General Wesley Clark: ‘Internment camps for ‘radicalized’ Americans

So we of the tin foil hat brigade have mentioned on occasion, just what does a government do with those individuals whose “thoughts” are just too troublesome to have around? Steve over at America’s Watchtower has caught this gem. Here we go:

Wesley Clark calls for internment camps for ‘radicalized’ Americans

If you listened to Wesley Clark’s whole statement you might have caught it when he said we have to “identify the people who are most likely to be radicalized” and then he describes young people who might feel alienated for various reasons ranging from being unemployed to having girl problems. You know, typical teenager worries…

  The question is; who decides who is a radical? Judging by Wesley Clark’s comments, every single teenage boy could be a threat to the national security, and of course we know the Tea Party has already been targeted by the IRS so could it be possible internment camps for those who are not politically correct is something that Wesley Clark could support?

Sound familiar?


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