24 GOP Vote to keep Transgender, sex assignment surgery in the military

Twenty-four Republicans banded together on Thursday to defeat an amendment which would have ended former President Barack Obama’s 2016 policy of funding “gender-reassignment” surgery for soldiers who want to live as members of the opposite sex.

Bradley Manning

The July 13 vote saw Democrats vote in lockstep to defeat the amendment, despite the national unpopularity of the transgender ideology. They were joined by 24 Republicans who broke with their party to assist the Democrats to defeat the amendment, without any visible objections by the GOP’s business-focused leadership. Individual vote tally roll call HERE

Mustang gives us his thoughts today:

Obama’s Tranny Plan

Justin Amash is a US Congressman serving Michigan’s third district.  He is among the youngest members of serve in Congress and a first-generation Palestinian Arab of Greek Orthodox descent.  This probably explains why Congressman Amash opposes suspension of Barack Obama’s plan to destroy the US military … the plan to validate and accept transgender recruits into the Armed Forces, and offer to them life-time medical care for life.  This is exactly what we need in America: taxpayer funded hormone treatments, expensive surgeries, and lots of bed rest while normal people are in the field training for combat.

Let’s review: Obama’s Tranny Plan (OTP) is an ideology that holds that a person’s legal sex should be determined by their self-declared “gender identity,” not by their male or female body.  The ideology also says the federal government should force Americans to accept the “gender identity” claims made by each person, regardless of scientific data about genetics, biology and the variety of normal behavior and appearances shown by normal equal-and-complementary women and men.

The OTP also demands dignity and respect to transsexuals in community showers, and sleeping spaces.  This is fine —we can respect gender confused persons while they maintain their status as civilians— and then we do not have to worry about hurting their feelings while in a community shower.

One must ask, “What was Obama thinking?”

Well, if Obama was thinking at all, he was thinking about destroying the military.  One cannot have military readiness if priority spending is allocated to transgender social engineering at the expense of combat readiness.  A soldier will not risk his own life to save someone who he despises; units lacking esprit de corps fail in combat.  It only makes sense, then, that Secretary of Defense James Mattis has suspended Obama’s ludicrous plans while the Department of Defense reviews the short-term and long-term implications of OTP.

Rethinking OTP is not enough; they should be shelved entirely because, if implemented, the OTP will cost the American taxpayer more than $3.7 billion over ten years.  Meanwhile, American government is not addressing tens of thousands of homeless and starving Americans, military veterans are routinely denied proper medical care from combat-related wounds and injuries, social security recipients are denied sufficient increases in their annuities to maintain pace with the cost of living, and the government denies Medicare benefits to the elderly in order that we can take care of children of single parents.  One final thought: if the Pentagon ultimately approves OTP, it will inspire mutant-gender activists to place greater pressures on idiotic judges and spineless politicians to impose farcical rules on civic groups, schools, universities, and in the workplace.

This brings us back to Congressman Amash, a Republican.  Why is he supporting the Obama Tranny Plan?  The engine of a member of congress is fueled by popular opinion, and on this issue, polls indicate that a large majority of the American people reject the absurd progressive notion that a man can be a woman simply because he feels like one. Again, let’s evaluate Amash based on who he is and what he believes: he is Palestinian Arab.  Do Palestinian-Arab’s want to see the United States of America with a strong, efficient military?

I think not.

More info at  Breitbart

Sunday Respite: Remembrance of the 16 servicemen who died this week

Sadly there has been little acknowledgement of the tragic death of our servicemen in this week’s plane crash. Prayers for the families whose suffering must be enormous.

Investigators are trying to determine why the plane crashed in western Mississippi’s Leflore County on Monday afternoon, Maj. Andrew Aranda said. Special Ops forces members were among those who perished.

Breit Baier’s comment on Fox Friday:

Because many have asked– the tribute to the 16 service members who lost their lives this week in Mississippi.

South Korea: U.S. Army merges 173 camps into one huge base

How is this for repeating history? Apparently the Army has forgotten Beirut, Lebanon and Peril Harbor as an example. Better yet we spent close to 11 Billion buckeroos to leave our Service men and women as sitting ducks. I will let Mustang tell the tale today:

Ignoring History

According to Arirang News, the 8th US Army has relocated its base of operations from Yongsan, Korea (3 miles outside of Seoul) to an extraordinarily large new base at Pyeongtaek (65 miles south of Seoul), where, according to its commander, Lieutenant General Thomas Vandal, US Forces Korea will station 43,000 of its ground and air forces (and their dependents).  I’m thinking that considering our history with North Korea —or more particularly, with North Korea under the aegis of a psychopath whose missile systems are under constant development, such a move does not appear very wise.

Families at the new U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys, South Korea, will live in modern, high-rise units convenient to schools, churches, shopping and other services.

A short review:

On 7 December 1941, the Empire of Japan launched a full-scale aerial assault upon the U. S. Navy fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  The Japanese sunk 4 battleships, 2 other ships, damaged four more battleships, 3 cruisers, 3 destroyers, and 3 support ships.  Of the total in aircraft, 188 were destroyed, 158 were badly damaged.  Battle casualties were 2,403 killed and 1,178 wounded.  It was the attack FDR had hoped for, the effect of which was to introduce the United States into World War II.  FDR’s surprise, by the way, was that the attack initially focused on Hawaii; he thought the attack would be focused on the Philippine Islands.

On June 25, 1950, 80,000 North Korean troops launched a blitzkrieg attack into South Korea, pushing all US and South Korean forces all the way south to Pusan.  It was the initial military action of the Cold War.

So now we have nearly 50,000 American forces and assets conveniently situated in what has been described as the largest US base overseas … at the cost of $10.7 billion, uniting 173 military camps situated throughout the Korean peninsula.

General Vandal told reporters, “What has changed for us is that we no longer have to defend 173 camps and installations; we now have it consolidated so it allows us to maximize our force protection.  And as I described, with assets like Patriot batteries, you can now better protect from ballistic missile threats from North Korea.”

Right: good luck with that.

My conclusions are two: the idea is simple-minded, and the American people and their limited monetary resources are not being well-served by people who have not learned any of the lessons of history.

UN conference adopts treaty banning nuclear weapons

In a  little reported action of the U.N. last week, the world once again looked into that dark place which makes possible the total annihilation of human life on this beautiful orb known as Mother Earth. Mustang gives us his thoughts with his guest post today.

7 July 2017 – Countries meeting at a United Nations conference in New York adopted the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Controlling Nuclear Arms

Well, the good news is that several countries have participated in a UN conference designed to prohibit nuclear weapons.  According to Global Security, this was the first ever multilateral, legally-binding instrument for nuclear disarmament over the past 20 years.

The treaty passed by a vote of 122 for, one against (Netherlands), and one abstention (Singapore).  Prohibited will be the undertaking to develop, test, produce, manufacture, acquire, possess, or stockpile nuclear weapons or explosives.


I am not a fan of nuclear war.  Neither do I think the US was justified in dropping two atom bombs on Japan in 1945.  In late July 1945, the Japanese were ready to throw in the towel.  What led us down this unhappy road was no more than a thirst for revenge against the Japanese (never mind that FDR wanted a war with Japan as much as Elvis wanted his first guitar) —and our own hubris.  At the same time, how well is our prohibitions of firearms working?  Will it be any easier to manage caches of internationally placed atomic weapons, or those as may be stored in such Middle Eastern cesspools?

This move is typical of leftists who think that all we need to do to save the world from idiots such as Fat boy Kim, is to pass a law that cannot and will not be enforced.  I will even suggest that doing silly things such as this simply makes our world an even more dangerous place.  We will be sticking our heads in the sand, pretending that Pakistan, India, Iran, and Saudi Arabia really do not already have atomic weapons.  And, we’ll all be happier in our practiced ignorance.

No, sorry … I don’t buy it.  The only effective way of managing North Korea is to drop twenty or thirty MOABs at strategic locations throughout that godforsaken landscape, ten of which we should place at the epicenter Kim’s bedroom.

The icing on this cake is Costa Rica Ambassador Elayne Whyte Gomez, who told us, “We feel emotional because we are responding to the hopes and dreams of the present and future generations.  We are one step closer to a total elimination of nuclear weapons.”

Right … feeling emotional.

I came across this interesting quote the other day.  It concerns society during the Roman Empire.  “There was nothing inherently wrong with Roman society so long as the citizen’s basic needs were met.  The Roman was content to be ruled by his betters.  For him, that was the natural state of affairs.  All he asked was not to be abused by those in power.”

If this doesn’t describe modern socialist society, then I don’t know what does … and to make matters worse, we now have the United Nations organization dictating to us the way our world will be … how, or if, we may defend ourselves against nitwits (who also happen to be leftists).  It is an aspect of representative democracy that makes me cringe.  I did not elect Gomez to represent my interests in the United Nations … and once more, I will ask: how is that gun control thing working out in Chicago?

Obama getting ready to commute traitor Bradley Manning sentence

Is it possible for Obama to express any further disdain for America in these final days of his administration? Why of course it is. Emptying Gitmo terrorists upon us, and why not signal leaking classified docs is not a big thing. Unless it concerns the Democrats. But we already learned that with the Clintons now didn’t we? Meanwhile that poor fellow who took a couple of pics inside a submarine and sent them to his mother will rot in jail because they were labeled classified.

Remember how outraged the Dems were roughly 5 seconds ago about Wikileaks and the Russians? Remember how that was treason? But that’s only when important things, like Hillary Clinton losing an election, come up. Not petty things like national security.

manningObama has put Bradley Manning, the former Army intelligence analyst serving a 35-year sentence for leaking classified material, on his short list for a possible commutation, a Justice Department source told NBC News.

A decision could come as soon as Wednesday for Manning, who has tried to commit suicide twice this year and went on a hunger strike in a bid for gender reassignment surgery.

Manning — then known as Bradley — was locked up in 2010 after swiping 700,000 military files and diplomatic cables and giving them to Wikileaks.

H/T: Front Page News

Wes Clark Jr knees and apologizes to Native Americans over pipeline

Anything to separate and divide and make one feel diminished. Long after permits were given to complete the pipeline the Army Corp rescinds the permit on the altar of perceived P.C. I bet this has the Chinese shaking in their boots to learn how hard it is to get the military to back down. But let us not stop there. We have Wes Clark Jr and his band of bowers, kneeling and apologizing. What is it with this prostrating oneself? Here tis:

Wes Clark Jr., the son of retired U.S. Army general and former supreme commander at NATO Wesley Clark Sr., was part of a group of veterans at Standing Rock one day after the Army Corps announcement. The veterans joined Native American tribal elders in a ceremony celebrating the Dakota Access Pipeline easement denial.

 Lakota spiritual leader and medicine man Chief Leonard Crow Dog and Standing Rock Sioux spokeswoman Phyllis Young were among several Native elders who spoke, thanking the veterans for standing in solidarity during the protests.

Clark got into formation by rank, with his veterans, and knelt before the elders asking for their forgiveness for the long brutal history between the United States and Native Americans:

“Many of us, me particularly, are from the units that have hurt you over the many years. We came. We fought you. We took your land. We signed treaties that we broke. We stole minerals from your sacred hills. We blasted the faces of our presidents onto your sacred mountain. When we took still more land and then we took your children and then we tried to make your language and we tried to eliminate your language that God gave you, and the Creator gave you. We didn’t respect you, we polluted your Earth, we’ve hurt you in so many ways but we’ve come to say that we are sorry. We are at your service and we beg for your forgiveness.”

More at  Salon

Obama will return land on Okinawa before he leaves office

Is there anything more Obama can do to anger us and our brave military men and women?  He does this on the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Nice isn’t it. What right goes he have pray tell? GOP anybody home??

Ash Carter visits Japanese aircraft carrier on 75th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack and announces US will return land on Japanese islands before Obama leaves office

  • US military is set to hand over 10,000 acres of land in Okinawa to Japan 
  • Carter made the announcement while aboard a Japanese aircraft carrier
  • The timing – on the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack – caused anger 
  • The land is currently used by the Marine Corps for jungle warfare training 
  • But on December 22, the US military will formally hand back the land on island
  • The US first captured Okinawa during invasion in the Second World War  

That training area will now be returned to the Japanese, Carter declared Monday – just one day before the 75th anniversary of the unprovoked attack on Pearl Harbor.


Carter made the announcement during a meeting with Japanese minister Kenji Wakamiya on the deck of the helicopter carrier Izumo, harbored in Yokosuka Naval Base in the city of Yokosuka.

The handover will be largest area of land to be given up by the US military in Japan since they handed back control of Okinawa in 1972.

More at Daily Mail

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