Irma – Home again in Fort Myers

Thanks to everyone for their well wishes and prayers. The almost unbelievable is believable. Got back late last night when I heard things were good. With 138 mph winds it seemed impossible that a 38 foot travel trailer would be in any kind of identifiable shape. But prayers were answered. All and all, 100 percent so far and no leaks. Some minimal tree issues.

Even more remarkable we have electricity. And Internet, which is more than at the shelter. With much of the State dark, it was a special blessing as living without air conditioning is a total bear here in Florida. The main problem now is almost no gas. I managed to get back on fumes.

Three days in a shelter gives new meaning to Home Sweet Home. Many thanks to all those who were willing to give of their time and energy to make sure others are safe.

Special thanks to “David” who was wonderful in helping so many. Easy to categorize all kids as snowflakes and good to remember there are others.

I lost my mouse in all the mayhem. As soon as I get one, we will be back in business here at the Bunker. Thanks to Mustang for his help, and counting on his help in the coming days.

I intend to move on out of Florida and back to good old Pennsylvania not far from the original “Bunker.” Plans are in the works for moving to a Masonic Retirement Community.

And of course thanks for God’s blessing in sparing our community.

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