Real News from Germany: An eyewitness Account and Cautionary Tale

Last week Germany’s minister of foreign affairs annouced Germany will stand with Ukraine Hell or High water and no matter how much their citizens suffer.

Minister Baerbock  emphasized that sanctions will be in place during the upcoming winter, even if people go on the streets to express their dissatisfaction with high energy prices.

The Forum 2000 conference to took place in Prague from Wednesday to Friday last week. Russia’s response apparently was to turn off the gas to Germany. It was originally slated to be a three day shut-down.

“We will stand with Ukraine and this means the sanctions will stay also in winter time even if it gets really tough for politicians and we have to find good solutions all over Europe to balance the social effects because this is a part of this war, it is a hybrid war,” Baerbock added.

Germany and Europe are not only dependent on Russia for energy, they easily forget:

Someone made a list of what EU won’t get anymore with the Russia boycott.: “nat-gas, rare earths, inert gases, potash, sulfur, uranium, palladium, vanadium, cobalt, coke, titanium, nickel, lithium, plastics, glass, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, ships, inks, airplanes, polymers, medical and industrial gases, sealing rings & membranes, power transmission, transformer and lube oils, neon gas for microchip etching, etc., etc.”

Annalena Charlotte Alma Baerbock is from of the Alliance 90/The Greens party serving as Germany’s minister for foreign affairs since 2021. Here is a link to last week’s post:

German FM: I will put Ukraine first “no matter what my German voters think” or how hard their life gets

Geez, a fellow blogger, I knew had connections to those living in Germany and I asked her if this was indeed true regarding the situation in Germany. Since her adult stepkids who live in Munich know first-hand what’s going on, and are Conservatives, she asked her stepson Alex, to please respond to their queries. Here it is:

“The energy crisis in Germany is self made and self inflicted (Z: and NOW Russia’s stopping all energy to Europe~!) Merkel decided in a dictatorial way to step out of nuclear power so renewable energy has been pushed over the years with enormous money spent. To guarantee a reliable power basis you need power plants so Russian gas was used more and more for that. Now this is cancelled, the last 3 nuclear plants will be shut down by the end of the year, no matter how bad it will be in Germany by then. We were very close to blackouts several times, now it is certain that it will happen.

Now the energy prices have gone up several 100 % just in a few months. The government is advising people to save money and prepare for the energy bills that will be coming next year for this year’s period, and to store food and water for 10 days. Food prices up, rents go up, energy; I predict that millions of people next year will be kicked out of their apartments or the government makes laws that the landlord has to carry the costs of everything if the renter can’t pay.

This will have consequences. BTW, the government is the one that kicks German people out of apartments. It works this way: the government has the duty to house all asylum seekers(NOT bio Germans) so they rent everything they can and pay any price. Landlords prefer renting to the state because that is safe money, the rent comes in for sure. The down spiral can’t be stopped. Merkel (the first green chancellor in the CDU) started this, the current parties under the leadership of the 15% party The Greens continue the destruction of Germany. The regular life even from middle class families will be eroding.

The full effects will show next year. People are now getting aware of what is coming toward them and I have no pity for them at all. Everybody could have known this beforehand but they all believed the propaganda news and elected the same standard parties. Now they feel the consequences.

About Baerbock (Z; Germany’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and calling a LOT of the shots over there): she has no education, finished no school or university, lied in her CV, is talking quite a lot without thinking, has a lot of opinion without any knowledge, and talks Germany right into war with Russia.

Habeck, minister of economics, no education, no school, no university, used to write children’s books, said that he has no connection to Germany at all…

Chancellor Scholz, who had very strong connections to the GDR and has been in East Berlin in the 80’s quite often, lying all the time, covering finance companies who betrayed the state with taxation tricks, losing his memory all the time…

These are just 3 people of the whole parliament many of whom think this way. The war and the according prices for everything comes in for them handy to sustainably damage Germany. They are all puppets of the WEF, Klaus Schwab and Soros and follow their agenda .

 We will all get much poorer for a war that is none of our business but they are pushing it until Putin drops the bomb on us.

So, yes, especially Germany will have a major downfall in a one year period. All the work of our grandparents and parents after WW2 will be destroyed in the snap of a finger.

The government knows that there will be protests and demonstrations in fall and winter and our interior minister (who has strong contacts to the militant lefty anitifa scene) has already declared that protestors are ultra right and nazis and has declared that the police will act against the demolition of democracy.

Kanzler(Chancellor) Scholz said (I think it slipped out) that there is no intention to shoot at protestors : “niemand hat die Absicht, auf Demonstranten zu schiessen.”   This is absolutely unheard of but no reaction at all from the media.!! This is a quote of GDR Walter Ulbricht 1961 who said: nobody has the intention to build a wall (Niemand hat die Absicht, eine Mauer zu bauen). Three days later they started to build the Berlin wall.

So this is small overview of what’s going on here in Germany. Still the import of illegals goes on and on, the Ukrainian people get all the money a German person in need would get, even more. None of those will ever go back, not now or later. Just too easy money and we have over 1 million of those here. So Germany took over 5 milloin people in the last 7 years. Wherever you go, even in the smallest city, you don’t see Germans anymore, just foreigners.

This is all to the liking to the parties in power.  Please ask specific question that I can answer.

I hope this helps a little bit. Nothing much left of the Munich you used to know. All the cafes in Schwabing where you used to live and go to are now filled with foreigners.”   (Z  : I lived a totally blessed, lovely life in Munich several times between 1986 and 2000, the last time my husband and I were there together….very lucky to have known Munich and most of Germany in so much better times.)

Z adds:  TRUMP SURE GOT IT RIGHT ABOUT GERMANY….TOTALLY BEHOLDEN TO PUTIN, and THEIR FAULT.  I also want to thank Alex for this overview, as sad and depressing as it is……thanks, Alex 

I add:

September 4 recorded Broadcast from DW is a public broadcast service from Germany:

Ukrainian PM in Berlin on mission for more military support | DW News

Ukraine’s Prime Minister is visiting Berlin, after months of frosty relations with Germany. Denys Shmyhal is meeting with Chancellor Olaf Sholz and other officials to push for heavy weapons from Berlin. Shmyhal has offered to send Germany more electricity across the recently-linked grid from its nuclear power stations, to help with its transition away from Russian energy. For its part, Germany recently announced a new $200 million aid package to help Ukraine’s internally displaced people, and a major boost to its military aid and weapons catalog.


I thank Z. Please visit her blog:   Geez;  

Real news from MUNICH….regarding Germany’s situation: A CAUTIONARY TALE

An earlier post at B-ville that may be of interest:

Europe: Are They Committing Economic Suicide?

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Europe: Are They Committing Economic Suicide?

Europe’s fertilizer plants are shutting down due to the high cost of natural gas.

We know what happened in Sri Lanka when fertilizer is not used in farming. Having just witnessed the chaos in Sri Lanka, it doesn’t take an economics major to figure out what happens to the food supply when countries don’t use fertilizer.

We posted yesterday that the Production of fertilizer is shutting down across Europe. The cost of natural gas has risen beyond the cost that companies can endure.

Natural gas in the U.S. is up a staggering 525% since closing at $1.48 in June 2020. Since June 2022 it has jumped 70 percent.

Europe is in the same dire straights. It is getting too costly to produce fertilizer. “Depending on the weather, it could be a challenging winter,” said Rob Thummel, senior portfolio manager at Tortoise Capital Advisors. “But not as challenging as in Europe. They are at risk of running out of natural gas. We aren’t.”

Attempts are made to blame Putin. But Putin isn’t the one that introduced sanctions. In fact he was willing to continue the exports. He was more than happy to give Europe all the energy that they required. Europe demanded sanctions. This is where the bizarre story begins: In an earlier post:

Ukraine Demands Everyone Else Boycott Russia While Still Raking In Billions From Russian Gas

Daniel Greenfield tells us the details at Front Page Mag:

Why is Russia paying billions to a country it’s invading that can be used to finance its defense?

Why would Russia put its economic lifeline and massive amounts of gas at risk by using a country that it’s currently bombing with all the adroit aim of a drunk in a toilet as a transit point if it could be easily replaced? Neither Europe nor Ukraine are prepared to kick their addiction to Russian gas. Putin knows it, which is why behind the scenes business is going on as usual.

Europe and Ukraine are asking Americans to make sacrifices while they keep on doing business with Putin.

Why is Naftogaz, Ukraine’s state owned gas company, continuing to transport millions of cubic meters of Russian gas to Europe each month.

One answer is that Russia continues paying billions to Ukraine to transport its gas.

Ukraine earns about $2 billion in transit fees from the Russian use of its pipelines to move gas to Europe. Russia, and Putin’s cronies in particular, obviously make even more than that.


This morning Zero Hedge picked up a story entitled EU: Controlled Demolition   Authored by Raul Ilargi Meijer via The Automatic Earth, who had given thought to the very questions that are on many minds.

His salient observation:

And that’s not all. Fertilizer!! Why they do it, I don’t know. Do they WANT to kill their own economies? It makes no sense. And this will not be over soon.

Reuters of course seeks to blame Putin. But he’s not the one who introduced the sanctions. He’s offered to let the gas and oil exports continue.

I pick up his story. Well worth the full read:

The entire energy and food crisis is being sold as “inevitable”, but it is nothing of the kind. They are the result of choices being made in Brussels, Berlin, Amsterdam etc., about which nobody has asked your opinion. Something I jotted down a few days ago:

Is the west using Ukraine as an excuse to commit mass economic suicide? And, you know, fulfill some WEF-related goals? Why else would they cut off all economic ties to Moscow, at a time when it’s obvious they have no alternative sources for much of what they import from Russia? Moreover, why does a country like Holland aim to close 10,000 of its farms when it’s crystal clear that that will exacerbate the coming global food crises?

If you don’t like Putin, that’s fine, but why should your own people suffer from what you like or not? And of course you can ask whether it’s a good idea that a country the size of a postage stamp is the world’s no. 2 food exporter. But it is. And if you try to change that by doing a 180º, also on a postage stamp, it is very obvious that is not going to go well. And all the so-called leaders know this. But they still do it.



But now it’s starting to look like this was all scripted. Because “we” could have kept communication channels with Russia open, “we” could have negotiated for peace for the past 6 months. Not doing that was a deliberate choice. A choice that you and me, another “we”- had no voice in whatsoever.

The Dutch could have negotiated with their farmers, and slowly addressed their perceived problems with nitrogen oxides, while keeping food production going. And we could have found a way to keep Russian and Ukrainian crops available on world markets too. But it doesn’t feel at all like “we” wanted that.

Someone made a list of what EU won’t get anymore with the Russia boycott.: “nat-gas, rare earths, inert gases, potash, sulfur, uranium, palladium, vanadium, cobalt, coke, titanium, nickel, lithium, plastics, glass, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, ships, inks, airplanes, polymers, medical and industrial gases, sealing rings & membranes, power transmission, transformer and lube oils, neon gas for microchip etching, etc., etc.”


EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell wants Europeans to be obedient little critters, and take the punishment for the policies he and his ilk have carved out. Because “we” are destined to win. Mr. Borrell is planing to do just fine this winter, mind you. With the best steak your money can buy, real fine wine, to be consumed in comfortably heated homes, restaurants and offices. A picture of Marie Antoinette pops up in my brain.

‘Weary’ Europeans Must ‘Bear Consequences’ Of Ukraine War As Putin Will Eventually Blink: EU’s Borrell

EU high representative and foreign policy chief Josep Borrell gave a surprisingly blunt assessment of the Ukraine war and Europe’s precarious position in an AFP interview published Tuesday, admitting that Russian President Vladimir Putin is betting on fracturing a united EU response amid the current crisis situation of soaring prices and energy extreme uncertainty headed into a long winter. Borrell’s words seemed to come close to admitting that Putin’s tactic is working on some level, or at least will indeed chip away at European resolve in the short and long run, given he chose words like EU populations having to “endure” the deep economic pain and severe energy crunch. He cited the “weariness” of Europeans while calling on leadership as well as the common people to “bear the consequences” with continued resolve.

The author takes aim at Macron and it is spot on

Talking of Marie Antoinette. Emmanuel Macron is the little man of grand vision. He foresees the ‘End Of Abundance’, a veritable “tipping point” in history. And he’s just the man to lead you through it. I’ll give him this: he’s got good speech writers. But speech writers don’t keep the people warm and fed.

Macron Warns Of ‘End Of Abundance’

France is headed toward the “end of abundance” and “sacrifices” have to be made during what is a time of great upheaval, President Emmanuel Macron told his cabinet on Wednesday upon returning from summer break. The country has faced multiple challenges lately, ranging from the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine to the unprecedented drought that has battered the whole European continent this summer. Yet, Macron believes that the crisis is actually of a much bigger scale and that structural changes are imminent.“

Some could see our destiny as being to constantly manage crises or emergencies. I believe that we are living through a tipping point or great upheaval. Firstly, because we are living through… what could seem like the end of abundance,” he said. The country and its citizens must be ready to make “sacrifices” to meet and overcome the challenges they are facing, he continued. “Our system based on freedom in which we have become used to living, when we need to defend it sometimes that can entail making sacrifices,”Macron added

“Faced with this, we have duties, the first of which is to speak frankly and very clearly without doom-mongering,” Macron stressed. The president called upon his cabinet to show unity, be “serious” and “credible” and urged ministers to avoid “demagogy.” “It’s easy to promise anything and everything, sometimes to say anything and everything. Do not give in to these temptations, it is demagoguery,” the president said, adding that such an approach “flourishes” today “in all democracies in a complex and frightening world.”

There is a pattern in the messages of today’s Marie Antoinettes. Borrell wants you to take it lying down, Macron wants you to do that for a long time (like the rest of your lives), and the Belgian PM makes it more concrete: you’ll be freezing for the next 10 years. After which, supposedly, renewables will have been built to keep your kids warm. Spoiler: they won’t be.

Belgian PM: “Next 5-10 Winters Will Be Difficult” As Energy Crisis Worsens

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo might have spilled the beans about the duration of Europe’s energy crisis. He told reporters Monday, “the next 5 to 10 winters will be difficult.” “The development of the situation is very difficult throughout Europe,” De Croo told Belgium broadcaster VRT. “In a number of sectors, it is really difficult to deal with those high energy prices. We are monitoring this closely, but we must be transparent: the coming months will be difficult, the coming winters will be difficult,” he said. The prime minister’s comments suggest replacing Russian natural gas imports could take years, exerting further economic doom on the region’s economy in the form of energy hyperinflation.

How long will this last, you said? Well, according to AP, “Washington expects Ukrainian forces “to fight for years to come.” “Included in the package are advanced weapons that are still in the development phase..”

‘Months Or Years’ Before US Arms Reach Ukraine – Media

Years could pass before some of the weapons in the upcoming “largest ever” package of US military assistance to Kiev actually reach Ukraine, according to Western media reports. On Tuesday, a number of mainstream media outlets cited anonymous US officials as describing the impending announcement of a $3 billion package of military aid to Ukraine. If confirmed, it would be the largest of its kind so far. Washington is by far the biggest supplier of military hardware to Ukraine as it fights against Russia. However, some of the promised equipment “will not be in the hands of Ukrainian fighters for months or years,” according to NBC News, one of the outlets that reported the upcoming package. Included in the package are advanced weapons that are still in the development phase, it explained.

The same caveat was cited by the Associated Press, which said that it may take “a year or two” for the arms to reach the battlefield, according to its sources. Washington expects Ukrainian forces “to fight for years to come,” US officials told the AP. The AeroVironment Switchblade 600 drone is an example of a weapon system that was promised to Ukraine months ago but has yet to be delivered. Defense News said this week that the Pentagon plans to sign the contract necessary for sending 10 of the so-called “kamikaze drones” within a month. Last month, Ukrainian Defense Minister Aleksey Reznikov called on foreign suppliers of arms to use his country as a testing ground for new weapons. He pledged to provide detailed reports about the experiences of Ukrainian soldiers with the prototypes provided to them.

The author concludes:

And there is no logical reason for this, there is only the ideology of a few handfuls of little men with grand visions. Hate of everything Russia has kept the west going for 100 years or more. And these little men feed off of that. They can only do that by refusing to talk. Because that’s exactly what Russia does not refuse. Only, they want to talk as equals.

The United States is one step behind Europe.

The very best of the swamp today.

Putin Puts the Screws to Germany – Cuts Gas Unexpectedly in Half – Prices Soar


No big surprise that Russia is putting the screws to Germany. Russia is looking eastward to shop their wares. All of this nonsense probably over a turbine in Canada not setting sail to Russia needed for the pipeline and sanctions and this is how we got to where we are. Basically the Cliff Note edition:

Gas flows from Portovaya will drop to as much as 33 million cubic meters per day from 7am Moscow time on July 27, which means flows along NS1 will decline by half, from 40% of capacity to just 20%.


According to Bloomberg energy expert Javier Blas, with “Nord Stream 1 flowing at just 20% of capacity from July 27, Germany will NOT have enough natural gas to make it throughout the whole winter **unless big demand reductions are implemented**. Berlin will need to activate stage 3 of its gas emergency program.”


Translation: unless Putin changes his mind, Germany is facing not just a freezing winter, but a bitter recession.

Needless to say, Germany was not happy with the latest reminder who holds all the cards in Europe:


Bloomberg’s Vanessa Dezem adds that while it is positive that Germany’s gas stock levels rose again – at least heading into today’s Gazprom news – the country is still far from a comfortable situation to cope with the winter. Levels are back on a “proper path,” according to Klaus Mueller, head of the agency known as BNetzA. But if Russian gas flows through the Nord Stream pipeline remain low, Germany will not be able to fill the reservoirs to 95% in November, as targeted by the government, the agency said in a statement.

Without the necessary buffer, Germany’s energy security remains at risk and prices remain volatile, and sure enough, in kneejerk response, European (TTF) nat gas prices spiked 10% and are likely to keep rising…

Without the necessary buffer, Germany’s energy security remains at risk and prices remain volatile, and sure enough, in kneejerk response, European (TTF) nat gas prices spiked 10% and are likely to keep rising.


… as Putin just assured that – all else equal – a recession Germany is now inevitable, and yet since commodity prices will continue to rise, the ECB remains helpless: it can’t cut rates without sending inflation even higher, but it can’t keep hiking with Europe now in a recession. The euro, which jumped late last week on some naive optimism that a worst case could be avoided, slumped.

Read more at Zero Hedge

Beautiful coal

Meanwhile Germany tools back up good old coal. Last month:

The move has been described as “painful but necessary” by the government’s environmentalist economics minister, Robert Habeck. It has the backing of leading Greens in the coalition government, who argue it is needed as a short-term crisis management tool.


It was given final approval by the upper house of parliament on Friday, passed along with a package of measures to boost the expansion of renewable energies – in part by classifying them as a matter of public security – including by setting a minimum on the proportion of land each federal state must allow for windfarms.

Vladimir Putin – A Remarkable Success Story

by Mustang

Vladimir Putin is a remarkable success story — one that began when President Boris Yeltsin first selected Putin to serve as an aide and later when he chose Putin to be his heir apparent.  He was the rising star of the Russias.  But now, we must pause to consider what that expression means: All the Russias.

The Rus were early medieval eastern Europe, modern Belarusian, Russian, and Ukrainian.  Great Russia corresponds to modern European Russia.  White Russia is Belarus (which translated means white Russia), and Little Russia is now the central region of Ukraine.  These three Russias are what the Tsar of Russia referred to when said to be the ruler of all the Russias.  But there are other Russias, as well.  Red Russia is Western Ukraine, a little-known region called Galicia, and Black Russia constitutes the Northwestern part of Belarus that extends along the Memel River.

Why is the preceding information relevant?  In July 2021, Vladimir Putin published a 500-word essay titled, “On the historical unity of Russians and Ukrainians.”  In this essay, Mr. Putin asserts that Ukrainians and Russians are one people — a precursor to and in defense of the Ukraine invasion.  The fact is that there is no Ukrainian history before 1918. 

It is a country today, but it was not a country in 1917.  Ukraine’s history is part of a realm known as Kievan Rus (862-1242), a loose federation located in modern-day Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia.  In this context, was Vladimir Putin lying?  No.  Does Vladimir Putin have an interest in maintaining Russian unity?  You have to put on Putin’s shoes to answer that question — and then, you be the judge.

When President Boris Yeltsin recruited Vladimir Putin to serve as his aide, the young Putin was regarded as a rising star in a new Russia.  Putin was from St. Petersburg — a city constructed by French and Italian architects, for Peter the Great … the great westernizing influence in Russia.  Mr. Putin was nothing, if not enthusiastic about the new path for Russia, and he immediately sought to establish closer ties with Western leaders — notably, U.S. President George W. Bush and U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Vladimir Putin - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos 2009Vladimir Putin – World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos 2009” by World Economic Forum 

This was when Bush looked into Putin’s soul and determined that he was a good man.  Putin did seem like a natural among the international elite.  He coordinated policy with Western powers on several key issues — including a place for China in global trade, Iran’s nuclear ambitions, and Islamic terror.  At the end of the first decade, Putin realized that the Western powers were leading Russia, his beloved country, down the primrose path. 

While glad-handing Putin, the NATO alliance was converting former Soviet republics and Warsaw Pact members to weapons platforms.  Putin did not — and could not — respond well to the West meddling in Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, and Ukraine.

At the time, Putin had limited options available to address the problem.  At the time, as the West was looking elsewhere (Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and Yemen), Putin was making a whirlwind world tour forging new alliances — with Iran, Turkey, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, China, Japan, North Korea, and South Korea.

But Vladimir Putin had to rise to many challenges at home, and none of these were suitable for a bull in a china shop.  No, taming domestic Russia would require intelligence, guts, wisdom, and ruthlessness.  Putin had to consolidate his power; he did that by organizing a vertical structure, and while he may have admired the political systems in America and the United Kingdom, neither would be suitable for his homeland. 

Moreover, tackling challenges at home would demand a hands-on management style.  He needed to put together a system that would allow him to do whatever he wanted to do or needed to do with minimum interference from those who didn’t want to comply.  Step one, avoid financial crises.  Step two seize control of every aspect of Russian politics and society — including the labor wonks, criminals, civil servants, and oligarchs.  Putin did this, and none of what he accomplished would have been possible for a merely average Russian politician.

Putin’s economic policy involved four distinct periods: the reform period (1998-2003), the statist period (2004-2008), The War Period (2009-2014), and the global period (2014-present).  In the first eight years in office, either as president or prime minister, Putin’s policies increased the income of the average Russian by a factor of five (as measured against the U.S. dollar).  Industry increased, along with production, construction, real income, credit, and the middle class. 

By 2005, Putin’s economy had paid off all Soviet Union’s debt.  Seven years later, Russia joined the World Trade Organization.  By 2014, Russia had signed a deal with China to provide 38-billion cubic meters of natural gas (per year); Russia’s net from this one deal alone is estimated to exceed $400 billion over the next 30 years.

Finally, as recently reported at Bunkerville, Vladimir Putin has masterminded the Eurasian Economic Union, which presently consists of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Cuba, Moldova, Uzbekistan, and potentially in the next few years, several East Asian countries and Iran. 

To assist him in these efforts, Barack Obama implemented one of his key policy goals: to limit U.S. economic power in Russia’s sphere of influence.  One may recall that hot mike comment Obama made to then Russian President Medvedev: “Tell Vladimir I’ll get back to him after the election.”  Spoken in Russian as fortochka Obama, Putin’s arrangement with Obama was a window of opportunity.

At the time, Beijing realized that its economy depended more on its relationships with the Americans than the Russians … but that has since changed.  Since 2017, the common enemy of Russia, China, and Iran has become the United States: under Trump, dangerously adversarial, and under Biden foolishly weak and exploitive.

Putin is a chess player.  Biden plays with Barbie dolls.  Putin can see that China is coming around to his way of thinking, and since about 2015, Russia and Iran have developed very close ties — such that what is suitable for one of them is equally good for the other.  And Iran realizes that it need not rattle its sword vis-à-vis nuclear weapons.  Iran, Russia, and the Eurasian Economic Union now posture themselves to challenge Western economies in several areas.  As a body, EAEU deeply resents Western sanctions, and some argue that Biden’s insistence on sanctions strengthens the Eurasian alliances.

How close is the Russian-Iranian alliance?  Close enough to allow Russia to provide Iran with its S-400 missile system and sufficient to assist Iran in its support of Syria.  Moscow and Tehran are also well on the way to modernizing Syrian ports for use by both Russian and Iranian navies.

Now, Vladimir Putin has involved himself in what he terms “a special military operation” (SMO).  Any Russian journalist who uses the words “invasion” or “war” is subject to arrest, the charge becoming “misinformation,” which does sound eerily similar to American Democrats’ efforts to limit free speech inside the United States.  But on 24 February, Mr. Putin explained that Russia could not feel safe because of threats made toward Russia from modern Ukraine — one of the former Russias.  The Western press claims that Putin’s justification for the SMO is irrational — but is it?”


T-90S” by Dmitry Terekhov 

The West may easily regard Putin’s SMO as irrational, particularly in terms of the words and phrases Mr. Putin uses to describe his principle issues with Ukraine, especially since there is no evidence of genocide or bullying against ethnic Russians in Ukraine.  Such charges are amazingly similar to those Putin levied against Georgians when that country signaled an interest in joining the North Atlantic Treaty. 

World leaders must wonder, how far will Putin go inside Ukraine?  My guess is that Mr. Putin is conducting a demonstration aimed at more than Ukraine — and if that is true, then Putin’s SMO may not be irrational from his point of view.

To whom else is Mr. Putin speaking?  I think he’s sending messages to his economic and trading partners, offering assurances that Russia is, and will remain, a world power.  Mr. Putin is offering reminders to the former Warsaw Pact countries.  He is also sending a clear message to the EU, which imports between 60-75% of their energy sources.

Note: In the long-term, Russia’s behavior in Ukraine may harm its oil and gas industry by forcing the EU to accelerate its conversion from fossil to renewable energy sources.  But the question remains, how far will Putin go in Ukraine?  My guess is — far enough to convince Ukrainians that it does not serve their interests to be at loggerheads with their Russian brothers.  What Putin must want to avoid is a prolonged insurgency.  That trap may spell his doom because it will most assuredly hurt the Russian economy.  It won’t be sanctions imposed by the west that hurt Russia most; it will be the cost of the Ukrainian conflict — which the Ukrainians themselves can prolong almost indefinitely.

Mustang also blogs at Fix Bayonets and Thoughts From Afar

Blinken stabs Putin by dredging up his dead brother

Jack Posoblec sums it up perfectly. “I’m done thinking these people were stupid. This is deliberate.” Poking the bear? An understatement. Getting personal is never a good idea with someone like Putin. Throwing oil on fire does not seem a very clever way to proceed.

Zelensky? Babyn Yar the Jewish memorial wasn’t hit. He lied. He used it amp up Jewish support. Believe nothing.

Just when one thought Biden et al could not do anything more stupid. And now add Kamala Harris to the whole affair as she traipses around Europe.

Vice President Kamala Harris will travel to Europe next week to meet with leaders of Poland and Romania amid Russia’s war with Ukraine, offering support for neighboring countries handling the influx of “refugees fleeing violence.”

One has to shudder at the whole business.

The top U.S. diplomat compared Russia’s siege to Nazi Germany’s.

As Russian forces continue to advance across Ukraine, the U.S. is accusing the Kremlin of “starving” besieged Ukrainian cities, in the words of Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who on Monday appealed directly to Russian leader Vladimir Putin to “end the war, end it now.”

Blinken even appealed to Putin’s family history, comparing the Kremlin’s siege of Ukrainian cities to Nazi Germany’s siege of Russian cities during World War II, which killed Putin’s one-year-old brother Viktor.

“That siege affected millions of Russian families, including President Putin’s, whose one-year-old brother was one of the many victims. Now, Russia is starving out cities like Mariupol. It is shameful. The world is saying to Russia stop these attacks immediately. Let the food and medicine in. Let the people out safely, and end this war of choice against Ukraine,” he said.

Putin’s older brother Viktor died of diphtheria during the siege of Leningrad before Putin was born. Putin has claimed his “special military operation” in Ukraine is about “de-Nazifying” the country’s government, a lie that Holocaust museums and memorials have denounced as warping history — including the Babyn Yar memorial in Kyiv that was damaged by Russian shelling. (Let’s check that out.)

Read more ABC

Babyn Yar memorial wasn’t hit, but Zelensky finds tool to rally Jews worldwide

Times of Israel:

And despite reports, the rocket that damaged the Kyiv TV tower did not in fact harm the Babyn Yar memorial, located in an adjacent area, according to a veteran Israeli journalist, Ron Ben Yishai, who toured the site Wednesday and saw no signs of damage.

“Thank God it’s not damaged,” Natan Sharansky, who chairs the memorial site’s advisory board, told the Forward about the synagogue and memorial site at Babyn Yar.


Zelensky’s comments were not totally precise. Ukraine is indeed under heavy and unprovoked attack by Russian forces, and civilian sites are increasingly being targeted. But the bomb that fell in Uman, a city of 80,000 with about 200 year-round Jewish residents, landed miles from the grave of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, which draws tens of thousands of Jewish pilgrims each year.


Babyn Yar was not directly hit, Bronfman said. “But isn’t it bad enough that it’s in danger of being hit because of Russian bombs? Zelensky and his people are using this quite rightly to spur world Jewry to speak out,” he said.

Unplausable deniability.

Bryce Mitchell sums the whole nasty business up.

Bonus time. Are you telling me that Biden could not take time to meet with this Bahrain fellow?

The best of the swamp today.

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American Voters: Making Vladimir Putin’s Job Easier Every Day

by Mustang

At least one thing is true —

Which is: the American people never tired of having to re-learn lessons from the past … and I’m talking about the very recent past.  For example, the American people MAY have imagined that they learned a valuable lesson from the incompetence of President George W. Bush, as illustrated any number of ways beyond the Middle Eastern Wars and the Russo-Georgian War (2008), which (in the minds of some voters) may have justified hiring Barack Obama to replace him (2009).

File:2008 South Ossetia war en.svgFile:2008 South Ossetia war en.svg” by Andrei nacu at English Wikipedia

But then, apparently, by hiring Barak Obama, the American voter only made planet Earth a worse place to live — particularly if one happened to live in Ukraine or anywhere on the Crimean Peninsula (2014).  Possibly, you don’t remember.  Here’s a refresher —

  1. Mr. Putin, as writer Peggy Noonan reminded us back in 2014, behaves a certain way for his own reasons, which are entirely independent of anything an American president might do or say.  Vladimir Putin moved against Georgia in August 2008 when he sensed (correctly) that George W. Bush was a weak and ineffective president of the United States.  All Putin had to do was observe Mr. Bush’s unwon wars, his terrible ratings at the polls, and the spiraling U.S. economy (which presented itself in September 2008).
  1. Ms. Noonan also reminded us that Mr. Putin never moved against Ukraine or Crimea because of anything Barack Obama said or failed to say.  He did it because Putin correctly took the measure of Obama during the Syrian crisis, judged him as weak, and correctly guessed that Mr. Obama was, more than anything else in the world, in love with his own negro voice.

Then the American people hired Donald J. Trump to replace Obama.  Suddenly, Mr. Putin had to contend with an unknown factor.  Trump was no politician; he was a businessman — and he was unpredictable.  Did Vladimir Putin ever challenge Trump to a game of international chess?  No.

Donald TrumpDonald Trump” by Gage Skidmore

And then Vladimir Putin discovered that the American people, long ago having lost their spines, did not much appreciate Mr. Trump’s mean-tweeting and that he, Mr. Trump, would have to go.  Vladimir no doubt guessed that one of two people would become Trump’s presidential replacement: it would either be Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden. Both were incompetent; both firmly believe that they are smarter, wiser, shrewder than they actually are, and both could be taken advantage of by a wilier person, such as Mr. Putin. Either one would be a bonus to Russian foreign policy.

In 2014, Peggy Noonan predicted three things:

(1) Vladimir Putin would, in the future, use his big lies to confuse American and NATO diplomats — and that they’d fall for it.  Mr. Putin did this when he recognized the so-called Breakaway Republics in Eastern Ukraine.  It was a repeat performance of Georgia (2008) and Crimea (2014).  In 2022, Ms. Noonan was proved correct.

(2) Mr. Putin would use “military invasion” to cause everyone in the U.S. State Department to pee their pants and everyone in NATO and the E.U. to stop breathing for a few days.  She was right about that, too.  And she was right about claiming that despite all the silly accusations bandied about in the press and on blogs, Vladimir Putin is not Satan, is not possessed by demons, is not a communist, and is not a madman.

Vladimir Putin knows exactly what he is doing.

(3) The world would enter into a new kind of warfare.  Putin learned a lot from the Middle Eastern actors.  By dressing his soldiers in civilian clothing, Putin planted the seeds of doubt in the minds of U.S. and NATO war planners about who they were dealing with.  It is war by stealth, a situation where no one claimed responsibility, and everyone (except Putin) hesitated.

In 2014, Peggy Noonan offered this pearl: What is our (America’s) foreign policy?  Disliking global warming?  Ms. Noonan was just being silly, of course.  She knows that we (Americans) don’t have any foreign policies.  All we have is an empty suit leading a cabinet room of other empty suits, and who once each year steps behind a microphone during joint sessions of Congress to promise things, never with any intention of delivering them, and convincing our potential enemies that they have nothing at all to fear from us.

In 2020, the American people demonstrated their keen sense of history when they elected Joe Biden as their president.  They did this deed even though Joe Biden has nothing to recommend him to such a level of responsibility.  They made this selection despite every possibility that their poorly rendered choice would result in the death of innocents numbering in the hundreds or thousands.  Elections have consequences: Joe Biden’s certainly did.  American voters do not seem to care if they send their own sons and daughters off to die in foreign wars; why should they care about a bunch of Ukrainians?

American voters: making Vladimir Putin’s job easier every day. By the way, the preceding is not just my opinion; it is also the opinion of the one man whom all of Europe fears more than anyone else: Vladimir Putin.  And he came up with this opinion after taking full measure of the American president and everyone who elected him.

Mustang also blogs at Fix Bayonets and Thoughts From Afar

Shocked Russians Rush to Withdraw Money From ATM’s as Bank Runs Begins

With the Ruble down thirty percent so far and a run on the ATMs this weekend, Interest Rates 20 percent, looks like Putin has an unhappy citizenry. It is claimed over 3000 Russians were arrested for demonstrating against the war in Ukraine. They are looking at 20 to30 year sentences. While the argument was that the oligarchs were going to be hit with this SWIFT business, it will be the average man/woman that suffers first. Banks are closed today.

“First, we commit to ensuring that a certain number of Russian banks are removed from SWIFT.
 It will stop them from operating worldwide and effectively block Russian exports and imports.”
“Second, we will paralyse the assets of Russia’s central bank.   This will freeze its transactions.   And it will make it impossible for the Central Bank to liquidate its assets.”

Zero Hedge:

In his brief assessment on the impact exclusion from SWIFT would have on Ukrainian banks, hedge fund billionaire Bill Ackman said that “once a bank can’t transfer or receive funds from other banks, its solvency can be at risk. If I were Russian, I would take my money out now. Bank runs could begin in Russia on Monday.

Looks like they have started.

“I’ve stood in lines for an hour, but foreign currency is gone everywhere, just rubles,” said Vladimir, a 28-year-old programmer who declined to give his last name, while waiting in a long line at an ATM in a Moscow shopping mall. “I got a late start because I didn’t think this was possible. I’m in shock.”

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Putin is Playing Biden Like a Fiddle


UPDATE: Germany suspends Russian pipeline.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced Tuesday that the certification process for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline will be halted, saying that “the situation has fundamentally changed” after the Kremlin ordered troops into eastern Ukraine.


America’s political elite — which has made millions in shady business deals in Ukraine — now want us to believe our involvement there is all about democracy.

No one has been a bigger corrupter of Ukraine than our President and his family. Our various government officials. Biden himself holding up billions of dollars to Ukraine unless the prosecutor was removed who was investigating his son.


Putin claimed that Lenin created Ukraine. Even if true (and it’s not), why does that give Russia 100 years later a right to invade Ukraine? The UK created the US. That doesn’t give the UK the right to invade the US. Imperial powers created states all over the world!
Following the Putin speech, Italy asks back the territory once owned by the Roman Empire. Makes the same amount of sense.

Ukraine’s foreign minister reveals Putin’s “biggest mistake”



So the question remains just how much space does Putin want to add to his harem of former Russian Republics?  During its history, there were 15 Soviet Socialist Republics, or SSRs. Those were Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

How much will Lunch Box Joe settle with Putin in order to get his Nobel Prize?

An excellent piece is over at the American Thinker. Written before Putin set up shop in the Donbas, his keen observations still hold I think. Here is a some of the conclusion. Do go over and read the full thing.

American Thinker:

Biden and his handlers brazenly and stupidly threw away the U.S.’s greatest leverage in stopping Putin: American energy independence, our ability to furnish much of Western Europe’s energy needs (Germany’s in particular), and Biden’s reckless approval of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which solidifies Germany’s dependence on Russia. 

So, if Putin and Biden meet, what cards does Biden hold, other than deuces?  From the file: “Who trusts Biden as commander-in-chief?” this speculation: In talks, Biden will grant de facto control of Ukraine to Putin.  Biden will stoutly deny doing so.  In exchange, Putin will “deescalate” along Ukraine’s borders.  Jen Psaki and the establishment media will spin Biden as a glorious leader whose jawboning averted war.  Nobel Peace Prize worthy, without a doubt.  Of course, Putin, the chess player, captures his king.  Putin gains real estate and resources, as well as acing NATO out of Ukraine, while Biden champions a lie. 

While Putin plays Biden, isn’t it as true that our president is trying to play us, the American people?  No, the dog isn’t being wagged here, not strictly.  Biden’s handlers found a crisis not to waste.  We’re witnessing full diversion mode as American news outlets happily obsess on Ukraine. 

Never mind that the U.S.-Mexican border has been dissolved (not breached, but eliminated).  Forget that energy prices continue to climb, further fueling inflation, which is the bastard child of profligate federal spending and an obscene volume of money-printing that’s simply indefensible.  Democrat-run cities are trending toward eventual collapse as lawlessness pushes these metropolises toward some primitive state.  Biden renews a state of emergency under the guise of the increasingly phonied-up COVID pandemic.  Affluent white progressives ceaselessly pimp racial hatred, trying to divide Americans to feed their voracious appetites for power.  Illicit drug deaths reached 100,000 last year.  But let’s stop.  The list is too dreary to continue. 

A massive diversion is underway.  Putin has nothing to do with it.  The nation is a cauldron of troubles, anyone of which could erupt in crisis, or simultaneous crises that could result in systemic failure.  In the 2020s, the nation is confronting the greatest threats to its welfare and being since the 1850s and 1860s.  But no matter, Putin may invade Ukraine. 

Trust Biden?  Given his awful destructive tendencies, I don’t think Hunter trusts Joe.  Trust Biden after his Afghanistan fiasco?  Trust our intelligence agencies, like the CIA, which is implicated in the most dangerous political scandal in American history — the Russia Collusion Hoax?  Trust that buffoon, Mark Milley, who skirted sedition when he went behind Trump’s back after the 2020 elections to assure his PRC counterpart that Trump would be prevented from launching a nuclear attack on China as, one supposes, the ultimate diversion. 

What about the oily Jake Sullivan, Hillary Clinton campaign flunky, who may be enmeshed in the Clinton campaign’s alleged efforts to destroy candidate and then president Trump?  The same Jake Sullivan who assured us that Kabul would stand.

I’m convinced we have the greatest collection of gross incompetents and most corrupted people in positions of power and authority in our nation’s long history. 

Putin the chess player sees all this, and he’s playing Biden and the entire rotted establishment that undergirds Biden’s presidency like a fiddle.    

UPDATE: Game changer

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced Tuesday that the certification process for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline will be halted, saying that “the situation has fundamentally changed” after the Kremlin ordered troops into eastern Ukraine.

Why it matters: It’s a stunning turn of events for the $10 billion, Russia-to-Germany natural gas pipeline, which Scholz had long resisted naming as a potential sanctions target if Russia invaded Ukraine.

Between the lines: Ukraine views the Putin-backed project as an existential threat to its security, as it would deprive the country of billions of dollars in gas-transit fees and allow Russia to deliver gas directly to the heart of Europe.

What say you?

Why Putin Didn’t escalate with Ukraine Before and it’s Not About NATO or Trump

NBC’s Chuck Todd on Sunday asked Secretary of State Antony Blinken an interesting question. He had no Answer. It wasn’t just because of Trump, and it wasn’t NATO that Putin did or didn’t escalate with Ukraine while Trump was President.

I have some possible answers. 

Pipelines of Ukraine. Keep this in mind as we go through the post.


To look for answers, Mikheil Saakashvili wrote an article for the magazine Foreign Policy back in March 2019. I will give you excerpts a bit later.

Just who is he? One thing is for sure, he’s put a lot on the line for Georgia.

Mikhail Saakashvili worked for a better relationship with the United States during his presidency. 
Saakashvili (right) and George W. Bush in the White House during Saakashvili’s visit to the United States on May 10, 2005. (Photo Credit: Public Domain)

Saakashvili was the third President of Georgia for two consecutive terms from 25 January 2004 to 17 November 2013. From May 2015 until November 2016, Saakashvili was the Governor of Ukraine’s Odessa Oblast.[1][9] He is the founder and former chairman of the United National Movement party. Saakashvili heads the Executive Committee of Ukraine’s National Reform Council since 7 May 2020.[10]

More on his interesting history and background here.

Foreign Policy:

Saakashvili has memory lapses – Ukrainian MP Yasko

Former president of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili has reported that he arrived in his motherland for the first time since 2013 on October 1 2021. However, that same evening Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili stated that Saakashvili was arrested and had already been taken to the penitentiary. There Saakashvili went on a hunger strike that lasted until November 20.

Soon, ex-president of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili was transferred to the individual cell. Saakashvili refused to interrupt his hunger strike despite the worsening of health.

In response, the ex-president said that he was going to “starve to death” for the sake of “freedom of Georgia.”

Given his deteriorating health, on November 8, he was transferred from a prison in the city of Rustavi to a prison hospital in Tbilisi (Gldani district). 

We now pick up the story and what Saakashvlii had to say in 2019.


From Georgia in 2008, to Ukraine in 2014, to Syria in 2015, Putin has always laid the blame for Russian aggression squarely at the West’s feet. Kremlin-backed media outlets amplify this message, subjecting audiences to a constant deluge of scaremongering about “NATO encirclement” and pointing to the West’s condemnations of Putin’s actions as evidence of “Russophobia.”

Those who attempt to answer this question miss the point. In Crimea, eastern Ukraine, South Ossetia, or anywhere else Putin considers Russia’s backyard, territorial gain has never been an end in itself. Putin’s goal today is the same as when he invaded my country in 2008: to tighten his grip on the levers of power in Russia. 

Whenever Putin’s domestic popularity dips, he either escalates an ongoing conflict or launches a new offensive.


And, clearly, it works. Putin has ruled the largest country in the world for nearly two decades, consolidating more control as he weathers each crisis. Ordinary Russian voters may struggle to survive on pensions of $200 each month, but Putin’s base can be proud to live in a superpower.

Putin is both predictable and logical: Invading a weaker neighbor delivers a cheaper and faster ratings boost than, say, improving Russia’s dystopian health care system. It’s no coincidence that Putin’s approval rating peaked in 2015, after the annexation of Crimea.

Later that year, as the Russian economy foundered, the intervention in Syria served to shore up patriotism. Moreover, Russia’s actions in Syria marked Putin’s graduation from military adventurism in the former Soviet states to power projection beyond Russia’s “near abroad.”

From the invasion of Georgia to the hybrid offensive in Ukraine, Western leaders have demarcated red line after red line for Putin to trample with impunity.

The weakness of international norms, of the rules-based liberal order which many in Washington and Brussels endorse but few dare to defend, makes Moscow look ever stronger. In the eyes of his domestic supporters, Putin is calling the West’s bluff.

But the status quo cannot hold. If we have learned anything from the past two decades, a new crisis is on the horizon. According to a March 7 poll  (2019 )by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center, Russian voters’ trust in Putin has fallen to 32 percent—the lowest level since 2006.

True to form, Putin has been escalating provocations in recent months as his popularity has declined. In November, Russian forces fired upon and detained three Ukrainian naval ships attempting to pass through the Kerch Strait into the Sea of Azov.

More than 100 days have passed, and the outcry from the international community has long since died down. But the 24 Ukrainian sailors arrested during that incident remain in illegal detention.

Putin’s violations of laws and norms in Russia’s “backyard” no longer seem to shock the world. He has already redrawn the borders of Europe by force and gotten away with it.

Now from CNBC October 14, 2021

What is Putin’s greatest worry right now? His own citizens

Like any economy, however, Russia has not been immune to global and domestic events  both under and out of Russia’s control  that have unseated its growth trajectory and caused financial hardship to its citizens.

This was most evident in 2014 when a fall in global oil prices, combined with Russia’s decision to annex Crimea from its neighbor Ukraine, put massive pressure on the economy and society. This was due to lower government revenues for oil-exporting Russia and newly-imposed international sanctions on the country for its Crimea land grab.

The big decline in the ruble led to rampant inflation and prices on basic products soared, seriously affecting Russian consumers.

GDP for Russia was a minus 2.95 for 2020.

Where does Russia’s GDP come from?

Oil and gas are responsible for more than 60% of Russia’s exports and provide more than 30% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). The effect of the 2014 oil price collapse on Russia’s economy was fast and devastating.

From April 2019:

How does the price of oil affect Russia’s economy?

When oil prices drop, Russia suffers greatly. Oil and gas are responsible for more than 60% of Russia’s exports and provide more than 30% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).  Between June and December 2014, the Russian ruble declined in value by 59% relative to the U.S. dollar.

At the beginning of 2015, Russia, along with neighboring Ukraine, had the lowest purchasing power parity (PPP) relative to the U.S. of any country in the world. Declining PPP lowers living standards, as goods purchased using the home currency become more expensive than they should be.

Moreover, Russia receives less economic benefit from lower pump prices than the U.S. does, as Russians consume much less oil and gas than Americans. Less than 30% of Russia’s oil production is retained for domestic use, while the remainder is exported.

Oil prices also affect imports for Russia, as was seen in 2014. Because the country is a net importer of goods like soybeans and rubber, the sharp increase in import prices caused by a falling ruble touched off major inflation, which the Russian government attempted to tamp down by raising interest rates as high as 17%. As the U.S. discovered in the early 1980s, a sudden and significant interest rate hike can precipitate a deep recession.

Conclusion: Follow the map above.

Now Russia need only threaten a disruption in the energy supply and we watch as the prices soar. 

Mr. Putin is getting exactly what he wants. Rising energy prices. Putin needs to acquire/control the Ukraine pipelines to insure the export of his energy. Germany will get down on bended knee for it and if that fails, there will be plenty of other countries that he can ship his precious cargo to, even the United States.

New York has to get energy from Russia thanks to Cuomo and the eco-left

A win-win already for Putin.


Russia is the second largest oil producer in the world, and if it invades and U.S. sanctions then keep its oil from the world market or make it more expensive, and ABC News Chief Business Correspondent Rebecca Jarvis reports some analysts predict prices at the pump in the U.S. could jump as much as 50 cents.

In January, senior administration officials said they had been working with countries in North Africa, Asia, Europe and Asia to “ensure the continuity of supply” and lessen the price shock that comes with a shortage.

President Biden discussed global energy supplies with King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud on Feb. 9 and when he hosted Qatar’s Amir Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani at the White House on Jan. 31.

Despite the outreach and calls to pump more oil, Saudi Arabia has decided to abide by a five-year-old deal between OPEC+ countries and will not increase its production to full capacity, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The fool that Biden is, means of course he will do nothing to increase our energy supply and he continues to shut down and make it more difficult to produce our energy needs.

The very worse of the swamp. Follow the Benjamins. It is usually about the money.

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White House Bizarre Report: Russia Planning False Flag Against Ukraine Using ‘Graphic Video’, Crisis Actors

Allegedly, American intelligence said Iraq had WMD, that Trump was colluding with Russia, that Afghanistan wouldn’t fall in 3 hours, and didn’t predict the Russians occupying Crimea, didn’t see Russian hypersonic missiles coming till they were tested.  Just trust us bro. We’ve always lied in the past, but this time we’re not. Honest.

So take what you will from this story. The confrontation by State Reporter Matt Lee of the State department’s spokesperson Ned Price is just the icing on the cake needed for a Friday post. Enjoy.

Even soon after the media posted the claim they introduced an alternative reality possibility:

Interestingly, The Washington Post – which was the first to report the story – alongside other like CNN has introduced some level of doubt within their own reporting

“It shows the level of cynicism, frankly, that is on the other side of this conflict,” deputy national security adviser Jon Finer told MSNBC on Thursday. “We’re not saying definitively this is what they’re going to do. We are saying that this is an option under consideration, and that they have used these sorts of pretext in the past to justify military action.”

Zero Hedge:

The Washington Post is reporting Thursday bizarre and sensational claims by US intelligence saying that Russia planned to stage a false flag to justify a massive invasion of Ukraine. Specifically Russian intelligence is being accused of producing a fake video showing a Ukrainian Bayraktar TB-2 drone attacking pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine’s eastern regions, which was to “fabricate a pretext for an invasion.”

The accusations are positively staggering, especially given how over the top the detailed claims are – all while sourced to US intelligence assertions – but lacking completely in any specific evidence

Here are the details an unnamed senior Biden admin official told CNN:

A senior administration official told CNN that the US has intelligence suggesting that the Russian government, with the help of Russia’s intelligence services, has been planning to produce a propaganda video depicting graphic scenes of a “staged false explosion with corpses, actors depicting mourners, and images of destroyed locations and military equipment,” the official said. The US believes Russia has already recruited actors to be involved in the fake attack.

We pick up the story with one of the best State department reporters. Anyone who catches the State department briefings, often on C-Span, knows they are in for a treat when reporter Matt Lee takes on the spokesperson for State.

Take down takes place in the first few minutes of the clip.

AP reporter Matt Lee questions Price on evidence and the two engage in a heated exchange. Lee: Where is the declassified information? Price: I just delivered it. Lee: No, you made a series of allegations…that’s not evidence, Ned. That’s you saying it. That’s not evidence. Price: What would you like, Matt? Lee: I would like to see some proof.



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