Disney grooming kids. Why would you say such a thing?


This clip alone — all by itself, pretending everything else doesn’t exist — is enough to justify revoking all of Disney’s special tax privileges. It would also justify imprisoning every adult involved in planning and filming this segment.

Texas is encouraging Disney to move their way. Good luck Texas. I’m sure the good ole boys will welcome Disney with open arms. Then included in the post of a flashback to the Obama days.



Here is the full thing.

The 11-year-old trailblazing drag kid ‘Desmond is Amazing'”

GMA Day” surprised “Desmond is Amazing” with three fierce drag queens and some amazing gifts.



This is what was live streamed into our schools during the Obama regime.

Flashback Obama: First drag queen performs at White House



Local D.C. drag queen Shi-Queeta Lee was invited to perform and mother served the kids some Tina Turner tease, performing (and dropping into a split for) “Proud Mary.” Shi-Queeta may have been the first drag queen to perform at The White House, though honestly, who knows what J. Edgar Hoover was doing on the weekends.

The briefing was live-streamed on whitehouse.gov, but in case you missed it, Ms. Lee shared the video of her performance for the world to enjoy and kick a leg.

On Thursday, The White House hosted the Transgender Community Briefing, whose mission, according to the Washington Blade, was to “unite transgender leaders and other community members to discuss policy issues affecting the transgender community and to celebrate the cultural accomplishments of the community.”

Move the clip to about 3 minutes to get the full effect if you are short on time.



And that indeed is the best of the swamp todah.

29 Responses to “Disney grooming kids. Why would you say such a thing?”

  1. Bill Heffner Says:

    Back about 1970 I was working for a major metal fabricator in Orlando, Florida. Disney put out a request for bid on a sizeable metal job for Disney World, somewhere around $400,000 as I recall, which I bid on and won. I later found out I was the only bidder because no one in central Florida would bid on Disney jobs.

    I quickly found out why. They tried to change the specifications without paying for the changes, they made false claims about quality and delivery to avoid payment, they paid more than 120 days late, and I had to sue them for the final payment.

    No contractor ever did more than a single contract for Disney, and after the word got out no local contractor would work for them even once. All work was done by out-of–state contractors.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Thanks for the inside info…..


    • Baysider Says:

      Similar experience as an architect. Hired for 2 big Disney jobs, then squeezed and squeezed for as much idea as they could get out of it, then released. Long fight for any payment (until you’re ready to take pennies on the dollar). BTW, the VA is worse! I could make hair curl with how they treat ‘little’ vendors.

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    • Baysider Says:

      PS – yes, we did one of the early jobs at Disney Orlando, too. It worked, but only because we had a personal relationship with the procurement and executive guys who mattered. Performed well. Then shafted later. Users.

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  2. Baysider Says:

    That WH performer has nothin’ on the one-and-only Tina Turner. Pffft!

    I hope Desmond’s parents don’t have any other children. They are one of the types of people Dennis Prager says “I would LOVE to interview them.” I would too. I read the parents “tested” him to expose him to different things to see what he liked. And they don’t mean piano lessons, bird calls and lacrosse. First mistake. Bingo! Here it is: “His mom, who is very close with her gay uncle, opened her closet and the doors to gay culture.” So he isn’t really just a cutso drag boy, but being groomed by his mother to be a homosexual. She’s taken him to vile pride parades since he was 2. He’s been instructed that when he’s picked on for being a weirdo, it’s just because others are struggling with their own internal problems!

    His mother left her job and can’t get another one, she believes, when employers Google her and see this nuttiness. “She calls herself [Desmond’s] “dragager” and openly admits that if his career takes off, it’ll be a full-time gig.” Wow!

    I’m most concerned with my own shortcomings on judgement day, but would I want to be THAT mother? “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” Isaiah 5:20.

    What does it take to overcome this damage? I read one adult homosexual who became a Christian and stepped out of that lifestyle, that he read the bible 4 hours a day for years to re-program his mind in righteousness and gradually loosen the chains his former indulgences had on his mind. Father, even now we pray for this boy that you would grab his heart and soul.

    Walt Disney himself was NEVER oriented to a “Christianly” type place. He was purported to be an occult follower. I read THAT in my teens! Why do you think Mickey is a wizard? And there is so much magic in their stories? More: https://truthinreality.com/2019/06/25/the-disney-occult-deception/

    Disney is well known as a firm that chews people up and grinds them out. You reach a certain salary? Fired, for a cheaper trainee with enough experience to take over your job. Being in Disney’s home town, and in a related line of work, I’ve known them. I’ve only known one who was not, and that man had a very independent creative position where he and his staff were outside the main HQ, and he developed massively popular attractions (that weren’t in parallel with this occult stuff BTW.) Finally, I had a friend whose spouse had a top position in the company. As they were strategizing the direction of the firm, “X” was alarmed at the patently immoral direction (X was a Christian). X spoke up and was shot down. After that, X’s life in the company was made misery, and happily X went on to a similar position in a responsible corporate suite elsewhere.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Sure doesn’t sound like the Happy Place…. nothing is as it appears anymore.


    • geeez2014 Says:

      BAYSIDER is correct….we live in LA and it’s pretty often over the years one meets a Disney employee here in corporate……THEY HATE IT. Nobody I know who’s worked there has said anything very good about it. VERY tough on employees, unpleasant place….

      Have any of your heard the video of a top content VP at DISNEY? A woman who claims Lesbianism and laughs how, over the years, she’s purposefully thrown in subtle inferences to gay, etc? There’s a famous illustration about 40 years old showing golden mountain and highrises, only one is undeniably, a gold penis. She laughs on the video talking about how good it was to get her ideology across to kids……….this is nothing NEW nor is it anything DECENT.

      I do, however, think Mickey is a wizard because he was ‘cast’ in Disney’s Fantastic and it worked that way.

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      • Baysider Says:

        Seen her. Yes, awful. Interesting that she felt “safe” in saying that. Mickey was a wizard in 1940, btw. They brought the character back for the later Sorcerer’s Apprentice, but seemed to downplay that in our growing up years.

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      • Baysider Says:

        That last comment came out pretty abrupt. It was my mom that uncovered these Disney associations. I did not have the perspective to evaluate Mickey as Wizard as a young teen, but it always gave me a pause before jumping on the Disney bandwagon. Then I encountered the vicious work environment, from friends I had worked with and knew and trusted. It seemed to fit an organization that was a-Christian at its core. Then the wizard came back. And then that scene where I got details of what Disney was proposing 20 years ago — so, so against our values. So this “grooming” just fits.

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  3. If All You See... - Pirate's Cove » Pirate's Cove Says:

    […] blog of the day is Bunkerville, with a post wondering why people would say that Disney is grooming […]

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  4. LongTimeTexan Says:

    Parents, boycott Disney, hit them where it really hurts, in their bank
    account. Stop taking vacations to Disney theme parts, do not go on
    Disney cruses. Do not purchase Disney products. Do not let your
    children watch Disney on TV. Do not expose your
    children to these left-wing, mentally confused, sicko perverts.

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  5. Mustang Says:

    Child abuse … why aren’t we treating it as such?

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  6. Layla Elizabeth Kanas-Gonzalez Says:

    Disney has become disgusting to me. They are hypocrites. I remember my pastor in the mid-2000s asking us to boycott Disney so I took all my son’s Disney toys et al and dumped them. Just a few months ago I noted his wife took their grandkids to Disney, their grandkids’ “happy place.” When I called them out on it they claimed Disney is now doing good things for Christians, yeah right, right next to the Harry Potter display that makes the occult look friendly. People will do as they will. Disney is useless now.

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  7. Linda Says:

    Shaking my head…. I had forgotten about Shi Quetta. When we were must younger, we all had season passes to go to Disney and never really gave it a thought about grooming and what Disney was doing…(unfort. Fl residents no longer get those season perks). And now that I am pushing old age, I see it (the grooming).

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