Anderson Cooper: It’s Exciting That Whites Will Not Be the Majority


No Anderson Cooper, it has nothing to do with the color of the skin of those who are charging our borders. Do the 7 billion inhabitants now populating our planet have the right to our largesse?  How many do you suggest?


This silly ethnic self-aggrandizement has metastasized into the dogma that immigration is an inviolable civil right for the world’s 7.4 billion Pre-Americans. For Americans to not let in anybody who wants to come would be discriminatory, and discrimination is the worst thing ever.

If the Progressives needed any fuel to add their Nationalism screed, Trump gave it to them in spades-

But the Trump administration’s announcement on Monday of its update to the “1999 Interim Field Guidance on Deportability and Inadmissibility on Public Charge Grounds” to better avoid letting in legal immigrants likely to wind up on welfare was widely greeted with shocked sputtering. Our elected government choosing immigrants who would be better neighbors for us current Americans makes the Statue of Liberty cry.

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Forget that it has always been the law that new immigrants are required to be self-supporting. In fact, they would have everyone forget the rule of law, forget the plight and needs of so many of our own. Our own people of color. Forget the inner cities… why not, they already have the Black vote and really in the end, isn’t that what this all about?

What culture since recorded history has celebrated the forthcoming demise of their culture let alone their Nation?

Here is the bonus which most of us “Nationalists” had figured out already.

More than 200 applied for chicken plant job fair after MS ICD raids


A state official said Wednesday that more than 200 people applied for jobs at a chicken processing plant in Morton during a job fair held Monday.

Koch Foods, one of four companies with plants in six small Mississippi towns, was targeted in a massive federal immigration raid on Aug. 7. It contacted the state employment agency the same day to request its help in hiring workers.

So you are telling me there are Americans that want a $10.80 an hour job in a chicken plant? There goes the old saw that we had to have illegals because Americans would not take these jobs.

Other than that, all is well in the swamp.

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