Disney grooming kids. Why would you say such a thing?


This clip alone — all by itself, pretending everything else doesn’t exist — is enough to justify revoking all of Disney’s special tax privileges. It would also justify imprisoning every adult involved in planning and filming this segment.

Texas is encouraging Disney to move their way. Good luck Texas. I’m sure the good ole boys will welcome Disney with open arms. Then included in the post of a flashback to the Obama days.



Here is the full thing.

The 11-year-old trailblazing drag kid ‘Desmond is Amazing'”

GMA Day” surprised “Desmond is Amazing” with three fierce drag queens and some amazing gifts.



This is what was live streamed into our schools during the Obama regime.

Flashback Obama: First drag queen performs at White House



Local D.C. drag queen Shi-Queeta Lee was invited to perform and mother served the kids some Tina Turner tease, performing (and dropping into a split for) “Proud Mary.” Shi-Queeta may have been the first drag queen to perform at The White House, though honestly, who knows what J. Edgar Hoover was doing on the weekends.

The briefing was live-streamed on whitehouse.gov, but in case you missed it, Ms. Lee shared the video of her performance for the world to enjoy and kick a leg.

On Thursday, The White House hosted the Transgender Community Briefing, whose mission, according to the Washington Blade, was to “unite transgender leaders and other community members to discuss policy issues affecting the transgender community and to celebrate the cultural accomplishments of the community.”

Move the clip to about 3 minutes to get the full effect if you are short on time.



And that indeed is the best of the swamp todah.

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