Kerry: ‘Arms and Missile … Were Thrown in as Add-Ons’ to Iran Deal

So this idiot negotiator Kerry threw in the arms deal as an after thought? But of course our hostages are a separate issue but arming the Middle East to the teeth is swell? Missiles headed for the USA on its way in development? But of course with this Muslim loving administration.

 Weekly Standard:

Secretary of State John Kerry told NBC’s Chuck Todd that “the arms and the missiles” were “thrown in as an add-on to this nuclear agreement.”

“So this [deal] focused on getting rid of the principal problem in the region, which is Iran’s threat to Israel, their threat to the region, to have a nuclear capacity,” Kerry said defending the deal.

“We believe with this, for years into the future, we have this incredible capacity to have access, to have inspections, to hold them accountable.

“And by the way, even though the arms and the missiles, they were thrown in as an add-on to this nuclear agreement. It was always contemplated if Iran did come and deal on the nuclear program, that was going to be lifted.”

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