Did Radical Fed Reserve Candidate Pad Resume?

Senator Hagerty calls for further investigation into candidate Lisa Cook. She is not the only one. There are three nominees for the Federal Reserve that should give us pause. Biden is determined to put radical candidates in positions that control our monetary policies. A recent hearing got zero news coverage of the three candidates for the Federal Reserve but it should have. One candidate in particular, Lisa Cook could spell dire consequences. Tucker Carlson this week commented on one aspect of a little thing of her padding her resume. But the bigger issues remains. Included in the post is Senator Hagerty’s questioning of her at the Senate hearing.


Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-TN) called for a more “fulsome investigation” into accusations Federal Reserve nominee Dr. Lisa Cook embellished her resume. Cook swore under oath she had not embellished her record.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson ran a segment on Tuesday in which he reviewed Dr. Lisa Cook’s tenure packet, saying:

Cook has also supported many controversial policies, including studies for reparations, targeting the federal funds rate to improve the black unemployment rate, and claimed that alleged disparities in coronavirus aid are due to “systemic racism.”

She has also indicated support for reparations, instituting affirmative action at California universities, corporate board diversity quotas, and job guarantees.

After University of Chicago economics professor Harald Uhlig criticized the Black Lives Matter movement, Cook took to Twitter to accuse Uhlig of “racial harassment” and called on the economics professor to be fired as the editor of the Journal of Political Economy.

She claimed “free speech has its limits.”


Carlson’s segment is particularly revealing considering that Hagerty had asked every Federal Reserve nominee, including Cook, during the February 3 Senate Banking Committee confirmation hearing if they had ever embellished any part of their resume, background, or publications.

Cook, under oath, told Hagerty, “No sir.”


Hagerty’s call to further investigate Cook could complicate her confirmation vote. Other Biden banking nominees have been withdrawn after facing strong scrutiny from Republicans and Democrat reluctance to confirm controversial nominees.

Biden announced in mid-March he would withdraw Sarah Bloom Raskin’s bid for the Federal Reserve after she had called to bankrupt the oil and natural gas industry.

The 46th president also withdrew the nomination of Saule Omarova to serve as the Comptroller of the Currency after Republicans and Democrats opposed her controversial views to eliminate community banks and fossil fuel companies.

With more questions surrounding Cook’s nomination, she could become the next nominee to be withdrawn.

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