How many times does Poland have to save Western Civilization?



I snagged this over the weekend. Note the incredulous reaction to the MP by the interviewer getting the facts of life. Time we got on board with the program.

How Many Times Do the Pączkis Have To Save Western Civilization?

Polish MP: Our country is safe because we did not accept illegal immigrants.



FROM:  MotusA.D.

First Poland saved Europe from the Ottomans (single-handedly), then from the Kaiser (an assist) followed by the Commies (a major assist) and now again from the modern-incarnation of the Ottomans – which aren’t much different from the ones some 400 years ago. Just how many times does Poland have to save Western Civilization anyway?

I think we should help them this time by adopting Dominik Tarczynski’s platform – “we will not receive even one Muslim” – until such time as they can produce convincing evidence that demonstrates they’ve reformed their religion and are no longer required to lie to, subjugate and kill all infidels. Since we deplorables are already called “populists, nationalists, racists,” haters,  etc., there’s very little else they pile on anyway.

The freedom loving and fighting Poles are exceptional warriors and I can think of no good reason why we shouldn’t support them 100%. Granted, their language is a bit difficult, with all those complex consonant clusters that are are totally unpronounceablebut it’s nothing that buying a few vowels couldn’t fix.  Mind you, I’m talking about normal vowels, not the weird ones with squiggly tails tacked on, called ogoneks, that they just slap into a word all willy-nilly. Keep reading: MotusA.D.

12 Responses to “How many times does Poland have to save Western Civilization?”

  1. Steve Dennis Says:

    It is refreshing to hear somebody over there say no we aren’t going to do it and we don’t care what you think about us. If only we had more politicians like that over here!

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  2. the unit Says:

    Well, I went to high school with Dago, that’s what we called him and he was fine with that, always laughing.
    Dago, the alleged baptismal name of Mieszko I, ruler of Poland. The first Christian ruler of territories later called Poland.
    According to existing sources, Mieszko I was a wise politician, a talented military leader, and a charismatic ruler. He successfully used diplomacy. In foreign policy, he placed the interests of his country foremost, even entering into agreements with his former enemies. (from Wiki)
    MAGA! 🙂

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  3. Kid Says:

    It’s hard to shock me for a while now, but I can’t think of anything more shocking that how Europe is committing suickde by moslem vermin, You know on 9-12-2001 I knew practically nothing of islam, and didn’t want to know either. With very little effort on my part I know seemingly a million more times more about these savages than does the whole of Europe.

    example: How can anyone look at a boatload of ‘asylum seekers’ who consist 100% of military aged men – no women, no children- and somehow accept that these vermin are ‘asylum seekers’ ? Unbelievable.

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  4. geeez2014 Says:

    If I’m wrong, forgive me, but wasn’t you who asked where Linda Sarsour was these days? I found her. Sadly.

    In the meantime, CNN is celebrating the censorship of Alex Jones (regardless of how we like or don’t like this guy, doesn’t matter) though they’re so against media censorship. I guess it’s like you can’t be a racist if you’re Black?

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Oh Lordy Z….thanks for the update….. thats all we need. Re: Jones, I noticed a number of tweets other than Jones that I was going to re-tweet and was informed no can do….they use to delete them. There was nothing wrong other than some sarcasm to them,

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  5. geeez2014 Says:

    “….are totally unpronounceable, but it’s nothing that buying a few vowels couldn’t fix.” Made me laugh out loud. Yes, I believe Eastern Europe is far safer than the rest of the world for this stance….Hungary, too. Of course, both Hungary and Poland were more Anti-Semitic than Germans were, in general, but I don’t believe hate is what’s causing these countries to be careful; I believe it’s just GOOD THINKING. learn from the mistakes of others.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      They are trying to make it unacceptable to love ones country. So now its Nationalism. Unless you find fault with your own country you are not P.C. Wait until Trump hauls out his military parade this fall! They will go……….


      • geeez2014 Says:

        Exactly! They make Nationalism sound EVIL…Patriotism is even worse! I have a German friend who says she envies Americans that they can have things like July 4th, etc. She was taught, after WWII, not to admire Germany, not to celebrate her….very dark feeling. I’m fearful for our children…it was a great feeling to be proud to be American and now even I feel like I need to temper that around younger people…really sad


  6. Linda Says:

    Excellent post. smiles

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