Chicago Teachers Union visits Venezuela, returns with high praise

Four representatives of the Chicago Teachers Union, including a member of its executive board, visited Venezuela and returned with high praise for the socialist polices of President Nicolás Maduro.

So starts the story of those apparently living in an alternative universe. What is worse, these are the teachers who are indoctrinating the children. Chicago, the bastion of all that can go wrong with a city, gives us a chilling insight. The very same people opposed to charter schools and will do all they can to insure incompetent teachers remain in their positions. Who are more than willing to enjoy the largesse of the taxpayers with extraordinary benefits.

The Chicago Teachers Union retweeted a link with this photo from the blog Radical Educator Collective, which was created by the group that called itself a “CTU delegation” to Venezuela. (Radical Educator Collective photo)

Union leadership had approved a resolution several months ago criticizing U.S. sanctions and intervention in Venezuela, including the efforts of President Donald Trump’s administration to delegitimize Maduro and elevate an interim president, Juan Guaidó, during mass citizen resistance to Maduro’s controversial reelection last year.

Here is their resolution:

CTU Resolution to Oppose the Invasion of Venezuela.pdf

11: WHEREAS, the current Trump administration, various European nations, and the  Lima Group in South America, has recently made menacing pronouncements against the sovereign state of Venezuela by discrediting the result of the May 20, 2018, 14 Venezuelan presidential election of Nicolas Maduro, and have backed the self declared “Presidency” of Juan Guaido, President of the National Assembly of Venezuela;…..

While CTU has been clear it did not pay for the four members’ trip to Venezuela, they went as CTU representatives and met with high-level government officials. Reading their social media accounts of the trip, you’d think they visited Mayberry.

In a reflection of the first day here, CTU Area Vice President Sarah Chambers states:

“I’ve already learned so much just within a couple of hours of being in the country. I’m excited to learn more tomorrow about the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela and how it has improved the lives of the Venezuelan people.”


This was CTU executive board member Sarah Chambers, who went to Venezuela, quoted on an anti-Trump website:

“Through major economic hardships, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro never closed a single public school or a single health clinic. This stands in stark contrast to our experience in Chicago, where Mayor Rahm Emanuel closed 50 public schools and several mental health clinics in a single year.”

Chambers also posted on social media her astonishment that, during her trip, she “didn’t see a single homeless person.” She and others praised literacy rates in the country and the commune-style culture.

Maybe their Venezuelan hosts took them on a programmed propaganda tour, as one angered CTU member suggested. The teachers must not have seen areas of Caracas where families occasionally dig through rubbish for food, where women sleep on cardboard boxes outside of grocery stores hoping to bring home cornmeal, where ATMs are empty, hospitals are barely staffed and where tuna fish and flour are luxuries.

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This from their on the spot reporting:

We walked there planning on just taking a tour, but what we received was so much more.

As an educator, I took this trip not only to gain knowledge on what is actually happening politically in the country, but also to meet with other educators and students to see how the educational system operates in a country that has eradicated illiteracy since 2005.

Did you know thousands of private and public companies have been taken over by rank and file workers in Venezuela? Companies like GoodYear and Kelloggs locked their gates to stop production and sabotage the economy in an effort to make people’s lives harder.

However, the result of this attempt was the exact opposite of the companies expectations – workers returned the next day with bolt cutters and reopened the locked gates to run the companies themselves.

A lot of this was due to the new law passed in 2018 by the Constituent National Assembly (ANC) and the Constitution Law of Productive Worker Councils. This gave workers the support of the state to form worker councils (CTPs) to take over and change production to meet the people’s needs rather than the profit motive.

To be very clear – this was already happening in many Venezuelan factories. The difference is that there is now a law that provides the state’s official support.

More of their experiences Here

Other than that all is well in the swamp.

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28 Responses to “Chicago Teachers Union visits Venezuela, returns with high praise”


    Dan Kovalik On “The Plot to Overthrow Venezuela”


  2. Sunday Respite – Yesterday | BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades! Says:

    […] Chicago Teachers Union visits Venezuela, returns with high praise […]


  3. markone1blog Says:

    My sister is a PhD candidate that teaches art in Chicago. Thankfully, I know that she was in Europe during the timeframe suggested in this post. Nonetheless, this makes total sense.

    Too bad Barry did not send a drone or two to meet Maduro. Then these people would be completely OK with the current stance against the Venezuelan dictator.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. markone1blog Says:

    What use is there of eradicating illiteracy if the populace doesn’t have enough sense to get rid of idiots like Maduro?

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Kid Says:

    My lunch pals worked as teachers 40 years ago and quit back then becuase the system was completely broken.

    These idiots need their own country. We will never get along wiht them peacefully or even agreeably or tolerantly.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. m. Says:

    smiling commie d-suckers


  7. Susan Clemons Says:

    American teachers aren’t known for their high intellect. I worked with them for thirty years and was amazed by their sheep like quality and highly emotional approach ton EVERYTHING.

    Liked by 2 people

    • bunkerville Says:

      I was fortunate to have had some wonderful teachers… I am sure there are plenty still out there, but unfortunately politics comes first as well as self interest, and more and more the Kids don’t come first.


  8. peter3nj Says:

    My, how far we have fallen:

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Mustang Says:

    Teachers moan about not having the respect of parents and their communities. It’s a constant mumble in the teacher’s work room. Well, guess what? There is a reason for this lack of respect, and we could begin with the fact that while “educated,” teachers are generally not well-educated, and you can fill warehouses with things they do not know in their field of certification, or do not understand. And they are charlatans. Threatened with bad evaluations for student failure rates, amazingly, all students get a passing grade. How’s that for integrity? Moreover, they are incapable of setting aside their own political views and must bring them into the classroom. This isn’t education; it’s brainwashing. The morons showcased in this post appear to be the poster children for what ails the public education system in America. One does wonder how teachers such as these ever-received college degrees, but of course we know the answer: affirmative action and giving the communist professor what he or she demands. In today’s colleges and universities, even a snail can graduate with honors.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. hocuspocus13 Says:

    I read the school teachers went on GO FUND ME to solicit funds to pay for their trip

    I wasn’t aware that one could do that

    Get others to pay for their summer vacation!

    Never being on GO FUND ME I just thought people solicited for money for worthwhile reasons

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