Boxer and Reid accused of bribery and intimidation by Vitter

On the face of it, one could easily say this is politics as usual. But this goes far beyond anything that is usual. What with all of the spying capabilities, there will be few Congressmen left who will be so whistle clean that they cannot be intimidated. We can only hope that this receives the adjudication it deserves. Boxer and Reid. Perfect together. Here we go:

Louisiana Republican Sen. David Vitter on Friday accused Senate Majority Leader  Harry Reid and California Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer of engaging in a  “intimidation and payoff scheme” to “bribe” colleagues to vote a certain way on  a bill, after it was reported Friday morning that Democrats were trying to  rekindle Vitter’s 2007 prostitution scandal to stop him from opposing an energy  bill.

Politico first reported that Democrats were  drafting legislation that would deny any lawmaker government contributions to  their health care, a perk of life in Congress, if there is “probably cause” that  he or she solicited prostitutes.

In 2007, Vitter’s phone number was found in an investigation into the “DC  Madam” prostitution ring, and he apologized for committing a “sin,” but did not  elaborate.

The draft legislation is in retaliation for Vitter holding up a floor debate  this week on an energy efficiency bill by trying to attach an amendment to the  bill that would take away government contributions to lawmakers’ health-care  coverage.

Another version of the bill would take away the benefits from anyone who  voted to end such benefits, meaning Vitter, and anyone who voted for his  amendment, would lose that government contribution.

He asked that the Ethics Committee launch an investigation into Reid and Boxer.  He asks that Boxer, who chairs the committee, recuse herself from the  investigation, and suggests she be removed from the committee if found guilty of  an ethics violation.

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