42 Million plus support ISIS, US blocks attempts by allies to arm Kurds

Figure this one out. The Islamic State rolls on and we are assured that Islam is a religion of peace. Thus we are trucking in thousands of them to the United States from the Middle East as refugees without so much as attempting to vet them. How about these numbers? Millions think of ISIS positively. And the Kurds? Obama refuses to allow even our allies to arm them directly. Whose side is Obama on? Here we go:

The study, based on four recent polls, reveals the shocking level of support for the caliphate around the world.

Ryan Mauro of the Clarion Project, which carried out the research, warned that “ISIS is only a fraction of what it could potentially become”.

He said: “If we don’t act quickly, this is still going to grow – and what we’re looking at today is going to look like the good old days compared to the future.”

More than 8.5million people view ISIS positively, and around 42 million view them somewhat positively, according to the data.

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Meanwhile, Obama refuses to help the Kurds.

The United States has blocked attempts by its Middle East allies to fly heavy weapons directly to the Kurds fighting Islamic State jihadists in Iraq, The Telegraph has learnt.

Some of America’s closest allies say President Barack Obama and other Western leaders, including David Cameron, are failing to show strategic leadership over the world’s gravest security crisis for decades.

They now say they are willing to “go it alone” in supplying heavy weapons to the Kurds, even if means defying the Iraqi authorities and their American backers, who demand all weapons be channelled through Baghdad.

High level officials from Gulf and other states have told this newspaper that all attempts to persuade Mr Obama of the need to arm the Kurds directly as part of more vigorous plans to take on Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) have failed. The Senate voted down one attempt by supporters of the Kurdish cause last month.

The officials say they are looking at new ways to take the fight to Isil without seeking US approval.

“If the Americans and the West are not prepared to do anything serious about defeating Isil, then we will have to find new ways of dealing with the threat,” said a senior Arab government official. “With Isil making ground all the time we simply cannot afford to wait for Washington to wake up to the enormity of the threat we face.”

The Peshmerga have been successfully fighting Isil, driving them back from the gates of Erbil and, with the support of Kurds from neighbouring Syria, re-establishing control over parts of Iraq’s north-west.

But they are doing so with a makeshift armoury. Millions of pounds-worth of weapons have been bought by a number of European countries to arm the Kurds, but American commanders, who are overseeing all military operations against Isil, are blocking the arms transfers.

One of the core complaints of the Kurds is that the Iraqi army has abandoned so many weapons in the face of Isil attack, the Peshmerga are fighting modern American weaponry with out-of-date Soviet equipment.

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16 Responses to “42 Million plus support ISIS, US blocks attempts by allies to arm Kurds”

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  5. geeez2014 Says:

    Even two liberal Obama lovers/advisors, tonight on FOX, said they thought Obama’d been wrong in not supporting Syria right from the get-go when the revolutionaries asked for it…and that he’d been late addressing ISIS.
    And, sadly, name calling and partisan information like I just wrote here doesn’t work anymore; because of OBama, we are in HUGE trouble and too scared of sounding anti-muslim to ACT.
    They have NO fears ….their stock in trade is collateral damage…we’re afraid of it because OUR media will nail us.
    We really aren’t that same America anymore…

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    • bunkerville Says:

      And they plan on eliminating any memory of the America you and I loved so much.


      • geeez2014 Says:

        Right. I knew Obama’d be terrible for America but to start this drip drip drip of erasing our history is unconscienable and really concerning on many levels. Only leftwing indoctrinated kids could not know WHY we celebrate July 4th, or think we fought the French for independence, or that the Dec. of Ind. was signed in 1963………and worse. And we’ve all seen those interviews on the street….and some are COLLEGE KIDS.

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  6. Mustang Says:

    Trucking in sand monkeys is a disaster waiting to happen. When people streamed here from Europe in the late 1800s and early 1900s, particularly those from Italy and Eastern Europe, you saw the rise of the Goombahs. Transitioning to today, gifted Imams will become powerful influences over newly arrived Sharia compliant immigrants. Sure glad we elected a community organizer to the highest office in the land.

    I agree with you though —I would have thought that Obama, being a turd, would reach out to … oh, wait … you wrote kurd. Never mind.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Obama is apparently deriving a certain sadistic pleasure in knowing millions have been displaced and who knows how many killed thanks to his hatred for America. Payback for Colonialism. His Pa must be very proud. His Commie mother as well.

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    • Ducky's here Says:

      The Eastern European goombahs?
      I plead guilty.

      When did your ignorant Stars and Bars waving cracker family come over, you bigot.


      • Mustang Says:

        You are definitely a paragon of tolerance, Commie puke. Stars & Bars is your party of choice. Hey ducky did you marry your boyfriend yet?


  7. Lorra B. Says:

    I’m still trying to wrap my head around this one. I mean, WTH? Oh, that’s right… It seems he’s Muslim.

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  8. Brittius Says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.

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