The Economist alarmed that poor people are eating more meat around the world

Poor people eating more meat means it is ‘bad news for the environment.’ That means they will live longer, healthier lives. More global warming. Poor people. They need to start thinking of the environment instead of survival and what not.

Usually progressive liberalism masks its racism better than this…Should we just gas them?

You used to do the ‘enough of me, too much of you’ better.

The Economist

More poor people are eating meat around the world. That means they will live longer, healthier lives, but it is bad news for the environment

We must teach them the wonders of wokeness, such that they seek out only avocado toast and pumpkin spice latte.

If only they could purchase carbon offsets and other indulgences, like their betters in the first world do.

Wokeness gets closer and closer to genocide. Those damn poor people screwing up the environment by living.

There is nothing new about eugenics.

Nothing new at all.

A reminder about what Progressivism is all about.

George Bernard Shaw: Justify Your Existence

The Smithsonian honored one of the 20th century’s most notorious eugenics proponents, Margaret Sanger. American Life League exposes Sanger’s racist plan to create a “master race.” Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood and Progressives. All in it together. Here are the words of Sanger.

Conclusion: Left-wing environmentalism is an ideology harmful to poor people.

Progressivism ideology is harmful to poor people.

Other than that all is well in the swamp.

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29 Responses to “The Economist alarmed that poor people are eating more meat around the world”

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  4. Steve Dennis Says:

    Oh no! Two liberal agenda items are colliding! The liberals are going to have to make a choice between redistributing the wealth and global warming!

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  5. peter3nj Says:

    After McDonalds, Wendys, Burger King and all of their ilk wereconverted to vege-burger stands we were told human vege-flatulence is killing the earth worms-surely a protected species which had led to background checks then the eventual banning of rod and reels. As long as there’s no ban on eating human flesh we should survive as a species. After all with Planned Parenthood shut down in response for the need of an alternate food source killing the unborn would be more senseless than electing conservatives. Once again- time for my meds.

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  6. george227 Says:

    This is just silly exaggeration and mindless FEAR by scared conservatives, who fear life and are terrified of death. Stop the panic: Nobody is going to keep you from your precious meat.


  7. the unit Says:

    A few years ago ‘The Atlantic’ published an article by Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel (brother of Rahm and one of Obamacare planners) in which he said 75 is old enough to live. Now recently I’ve read medical professionals are saying the elderly shouldn’t be taking a baby aspirin daily, nor should they be prescribed statins.
    Well, I’m one of those, a couple years passed that age marker. I’ll be consulting my doctor in less than two weeks and will ask about that.
    My doctor is a very smart and very alert physician, age 88.
    I think I know what’s up with all this news though. Costs for medical care for the elderly is too, too much as our productivity is too, too little. 🙂

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  8. Always On Watch Says:

    This morning, the Bloomberg Channel was going on and on about sustainabitliy. Nutjob Jessica Fanzo was harping on how we have to cut back on eating meat.

    Damn, but these people really do want us dead from lack of protein to sustain cardiac muscle.

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  9. hocuspocus13 Says:


    What are the WEALTHY people eating?

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  10. markone1blog Says:

    Let me solve this for you. First, let’s follow the Soylent Green route with this one modification: at the end, sort people by conservative and liberal. Obviously, liberals are vegetables; therefore, they are vegan and vegetarian safe.

    Why hasn’t anyone else posted this? This seems too much common sense.


  11. 'Tracer' Testerman Says:

    Confession time – I like pumpkin spice creamer in my coffee. But I like tasty flesh much, much more… 🙂

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  12. peter3nj Says:

    The answer is obvious: Soylent Green. The poor eating meat should pack SG with much needed protein for the vegans. There is usually a positive if one looks hard enough for it. The Fabians had it right all along….

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