Fox News – How to beat the Fox blues and overcome withdrawal

People need to stop complaining about FOX News and walk away. You made them No 1 and you can take that away. Stop using Tucker and Hannity as an excuse. You are suffering from battered wife syndrome. You keep going back knowing nothing will change. – from David A. Clarke, Sheriff.

Yes, I have been going through somewhat of a Fox withdrawal. After all, I had my routine. Fox and Friends for a bit before work, and so on. This for years. Then I discovered that those on Fox were not who they were or what they were about. I would tolerate Juan Williams and other lefties as the others made up for the annoyance but they were getting more strident.

Looking back, those inclined to Juan’s opinions started multiplying like rabbits. The “tell” should have come with the arrival of Donna Brazile .

I have stuck with Tucker Carlson and at times the insufferable egotist Hannity and if not too late Laura.I have moved over to Fox Business for a few programs of those waging the good fight. Marie Bartiromo and Lou Dobbs. Other than that, I am done, through. End of story. For others needing support in the withdrawal process, I will give you the timeline of my beginning disillusion with the “fair and balanced” Fox News.

REPORT: FOX News Hires CRISIS MANAGEMENT TEAM to Handle PR Over Ratings Crisis… Stats look to show a DISTANT THIRD PLACE to leader CNN and second place MSNBC…

Fox News finally acknowledged eight days after the election that the Fox News Decision Desk incorrectly projected that Democrats would gain five seats in the House.

This was my first turn off back in September- Doocy et all should have been pleased as punch to have the President on each week… a dig directly at 70 million plus supporters:

On Saturday Leland Vittert tried to shut down Erin Perrine from the Trump Campaign.

Election software expert Steve Doocy dismisses concerns about Dominion voting machines. He looked into it.

Information for those that don’t have a technical background. Software does not have these glitches out of the blue. Software can only do what it is programmed and manipulated into doing. Software is not some kind of entity which operates on its own. It does exactly what it is told to do.

UPDATE: Original clip as been removed. A replacement of sorts:by

Other than that, there is NewsMax and OAN. So long and farewell Fox News. How are you doing?

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