Will Obama support Bernie Sanders again as before?

With Hillary’s sinking poll numbers the question is will the WH stand behind Hillary or will they throw her under the bus? I say yes. Why? Because Obama has a history of casting his party aside in the name of his Marxist ideology. Back in the day when Bernie Sanders was running for the Senate, Obama threw the Democrat Senate candidate aside and supported the independent candidate Bernie Sanders.  With more questions being raised as to what and who was behind the latest Hillary leaks of an investigation, anything goes with this Marxist we have in the WH. First the back story, then his feel good moments with Bernie.

Monday on  CNN’s “The Lead,” host Jake Tapper pointed out Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s plummeting favorably rating in swing states where she has been campaigning over the summer.

Tapper said, “Take a look at the favorably numbers from the new NBC New Marist polling. In Iowa and New Hampshire Clinton is massively underwater with registered voters. More people viewing her unfavorably than favorably.”

Video over at Breitbart

Here’s a video of Senator Obama endorsing socialist Bernie Sanders for Senate. (You will note his “Community Organizer” cadence in the clip.) He chose Sanders over the Democratic candidate.

Here’s some of the quotes from the endorsement:Obama calls Bernie Sanders an “outstanding candidate”,Obama says “things can change”,Obama said “I want to make sure everybody is as enthusiastic as I am” concerning Bernie Sanders and “only a handful of wrong headed people don’t like him.” These amazing quotes are on this video the Obama campaign hopes you don’t see.Obama doesn’t seem to mind endorsing and hanging out with socialists.

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