Mooch tells us we need to drink water to stay alive

I had intended to do a follow-up on yesterday’s post regarding O’Bagy and the organization funded by our military contractors the  Institute for the Study of War. But I am “plum wore out.” Will work on it this weekend. But this should hold us over. In one of the most condescending arrogant clips, Mooch assumes we are too ignorant to stay alive without her. By the way Moo… water isn’t free.

And if you don’t drink your water she will come to your house, rip both your arms off, take your garden hose, jam it down your throat and crank it up to high until you have water squirting from every orifice in your body.

H/T: Weasel Zippers

Here we go with a replacement video

Mark Levin take on the food police. He had some great remarks on Moo and her water patrol. I couldn’t find the clip, but here is a good reminder of the “Order” he placed, and what the real message is.

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