Scandal at Clinton Inc – a tattered curtain being raised?

While Hillary is setting up the stage for her 2016 run for the White House, a story regarding the Clinton Foundation,  and the Clinton’s Global Initiative (CGI) which is the high-profile political family’s other nonprofit, a scandal has been receiving scant attention. September 19, this story hit : Muslim Brotherhood official arrested, worked for Clinton Foundation

Turns out that is the least of the Clinton’s problems. And the story doesn’t come from the “vast right wing conspiracy” media sources. Doug Band is the fellow who gives us a glimpse into the machinations. A name for us to put on the radar. I had caught bits and pieces of the story previously, but hey, when it makes MSNBC and The New Republic writer Alec MacGillis does the drill, time to really pay attention. Keep in mind, it is estimated that Billions flow through the Foundation and the CGI. George Soros wannabes who may even eclipse his influence. For sure if she becomes the President.

No need to recite Bill and their pay to play. It has been well documented. My favorite? When he tried to sell our various port authorities to Dubai. Front Page Mag “The Clintons Double-Team the Dubai Ports Deal” has a great refresher on the two written in 2006.

First, the headline “Transactional’ Relationship”  has to be translated. Otherwise known as “Pay to Play”, or almost legal corruption.  The salient point?

MacGillis said the “increasing overlap” between Doug Band’s private sector endeavors and the “public good” that the Clinton foundation is supposedly focused on smacks of impropriety. (Ed. To say it kindly), who said the scale of former Clinton aide Doug Band’s profiteering off of his relationship with former President Bill Clinton “sets [him] apart” from other former public sector employees who leverage their connections in business Monday on MSNBC. This was a rough story for MSNBC!

To evidence his point, The New Republic writer relayed a story about how Doug Band was able to use his Clinton connections to attain an increased price from U.S. Postal Service for a building owned by his family:

Published on Sep 23, 2013

The New Republic writer Alec MacGinnis said the scale of former Clinton aide Doug Band’s favor trading and personal profit as a result of his relationship with the former president “sets it apart” from other former aide’s who cash in on the private sector

H/T:Free Beacon

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