Sarah Palin Banned from McCain Funeral


Now I have had enough of the McCain traveling casket road show. Not wanting any bad juju, I was determined to stay off the topic. Alas, I did stray and left a comment over at Always on Watch called Insufferable Self-righteousness

Just imagine if a U.S. Senator or other major federal governmental official had designed his funeral to exclude Barack Hussein Obama!


My comment :

It shows even in death his ego rides on. First he lies in the AZ State capitol.  Then on to the D.C capitol. He must think that the mass of humanity wants to witness the event,

Instructions that will be sure to catch media attention as he tries to stick it to Trump one last time. It ends as contemptible as the rest of his saga.

Now the final coup de grâce. Embarrasses the one person that added some zing to McCain’s otherwise moribund Presidential Race. My Sarah.

John? You there? How about the first wife and kids? Did you banish them too as an unfortunate happening and not to be part of your side-show? You left her and the kids after her severe accident. After she tolerated your womanizing?

John McCain’s First Wife on the Pain of Him Leaving Her for Cindy …


Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, who was Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)’s running mate in the 2008 presidential election, has been excluded from his funeral.

Breitbart News has independently confirmed an earlier report in People magazine, which reported that Palin was not sent an invitation, and was told through intermediaries to stay away from the ceremony.

McCain fundraiser Carla Eudy confirmed to People that Palin had not been invited — possibly, People speculated, at the behest of the McCain family.

The news comes on the tenth anniversary of the date in 2008 when Palin was announcedas McCain’s pick for Vice President.

Palin now joins President Donald Trump on the list of those barred from the funeral.

Last year, when McCain was reported to have said that he regretted choosing Palin instead of Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-VT), Palin described the news as a “gut punch” but refused to blame McCain personally, telling the UK Daily Mail that she blamed his “ghostwriters” for such reports.

Still, Palin never took offense, and always honored McCain. Even after being excluded from the funeral, she declined to criticize him.

People quoted a source close to the Palin family: “[O]ut of respect for Sen. McCain and his family we have nothing to add at this point. The Palin family will always cherish their friendship with the McCains and hold those memories dear.”

H/T: Breitbart


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