NYC deliberately gummed up traffic, now will tax the poor devils ‘congestion fees’


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First NYC gums up the traffic system deliberately a few years ago. Supported by the Obama administration. Not enough pain New Yorkers? Here comes the double whammy. Going to cost you $10 bucks or so to drive into Manhattan. How is all that Progressive stuff working out for you New Yorkers? But anyone paying attention saw this coming.

New York City has intentionally caused the traffic nightmare

If you had any thought that the Progressives were absolutely evil, this should be your confirmation. Back in 2010 we heard what Lahood with the Department of Transportation had in mind for us nationally. Bloomberg and de blasio no doubt got big bucks for New York City in turning the traffic into chaos.

The Setup.  Back in 2010 I wrote a post LaHood: “We are going to “Coerce” people out of their cars 

It’s going to be swell

LaHood signed the new policy directive on March 11. “This is the end of favoring motorized transportation at the expense of non-motorized.”

On May 21, LaHood told reporters at the National Press Club that the “Partnership for Sustainable Communities’ his department had formed with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Housing—sometimes known as the “livability initiative”–was designed to “coerce” people out of their cars.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has announced that federal transportation policies will no longer favor “motorized” transportation, such as cars and trucks, over “non-motorized” transportation, such as walking and bicycling. he effusively described it as a “sea change” for the United States. Get out your sail.

The Implementation:

Time for some traffic problems in Manhattan!  December 2016

City officials have intentionally ground Midtown to a halt with the hidden purpose of making drivers so miserable that they leave their cars at home and turn to mass transit or bicycles, high-level sources told The Post.

Today’s gridlock is the result of an effort by the Bloomberg and de Blasio administrations over more than a decade of redesigning streets and ramping up police efforts, the sources said.

“The traffic is being engineered,” a former top NYPD official told The Post, explaining a long-term plan that began under Mayor Mike Bloomberg and hasn’t slowed with Mayor de Blasio.

“The city streets are being engineered to create traffic congestion, to slow traffic down, to favor bikers and pedestrians,” the former official said.

“There’s a reduction in capacity through the introduction of bike lanes and streets and lanes being closed down.”

The goal of the jammed traffic is to shift as many drivers as possible to public transit or bicycles.

More NY Post with the details of how they are carrying out their plan.

Starting in 2021, drivers will be charged approximately $10 for driving into parts of Manhattan as part of the state’s new budget deal; Laura Ingle has the details.



Other than this, all is well in the Progressive swamp.

Thanks to WhatFingerNews for the coverage! A great site for all the news.

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