the Russians and released by WikiLeaks and creating a story that is not true,” he added.

Bartiromo continued to say he had shares in a “Russian company.”

“Go back and get your facts straight, Maria,” Podesta said.

“That’s not true, John. We know you owned 75,000 shares,” Bartiromo responded.

(WIKILEAKS: Tax form Indicates John Podesta Put Russia-Tainted Shares In Daughter’s Company 

John Podesta, the chairman for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, was a target of WikiLeaks during the election, but Wednesday he battled with Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo over his own links to Russia.

Podesta blamed the Russians when his hacked emails were published by WikiLeaks during the 2016 campaign, asserting that Moscow was working to elect now-President Donald Trump. The U.S. intelligence community has said the hack was part of a broader Russian effort to interfere in the election.

But the longtime Clinton ally, who met with the House Intelligence Committee behind closed doors on Tuesday to discuss Russian meddling, has also faced allegations that he owned shares in a Kremlin-backed energy company, Joule Unlimited.

Bartiromo pushed Podesta on his association with the company, which she said was “widely reported” to be Kremlin-backed. Podesta served on the company’s board for multiple years starting in 2011. Read More:Free Beacon

Earlier Bunkerville posts:  

A Moscow-based technology initiative funded in part by the Russian government funneled tens of millions of dollars into the Clinton Foundation while Hillary Clinton was serving as secretary of state, according to a new report released Monday.

As President Obama’s top diplomat, Clinton oversaw and facilitated the State Department’s failed five-year project to “reset” U.S.-Russia relations, which spurred the creation of Skolkovo, a research facility known as Russia’s version of Silicon Valley,Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer wrote in a new report, titled “From Russia with Money.”


While Clinton Inc continues to attempt to link Trump with Russia it is Podesta who has his long fingers in business dealings with the Kremlin. Worse, it is Uranium that is the product of commerce. Not only that, he lied. Supposedly he got out of the business, but no, in a follow-up story he put the shares in his daughter’s account as you will see. Yet nothing in the media. Recall? Russian Government Initiative Gave Millions to Clinton Foundation ?


Other than this, all is well in the swamp.

Thanks to WhatFingerNews for the coverage


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