Morning Joe beats Fox and Friends first time in 20 years



For the first time since 2001, MSNBC’s Morning Joe has beaten Fox and Friends in the ratings game. This is an average of the week and not just one day. Hard to believe but true. For sure News Max and OANN are gaining eyeballs big time. Watching Mika preen over the nonsensical Joe Scarborough in the AM on a regular basis would take me over the top. For a refresher:

Mika Brzezinski said “My parents found me very difficult to educate”

and I am sure Joe hasn’t helped the process.

Fox will still claim the mantle for the top show with Tucker Carlson but the height of his popularity has deflated significantly:



But it’s not just cable news that has had a change in readership:.

In the days after the election, conservative favorites like Breitbart, Drudge Report and Real Clear Politics began to lose traffic share to Newsmax and Gateway Pundit, according to data from web analytics company SimilarWeb. (The site has some interesting facts and worth a look but you will have to fill out some info)

  • Last week, Newsmax overtook Breitbart to become the most visited right-leaning news site.
  • TV ratings for Newsmax have surged — marquee host Greg Kelly has recently drawn as many as 1 million viewers a night — as President Trump continues to urge followers to abandon Fox News.

More at. Axios

So far, Fox has not indicated any plans on changing its way if any tweets are an indication.

On Wednesday morning’s edition of the Fox News morning program, of which Trump is a regular viewer and fairly frequent guest, Kilmeade praised Team Trump’s thus-far-fruit-and-merit-less legal maneuvers but then delivered his key advice along with a helping of bad news.

“I think it’s going to, in the country’s best interest, if he starts coordinating on the virus, starts coordinating with security with the Biden team,” Kilmeade continued. “And just brief them, because, on the virus, we’re going to be able to get this out as soon as two weeks. We need to coordinate on the transportation and implementation, and you’ll see how thorough the planning has been so we don’t drop the ball in a little while.”

Not sure conservatives want to hear this spin on reality at this point and are not willing to wave the white flag yet. Especially with the two senate races in Georgia coming up.


Fox News – How to beat the Fox blues and overcome withdrawal

People need to stop complaining about FOX News and walk away. You made them No 1 and you can take that away. Stop using Tucker and Hannity as an excuse. You are suffering from battered wife syndrome. You keep going back knowing nothing will change. – from David A. Clarke, Sheriff.

Yes, I have been going through somewhat of a Fox withdrawal. After all, I had my routine. Fox and Friends for a bit before work, and so on. This for years. Then I discovered that those on Fox were not who they were or what they were about. I would tolerate Juan Williams and other lefties as the others made up for the annoyance but they were getting more strident.

Looking back, those inclined to Juan’s opinions started multiplying like rabbits. The “tell” should have come with the arrival of Donna Brazile .

I have stuck with Tucker Carlson and at times the insufferable egotist Hannity and if not too late Laura.I have moved over to Fox Business for a few programs of those waging the good fight. Marie Bartiromo and Lou Dobbs. Other than that, I am done, through. End of story. For others needing support in the withdrawal process, I will give you the timeline of my beginning disillusion with the “fair and balanced” Fox News.

REPORT: FOX News Hires CRISIS MANAGEMENT TEAM to Handle PR Over Ratings Crisis… Stats look to show a DISTANT THIRD PLACE to leader CNN and second place MSNBC…

Fox News finally acknowledged eight days after the election that the Fox News Decision Desk incorrectly projected that Democrats would gain five seats in the House.

This was my first turn off back in September- Doocy et all should have been pleased as punch to have the President on each week… a dig directly at 70 million plus supporters:

On Saturday Leland Vittert tried to shut down Erin Perrine from the Trump Campaign.

Election software expert Steve Doocy dismisses concerns about Dominion voting machines. He looked into it.

Information for those that don’t have a technical background. Software does not have these glitches out of the blue. Software can only do what it is programmed and manipulated into doing. Software is not some kind of entity which operates on its own. It does exactly what it is told to do.

UPDATE: Original clip as been removed. A replacement of sorts:by

Other than that, there is NewsMax and OAN. So long and farewell Fox News. How are you doing?

Fox suffers Catastrophic loss in viewership

It’s been coming. Especially after their block buster week the week before with the highest ratings ever, they crash like a rock after blowing up their election night coverage. There were lots of big hints along the way that the end of their loyal fans were getting tired of Fox network’s lean to the left. But refusing to call Florida and calling Arizona before the voters were finished voting did the trick.

Here is a good example:

BREAKING: FOX NEWS Cuts Away From Kayleigh McEnany Briefing on Election Fraud — Neil Cavuto Says Network ‘Can’t Verify Her Claims’ So They Will Not Air

We had the example of

Soros Demanded Fox Ban DiGenova and Victoria Toensing

Newt Gingrich gets cut off Fox for blaming violence on George Soros UPDATE: Harris APOLOGY

But the best part:

The Fox News Channel crashed in ratings on Saturday, coming in a distant third place to leader CNN and second place MSNBC. In the week before Tuesday’s election Fox News averaged more than double the viewership of CNN and MSNBC.

(Note: USA Today did not report Fox’s third place numbers for Saturday night, however the NY Times’ Michael Grynbaum reported Fox only had three million viewers.)

CNN beat the TV competition in total viewers Saturday with 4.2 million (as well as leading for adults 25-54 and younger viewers 18-34), according to Nielsen. MSNBC was second with 3 million, Fox News Channel third with 1.73 million.

The AP reported last Tuesday that Fox News prime time hosts scored record ratings the week before the election and that overall Fox dominated CNN and MSNBC by more than double in viewership

…Fox News averaged 5.03 million viewers for the week, easily topping the cable networks. MSNBC had 2.36 million, ESPN had 2.15 million, CNN had 1.95 million and Hallmark had 1.56 million.

More over at Gateway Pundit:

Fox News Ratings Crashed on Saturday

The best of the swamp.

Soros Demanded Fox Ban DiGenova and Victoria Toensing


Some clever whistleblower needs to disseminate the secret recording of the meeting where the managers and editors at Foxnews put the employees and affiliates on notice that no mention of George Soros name can be made on air or in print going forward.

So much for the Harris Faulkner apology regarding shutting off Newt Gingrich. Here we set the stage:


DiGenova Touches a Nerve Revealing Soros’s Evil Power

Lou Dobbs Tonight – 13 November 2019

Joseph DiGenova and Victoria Toensing explain George Soros’s meddling in Ukraine and his illicit influence in the US State Department. Following these statements, Soros contacted Fox News demanding they ban DiGenova from the network.

Here is the appearance on the Lou Dobbs show in question:

”The president of the philanthropic organization founded by billionaire investor George Soros, Patrick Gaspard, president of the Open Society Foundations and former U.S. Ambassador to South Africa, posted a letter to Twitter Thursday addressed to Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott, in which he said Fox News “gave air time to McCarthyism.”

“I request an on-air retraction and request that you bar Mr. diGenova as a guest on your network,” Gaspard wrote.“This is beyond rhetorical ugliness, beyond fiction, beyond ludicrous,” Gaspard wrote of diGenova’s comments.
“It’s patently untrue; It is not even possible. This is McCarthyite.”Noting he had written to Fox News before about the network’s “pattern of false information” regarding Soros.
Gaspard pointed to Fox’s ban of Judicial Watch official Chris Farrell following him floating a conspiracy about George Soros in 2018 on an episode of Lou Dobbs Tonight, saying the situation with diGenova “demands no less.”“It’s bad enough that commentators on your air regularly engage in the most grotesque anti-Semitic slurs against Mr. Soros,” Gaspard wrote.Gaspard also CC’d high profile media correspondents like CNN’s Brian Stelter and The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple in his tweet.
Others, such as ADL President Jonathan Greenblatt, suggested diGenova was using an ‘anti-Semitic trope’ against Soros, who is Jewish.

Read more

Just more facts from Tom Fitton who has been doing all the heavy lifting.

Other than that, all is swell in the swamp. For the apology and earlier kerfuffle with Newt:

For those who want a refresher, our stalwart Mustang several years ago created a post

The “Open Society” and George Soros – Just what is it?

Newt Gingrich gets cut off Fox for blaming violence on George Soros UPDATE: Harris APOLOGY

Harris apologizes!

This is one of the strangest interview conclusions I have ever seen. Why is the Melissa who usually hangs out on Fox Business so desperate to keep George Soros out of the discussion? And why did Fox News go along with this shutdown on the Soros comments by the former Speaker of the House? Newt is not some conspiracy theorist and it has been widely reported in the media that Soros is behind many D.A. races. Wow. Now I am curious.

That look on Harris Faulkner’s face…

I’m not sure we need to bring George Soros into this”. He’s not. Soros brought himself into it by financing progressive DA’s election campaigns. Why on earth should he be immune to criticism for his political actions?

Here are a few published reports:

“Here’s why George Soros, liberal groups are spending big to help decide who’s your next D.A. – The Los Angeles Times – MAY 23, 2018

“Soros Adds Intrigue and $800,000 to D.A. Race, Backing Progressive” – The NY Times – Nov. 4, 2019

“He helped Krasner become Philly’s DA. Now billionaire George Soros is back in Pa. with $1M, this time to get a Delco Democrat elected.” – The Philadelphia Inquirer – October 25, 2019

“Billionaire Soros drops $1.5 million into PAC supporting DA candidate Jones-Wright” – San Diego Union Tribune – May 7th 2018 “Billionaire Soros funding reform-minded district attorney candidates” – The San Francisco Chronicle – May 9, 2018

Today I am even more sure that other than this all is well in the swamp.

Kellyanne Conway and her bruising knock down with CNN Chris Cumo

Russia, Russia Russia and CNN. What could go better? Add Kellyanne Conway. In a bruising thirty plus commercial free knock down, CNN and the absurd interview  that occured should move the needle on their ratings down even further. CNN Now Losing To Nick-At-Nite In Prime Time Ratings War  

Better yet, Tucker Carlson has the low lights of the interview. I give you his take on the action, and if you have any interest in the complete absurdity of CNN, the second video will do it.

Tucker Carlson Rips Apart Chris Cuomo For His Ridiculous Interview With Kellyanne Conway


Here is the full thirty minute interview in this absurd commercial free interview with Chris Cuomo.

How Did NY Gov. Cuomo Make $783,000 From A Book That Sold Only 3,200 Copies?

Another righteous politician that needs to be in jail, instead of  being able to run for re-election in November. A possible Governor seat pick up for the GOP. Whats so fascinating is News Corp’s hand in the dirty little business of payoffs. Recall an earlier post of B-ville:

Gov. Cuomo has a message for conservative Republicans — you don’t belong in New York.

Cuomo said Friday that members of the GOP with “extreme” views are creating an identity crisis for their party and represent a bigger worry than Democrats such as himself.
“Their problem isn’t me and the Democrats; their problem is themselves,” the governor said on Albany’s The Capitol Pressroom radio show. Ed: (In other words, rinos are O.K.)


Cuomo’s Office Hobbled Ethics Inquiries by Moreland Commission …

An investigation has found that Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s aides deeply compromised the New York State panel’s work…

Ultimately, Mr. Cuomo abruptly disbanded the commission halfway through what he had indicated would be an 18-month life.

Leaders of the Moreland Commission, front row, from left: Kathleen M. Rice, Milton L. Williams Jr. and William J. Fitzpatrick, the panel’s co-chairs, and Regina M. Calcaterra, its executive director. Credit Michael Nagle for The New York Times

But the latest:

Fox News Channel parent News Corporation may be wrapped up in the sexual harassment accusations surrounding host Bill O’Reilly, but the company is facing another long-running scandal involving what appear to be exuberant payments to a Democrat — payments that occurred even as News Corp. was lobbying the New York State executive branch, which Gov. Andrew Cuomo oversees.

The New York governor, whose memoir was published by the News Corp.-owned HarperCollins in 2014, saw his gross income more than double last year, to $417,748 for 2016 (from $196,243 the year before), the Buffalo News reported Tuesday.

Cuomo attributed $218,100 of that increase to sales of his memoir, “All Things Possible: Setbacks and Successes in Politics and Life.”

In 2015, the governor reportedly earned zero income from book sales and in the nearly three years that it’s been on the market, it has sold just 3,200 copies. But Cuomo, the Buffalo News found, reported that he received a total of $783,000 from HarperCollins in book sales over the past three years,  a number that would translate to royalty payments of nearly $244.69 per copy. On Wednesday, the book was selling on Amazon for $13.05.

News Corp., in the meantime, was registered as a lobbying client as recently as December 2016, according to the New York State government lobbying database. The mass media company, created and headed by Executive Chairman and former CEO Rupert Murdoch, has a long history of lobbying Cuomo’s office for the passage of bills beneficial to its businesses, as previously reported by IBT.

Read more at IBTimes

Newsweek Sr. Writer Kurt Eichenwald goes wacko on Tucker Carlson UPDATE

I don’t know how Tucker gets people on his show. One thing is for sure, you are in for a rousing smack down. Tucker would make a great Press secretary. Beating up all those poor hapless reporters who are so full of themselves. Newsweek at one time was a standard subscription for anyone who had a penchant for politics. This interview gives us a glimpse into how far it has fallen. Tucker was trending on twitter big time after the interview. No wonder.  Worth riding out the beginning commercial in the clip.

UPDATE: bydesign001 COMMENTED:  was definitely MUST SEE tv but it didn’t end there. Eichenwald then went on a twitter meltdown.

Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host calls out Newsweek for alleged bias and asks reporter Kurt Eichenwald to his face whether he should even be allowed to cover President-elect Trump.

Obama: ‘We are going to have to change the way the media reports

We know that before Obama ends his regime that everything will be done to control the media. Here we have Fox in the crosshairs. But make no mistake, they will be coming after us lowly bloggers. I am on the road back to the Bunker, so may not get a chance to make my rounds. Sirius radio should keep me in the know. As of now, I can listen to it via the radio. Here we go:

FULL REMARKS: Obama Swipes at Fox: Pushing Narrative That Poor People Are ‘Leeches’. President Obama: ‘We’re Going to Have to Change How the Media Reports’. President Obama Destroys Fox News For Spreading Negative Stereotypes About The Poor!
President Obama spoke at a poverty forum at Georgetown University earlier today and took a swipe at Fox News for, as he put it, perpetuating certain stereotypes about poor people. The president addressed media efforts to “suggest the poor are sponges, leeches,” and that they’re “lazy” and undeserving.”
OBAMA SLAMS FOX NEWS President jabs network over portrayal of poverty
“If you watch Fox News on a regular basis,” Obama said, “it is a constant menu––they will find folks who make me mad, I don’t know where they find them.”

He’s referring to the “I just want a free Obamaphone” stuff that adds to a narrative, the president lamented, that needs to change, because that affects “people’s impressions of what it’s like to struggle in this economy.”

The worst of MSNBC Highlights for 2013 -Ugly stuff

Considering all of the contrived flap that went down to re-direct us from any Obama issue of consequence, namely Obamacare, the faux Duck Dynasty has now slowly faded away, and we can now get back to issues of consequence.

Having said that, and it being a rather slow news day, I picked up the “best” of MSNBC. Actually it is laughable. Fox news of course is constantly taken to the woodshed. A and E has their moment in the sun but MSNBC news? Enjoy!

MSNBC never fails to entertain. 2013 was no different for The Place for Politics

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