IRMA- Depending on the kindness of others

I am sitting here in a shelter in Newbury outside of somewhere in the heart of God’s country. Everyone is being so kind. I have yet to hear the news, but my home is/was in Fort Myers and not a good location. I had saddled up to one of the early bunkervites Mandy Williams in Bradenton, outside of Tampa thinking  I would be fine there as the home we were going to was fitted out with the best in hurricane accoutrements. Needless to say, by Friday it was apparent this was not the place I wanted to have the experience.

So I got on route 75 passed Ocala and Gainesville. No hotels available and what the heck,$100 bucks a night or more wouldn’t last long. Almost to route 10. I called Red Cross for a shelter. No one wanted me with the cat, she apparently was expendable. Finally I found one which was full but lucky me, a new one was just opening up down the road, and God took care of me to land here.

So the floor is kind of hard, and the food is a bit tough and being homeless probably is more than I can think about. Someone said it is turning west so I hold out faint hope of something left. Maybe a picture or two. I will write more as the day goes. But wanted to let everyone know I am alive and more or less okay.

We are in for a Cat 1 hurricane here, but I am told we should be ok.  Thanks for your prayers and well wishes.


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