CA Fires of Hell? Thank Obama and the Environmentalists


The fires of Hell have descended on CA – thank the environmentalists. This was a disaster waiting to happen and not the cause of so-called climate change. Better yet, we Americans who live in that vast space located between the coasts could have given you a clue. We could have told you what was happening. But then again, it was those who probably never step into a woods made the policies. One of the few legacies of Obama that has now born fruit.

Diseases are devastating the Forest. It’s the worst of both worlds, small fires are not allowed to burn allowing forests to rejuvenate with new growth and browse necessary to sustain animal life. Appropriate logging has been stopped or severely curtailed thus limiting barriers to these hellish fires as well and help keeping forests healthy.


“Hotter, drier, longer forest fires we are witnessing today have nothing to do with dangerous manmade climate change. They have a lot to do with idiotic forest mismanagement policies and practices.”


This past week, The New York Times reported on California’s wildfires stating that “Since 2012, according to state emergency management officials, there has not been a month without a wildfire burning — a stark contrast to previous decades, when fire officials saw the fall and winter as a time to plan and regroup,”


As California burns, many Californians have been asking why the dramatic increase in wildfires in the last five years? Except for Governor Jerry Brown. Governor Brown claims that devastating fires are the “new normal.” Supporting Obama-era regulations have resulted in the new normal: an endless and devastating fire season.

What’s the significance of 2012?

Obama-Era Eco-Terrorism through Environmental Regulations

Under Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, “the Obama administration finalized a rule governing the management of 193 million acres of national forests and grasslands, establishing a new blueprint to guide everything from logging to recreation and renewable energy development,” The Washington Post reported in 2012. “The rule will serve as the guiding document for individual forest plans, which spell out exactly how these lands can be used.”

These Obama-era regulations introduced excessive layers of bureaucracy that blocked proper forest management and increased environmentalist litigation and costs — a result of far too many radical environmentalists, bureaucrats, Leftist politicians and judicial activists who would rather let forests burn than let anyone thin out overgrown trees or let professional loggers harvest usable timber left from beetle infestation, or selectively cut timber.

In a 2016 Townhall column, Paul Driessen explains:

Eco-purists want no cutting, no thinning – no using fire retardants in “sensitive” areas because the chemicals might get into streams that will be boiled away by conflagrations. They prevent homeowners from clearing brush around their homes, because it might provide cover or habitat for endangered species and other critters that will get incinerated or lose their forage, prey and habitats in the next blaze. They rarely alter their policies during drought years.

The resulting fires are not the “forest-rejuvenating” blazes of environmentalist lore. They are cauldron-hot conflagrations that exterminate wildlife habitats, roast bald eagle and spotted owl fledglings alive in their nests, boil away trout and trout streams, leave surviving animals to starve, and incinerate every living organism in already thin soils … that then get washed away during future downpours and snow melts. Areas incinerated by such fires don’t recover their arboreal biodiversity for decades.

Read the full thing over at the  Daily Wire  that covers the works on this terrible practice.


25 Responses to “CA Fires of Hell? Thank Obama and the Environmentalists”

  1. Kid Says:

    I’m reading it is hotter than where the hildebeast is on loan from up and down the left coast. Like Washington state and Oregon in particular which are full of liberals. That makes me happy because I doubt many of them have air conditioning. Many are no doubt cursing Republicans and Trump for not buying into the global warming thing-a-ma-bob and are not sleeping comfortably at all with bodies and minds being tortured like being waterboarded but in reverse. lol.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Good one Kid… guess all those solar panels just can’t keep up!! And surely they don’t have Air…. 🙂


    • petermac3 Says:

      The coin they save on non-A/C can be donated to Leonardo D’s foundation dedicated to saving the planet from the global warming produced by his private jet circling the globe flying The Ninja Turtle to dinner.

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    • petermac3 Says:

      The coin they save on non-A/C can be donated to Leonardo D’s foundation dedicated to saving the planet from the global warming produced by his private jet circling the globe flying The Ninja Turtle to dinner.


  2. Always On Watch Says:

    How many Californians have a clue about this?

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  3. JCscuba Says:

    Excellent post, thanks.

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  4. Skip Patel Says:

    Italy, Israel and Greece have I.D.’d our Mozlim friends as the cause of their infernos. (Have you noticed that the US Media no longer mentions the “A” word? ARSON!

    Here’s an oldie but goodie from the U.S. Marines (2005):



    ISIS, Al Qaeda and similar humanitarian groups have been posting Arson Instructions in their glossy magazines for over a decade.

    ISIS Details Devastation of California Wildfires in Caliphate Newsletter

    ISIS calls for ‘arson jihad’, singles out Texas megachurch in latest magazine

    Al Qaeda Magazine Calls for Firebomb Campaign in Montana & US

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  5. Linda Says:

    Like President Trump tweeted out earlier–How about cutting the underbrush? (was is Trump? Maybe someone else)- smiles

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  6. bunkerville Says:

    Quite some tune– 1968 figures LOL.. You sure dug deep on this one… Yea, I haven’t heard much out of the EPA and what they are up to…

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  7. petermc3 Says:

    This is Californika where the liberal hoards would flee from their incinerated homes to the polls to vote for Obama’s 3rd term if there was one along with Moonbeam Brown. The song brought to mind is “Fire” by The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, no relation to the Califorika governor. “I am the God of hellfire and I bring you fire.” Rather apropos one would think.
    Hopefully Trump’s EPA chief Andrew Wheeler will at some point kick the Obamacrat asses out of the EPA and restock the agency with people who belong there. I’m not holding my breath.

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