California prefers ‘free range rats’ over humans. Proposed poison ban


California is prepared to sacrifice human lives for the sake of wildlife apparently. The wise Progressives have let fester a growing health risk in allowing their rat population to explode with no interest in controlling their expanding population. The Democrats want to ban rat poison.

You can’t call them lazy. Once a female rat reproduces, she could have 15,000 descendants by the end of just one year!

NOTE: Your rat mileage may vary. For this model we are assuming rats become fertile after 9 weeks and proceed to have litters of 11 pups every 11 weeks. SOURCES: National GeographicIllinois Department of Public Health

Bloom is pushing for a new state law that would ban what is being called “second generation” rat and rodent poisons. The reason there are second generation poisons are the rats — the bane of anyone who has had rid their homes of them — have essentially developed immunity to rat poisons that worked for years.

So apparently the worry isn’t over parent’s having their kids bitten, or preventing California cities having middle-age diseases develop and spread.

Typhus is already well on it’s way in creating a serious health problem.

Typhus is supposed to be rare today because of our successful efforts to keep rodent populations in check and implementing sanitary living conditions. Like the bubonic plague, typhus is a nasty and painful disease that can be an effective killer as it has led to epidemics and pandemics. It killed more of Napoleon’s soldiers in his hasty 1812 retreat from Moscow than the Russians did. During World War I it was blamed for 3 million deaths in Russia plus hundreds of thousands in Poland and Romania.

The worry is over animals that so called “predatory species such as raptors, bobcats and foxes consume the poisoned rats.

 The analysis says that data is “less conclusive in pointing to (rat poisons) as the specific cause of death in necropsied animals.”

Freely translated, there is no clear scientific evidence that rat poison are killing hawks, bobcats and other predators.

In the end, what are a few human lives worth in comparing the joy of having “free range” rats.

I could point out that time is on the rats side. The longer it takes before addressing the homeless issue and not maintaining adequate sanitary conditions the more poison at some point will have to be used. All that needs to happen is one of them becomes rabid. Better yet after we have the Bubonic plague? Typhus and a host of medieval diseases descend?

If we are counting on our good friend the cat taking care of business in the rat department count again. Here is what is happening in Baltimore.

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