Yuma Hospital CEO: We’re Overrun by Migrants, $20 Million in Unpaid Health Care


Fox and Friends does its thing in the morning, trotting out the clip showing the latest hapless souls being chased down the highway in the grand “Getaway.” The other option is the unloading of the busses with last nights delivery. What they and the rest of the media fails to show is the collateral damage done to our villages, towns and cities. Hospitals and schools are at the top of the list and it is time the impact is reported. Its fairly easy to find information on the impact on the major cities, but nothing on school districts. No doubt for fear of being called Zenophobic.

Hospitals? It is bankrupting our health system.

New York City: Anytime any one of the Public Schools in NYC is mandated to absorb one of 150 languages that has rolled into the city. Worth the read:

If you are new to NYC, you can register your child in the public school system at any time. You do not have to wait until the start of the new school year.


What to Know About the Migrant Crisis in New York City

https://www.nytimes.com › nyc-migrant-crisis-explained
Just three months worth. This before the major influx.
Oct 31, 2022 — More than 6,000 homeless students, which include migrant children, entered the city public school system between July 2 and mid-October, …


Thousands of migrant children enroll in Miami-Dade County …

Jan 17, 2023 — According to the district, close to 10,000 students have enrolled from countries like Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela. The biggest spike .

The Mayor of Miami recently stated on Fox that the number was 18,000.



“We just don’t have a payer source,” he said. “Everybody is sympathetic, and everybody lends a listening ear, but nobody has a solution.” 

After Obamacare the hospitals were already on the ropes. Now with this? The next domino to fall. Just one example.


(CNSNews.com) — Because of the influx of immigrants through the U.S.-Mexico border, a hospital in Yuma, Arizona, is often overwhelmed and, so far, has provided over $20 million in uncompensated health care, said Dr. Robert Transchel, president and CEO of Yuma Regional. He added that, “nobody has a solution.”  

On Sunday, Dr. Transchel told Fox & Friends Weekend, “We’ve been at this for well over a year now. We tracked our uncompensated care for a period of over six months, and we calculated that we’ve provided over $20 million in uncompensated care to the migrants crossing the border.”



It is often questioned why is Biden doing this? What we refuse to acknowledge. The destroying of what ever the school excellence that was available for American children and has been sacrificed, and the bankruptcy of our health care system looms. Worse, they are unloading thousands of these illegals into our smaller towns and villages. Here in Amish land we are awash in them. Just go to the local Walmart and you will hear the announcements in Spanish. Meats get Spanish as the first language in big print.


I will close with a highlight from one of Bunks earlier posts:

Biden: “An unrelenting stream of immigration is not a bad thing.” “Non Stop, Non Stop”

Biden celebrates Whites becoming a minority in the United States. “Non-White DNA is the source of our strength.” The video was made during the Obama years. A time when Biden could still string a couple of sentences together.

Here is the video:

Joe Biden: “White Americans must be an absolute minority in USA with a non-stop stream of migrants!”


The best of the swamp today.

23 Responses to “Yuma Hospital CEO: We’re Overrun by Migrants, $20 Million in Unpaid Health Care”

  1. geeez2014 Says:

    SO glad I had time to watch a lot of the BORDER HEARINGS today…. The two Border Patrol agents were absolutely fantastic; wondering if you’d heard any of it, Bunk.
    SO much to talk about, but not in a comment 🙂

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  2. Baysider Says:

    Negotiate a deal with Mexico. In exchange for not obliterating their capitol off the map, they’ll open a transit corridor to the Baja gulf for an American hospital ship to treat them. Step 1. What is Mexico’s culpability? No attempts at interdiction. In fact, just the opposite. Step 2: collect biometric data to permanently identify before releasing them to transport to their home country, and record the expense against their ‘account’ if they ever show up here again. Step 3: strong arm Facebook, Twitter et al to de-list the accounts of all organizations that aid and abet the invasion.

    Make Step 1 public, but not Step 2. Step 3 should be a fairy tale for freedom loving citizens of the republic – but Democrats would do it in a heartbeat, as they’ve amply demonstrated.

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  3. peter3nj Says:

    Flipping through the channels earlier stopping on FOX News (amazingly no one selling their latest book someone else wrote for him/her) Blll Hemmer opens with “Biden’s latest crisis.” I beg to differ since over the past two years Hunter’s father has yet had a crisis to face. Everything with him and his administration is just peachy; ask any democrat from the hood to the halls of the capital to corporate and . In the Chinese language the word crisis consists of two characters, danger and opportunity. From where I sit whether kissing Xi’s pimply yellow ass to sucking the life out of the nation’s economy or allowing little brown people from 150 countries to crash our border and suck dry our tax dollars by the billions this octogenarian fossil has suffered zero consequences. As for opportunity it has been non-stop as he and his crime family have enriched themselves while turning our public schools from pre-k to academia, turning our country’s security on its head, our government including the military into social and cultural petri dishes ensuring there will never be another republican president for the next century or two. Ignorance is bliss, the gift that keeps on giving. once it is too late it will be too late.

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  4. nrringlee Says:

    How to take down any once-great power. First step, erase morality. Render all churches void of God’s Word and replace The Word with social justice pap. Then erase borders, property rights and citizenship rights in the name of social justice. Once done, erase all distinctions between once-citizen and invader, erase all merit based distinctions and impose false divisions based upon pigment, gender and lineage. Then stoke those fires to cause internal dissension and civil war.

    Slow Joe has been a tool of the globalists since the early 1990’s and remains so today. He is simply following their bidding and doing their will. No one can say we were not warned.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      I can’t add to your thoughtful comment except to say that Biden in my mind is more than a tool. He presents as the fool, but the fool is evil and before he was any tool he had a mind of destroying America. The clip included in the post bears this out when he had at least some of his mind intact back in the Obama years. His grift only expanded with time and for that it is pure treason. If any of us live long enough and the Nation survives him, this truth shall be shown we can only wish.

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  5. markone1blog Says:

    Dementia Joe keeps saying that programs will not go under while he is in charge; however, as long as he willy-nilly opens the floodgates to people that use resources (like the luxury hotel in New York that illegals refuse to vacate or this hospital where illegals used the services, but did not pay) and do not pay, then there is no other course that can occur.

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  6. Mustang Says:

    They lie when anyone says there’s no solution to this problem. And, lying big. As with most other agencies of the U.S. government, some bureaucrats realize that if common sense solutions were applied, they’d be out of a job. Well, that isn’t going to happen — if the bureaucrats have anything to say about it. Which, by the way, explains why most government employees are Democrats. Free rides are always good. Free rides that last 40 years — until retirement — are even better.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      And now the subject is untouchable……. its a nightmare for the local schools… there is no one with these languages which the school is mandated to provide.

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    • Baysider Says:

      I befriended a woman who had a crippling accident and landed “on the street” eventually, gradually worked her way back into housing, then suitable housing and then as functional a life as her condition allowed. Along the way she had the ‘help’ of multiple agencies and social workers – and then eventually me. Poverty pimps she called them! Taking action designed to keep an impoverished class dependent on crumbs. She once told me “I hate Republicans, Christians and landlords, yet the only one who’s really done something that shows care for my situation is one of those.”

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  7. Yuma Hospital CEO: We’re Overrun by Migrants, $20 Million in Unpaid Health Care — BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades! | Vermont Folk Troth Says:

    […] Yuma Hospital CEO: We’re Overrun by Migrants, $20 Million in Unpaid Health Care — BUNKERVILLE | … […]

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  8. peter3nj Says:

    The seeds were sown over 60 years ago. The Swimmer, Teddy Kennedy, is surely laughing his ass off wherever he resides in hell.

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    • markone1blog Says:

      As I remember, Theodore was a devout Catholic, just as our current occupant of the oval office.


    • bunkerville Says:

      Indeed…. the replacement began… and Reagan was foolish enough to trust congress.

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    • Mustang Says:

      @ Mark

      You may detest Catholics … for whatever reason, but I don’t see this as a religious problem — any more than protestant preachers running off with a member of the congregation has much to do with George Bush being an idiot. Mexico is chock full of Catholics, 90% of whom have ever been to church or even know the name of their parish priest. I’m Catholic, and I am hardly anything like Biden, Pelosi, or any other demon seed brain deficient Democrat. I don’t think we improve the dialogue by bringing denominations into the conversation, but that’s because I don’t think Jesus belongs to any one church.


      • markone1blog Says:

        No, I don’t detest Catholics. I have family members and friends who belong to the church. However, just as with false Baptists or Methodists, I get tired of those that profess a faith and then stand against key tenets of the faith.

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