Flashback Obama: First drag queen performs at White House


Everyone is going haywire over Kanye West and his performance at the white House and what a disgrace. Nothing like what went on before. For my Saturday’s flashback I give you

Trumps honor the White House far from Obamas drag queen show

So let’s remind ourselves of the insults given in our previous administration and give the Trumps a big thank you. Here is how Obama treated the White House.


Local D.C. drag queen Shi-Queeta Lee was invited to perform and mother served the kids some Tina Turner tease, performing (and dropping into a split for) “Proud Mary.” Shi-Queeta may have been the first drag queen to perform at The White House, though honestly, who knows what J. Edgar Hoover was doing on the weekends.

The briefing was live-streamed on whitehouse.gov, but in case you missed it, Ms. Lee shared the video of her performance for the world to enjoy and kick a leg.

On Thursday, The White House hosted the Transgender Community Briefing, whose mission, according to the Washington Blade, was to “unite transgender leaders and other community members to discuss policy issues affecting the transgender community and to celebrate the cultural accomplishments of the community.”

Move the clip to about 3 minutes to get the full effect if you are short on time.

More than a Hat Tip goes to OUT

Then there is always

Michelle Obama hosts first White House Bump and Grind Dance Event

I think this enough to prove my point.



9 Responses to “Flashback Obama: First drag queen performs at White House”

  1. geeez2014 Says:

    You make a very good point. And your line about J Edgar Hoover cracked me up! 🙂
    have a great wknd, everybody!

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  2. Hootin' anni Says:

    Who knows what goes on behind closed doors at the White House that the Americans know nothing of from the past. I always think things could get worse…and they usually do.

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  3. Mustang Says:

    Most people divide American society into three groups: upper class, middle class, and lower class. There are other models of society, though, and some offer as many as a dozen or so additional social levels. No matter … whatever they are, the Obama and his aberrant wife took us to the lowest of the low. Who knows what went on in the White House while these freaks lived there at the people’s expense. I still struggle trying to understand what in the hell the American voter was thinking about when they elected these scum —and then re-elected them. But that’s all history now and I’m so grateful Hillary Clinton was defeated. While the Obama took America to sub-basement levels of human society, Hillary could be the most dangerously evil person since Stalin. THAT was a very close call, IMO.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Agree totally as well.. Then we have the Sanders, Cortez Booker and Harris rattling around with the same nonsense sucking up all of the air… but we keep beating it back by a whisker. Let us hope our luck holds out. West was simply a threat to the plantation.

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  4. Flashback Obama: First drag queen performs at White House | 4frespeech Says:

    […] via Flashback Obama: First drag queen performs at White House […]

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