Clinton Board member posed for nude photos, has online Ph.D

Looks like Cheryl fits right in with the requirements of Bill Clinton and his foundation. Even better to learn that this diploma mill recipient was a U.N. Rep. Nothing like a high quality board member to help lead the way in the Clinton crime syndicate. I will spare you the pics. Wander over to the Caller for an eyeful.

A member of the Clinton Foundation’s board of directors appeared naked in the April 1979 issue of Playboy magazine and has a Ph.D. from a distance-learning, for-profit college with exactly zero actual classrooms.

The Clinton Foundation board member is Cheryl Saban — “Cheryl Saban, Ph.D.

Cheryl Saban, Ph.D., is a writer, psychologist, former U.N. Representative, philanthropist and advocate for women and children. Saban was married to a deejay going by the name Bobby Ocean in the late 1970s when she embarked on a career as an aspiring disco singer named “Flower.”

In its April 1979 issue, Playboy magazine featured nude photos of Saban in a pictorial entitled “Disco Queens.”.Read more: Daily Caller

UPDATE: I just discovered an earlier post of mine that may be of interest:

16 Responses to “Clinton Board member posed for nude photos, has online Ph.D”

  1. Clinton Board member posed for nude photos, has online Ph.D | zooforyou Says:

    […] Source: Clinton Board member posed for nude photos, has online Ph.D […]


  2. mcnorman Says:

    Oh I’m sure a visit to Bill got her on that board. You betcha! My new verbage is if Bill didn’t want Hillary, why should you?

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  3. thetinfoilhatsociety Says:

    I actually remember this song. My aunt was a contestant on some disco show in the 70’s so there was always disco music when she was around. She taught disco dancing too.


  4. teelee2013 Says:

    Why am I not surprised. Thanks for exposing (no pun intended) this information!

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  5. Rifleman III Says:

    Reblogged this on .


  6. Sparky Says:

    I’m also not surprised. She’s probably a Valdicktorian [pun intended] in Lap Dancing too.

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  7. Just Simply Linda Says:

    you know…this just isn’t too surprising. lol (shaking my head)

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