Anderson Cooper calls Trump an Obese Turtle

Anderson Cooper is a class act. Sums up the Democrat view of illegal voting. OK in my backyard.

How is the vote going in Lancaster County PA ?

The Associated Press has called 15 of the 18 seats up for election · Learn more

Pennsylvania · US House

How does this work?

Republican Party
Democratic Party6
Other parties0

And where are the GOPers in support of our President?

Republican lawmakers and officials are pushing back against President Donald Trump’s series of false claims Thursday night about the presidential election, although many did not mention him by name.

Yet all of the GOP House members made it back to congress and it looks like at least 8 to as many as 15 were added. Local and State GOP had similar results. How is it that the all theses republicans were supported with a yes and not the President?

Other than that all is well in the swamp?

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