Mr Kerry? Whose side are we on?

As we reflect back on this day of September 11, this day that changed our world forever, I could think of no better tribute then to honor a Representative who was willing to pull out the full stop on John Kerry. One won’t find this clip in the media, but it is as meaningful an analysis of the Kerry/Obama non strategy you will find anywhere. So hats off to Jeff Miller from Florida.

What is fascinating to me is that the House has been pulling the weight in various hearings that have been held recently. Unfortunately, these relatively unknown Congressmen get precious little press. Many of them are there because we, as Tea Party folks put them there. As much as Boehner would like to dismiss them, it is they who have the cojones to stand up to the likes of  John Kerry,

GOP Rep. challenges Kerry on Syria: “Whose side are we on?”

Published on Sep 10, 2013

Secretary of State John Kerry had a testy exchange with Rep. Jeff Miller, R-Fla., a member of the House Armed Services Committee, about President Obama  s request for a limited military strike in Syria.

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