Biden Starting Plans To Give Back Lands To Native American Tribes

Biden is picking up where Obama left off. Obama gave back 560,000 acres. Trump added 76,000 acres back to Native Americans.

Biden’s representatives plan to meet with several tribal leaders to discuss plans to protect and restore tribal homelands, the U.S. Department of the Interior said on Tuesday.

Don’t count on the Supremes bailing us out on this one. They have already given the green light in a ruling back in 2019- from an earlier post:

Supreme Gorsuch sides with Liberals again on Indian hunting case

Another disappointing ruling by our changed latest Supreme Gorsuch. One can only imagine where this will lead in other Indian cases if the USA is bound to treaties written centuries ago. Better yet, apparently the issue had been ruled on before. So much for “settled Law.” Even better, wait until we have to give back much of the Southwest to Mexico.

The four dissenting justices said the majority was ignoring a clear precedent — a similar case in 1895 involving the same treaty language and the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes. Lower courts agreed, but the justices, in a 5-4 ruling, sided with Mr. Herrera on Monday, saying the treaty is good law. Justice Neil M. Gorsuch, President Trump’s replacement for the late Justice Antonin Scalia, sided with the court’s four Democratic appointed justices.

Wyoming can’t abrogate an 1868 treaty with the Crow Tribe just because it was signed before Wyoming officially became a state, the Supreme Court ruled Monday in a case breathing new life into American Indian-U.S. relations.

The ruling contradicts a century-old high court precedent and could guarantee American Indians’ hunting rights on some federal lands.

Now for the latest.

Reuters reported:

Federal land trust policies allow tribes to re-acquire historic land and aim to remedy practices going back more than a century that took away Native American tribes’ lands across the present-day United States.

“We have an obligation to work with Tribes to protect their lands and ensure that each community has a homeland where its citizens can live together to lead safe and fulfilling lives,” Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs Bryan Newland said. “These important actions are a step in the right direction to restore homelands that will strengthen Tribal communities.”

The meetings are currently scheduled to be held throughout October. Interior Department Secretary Deb Haaland, a former U.S. representative from New Mexico, is the first Native American to lead a Cabinet agency. She oversees the U.S. government’s relationship with nearly 600 federally recognized tribal nations as well as policies guiding the use of 500 million acres of federal and tribal land, a fifth of the nation’s surface,” Reuters added.

Deb Haaland, U.S. Secretary of the InteriorSecretary Deb Haaland made history when she became the first Native American to serve as a cabinet secretary. She is a member of the Pueblo of Laguna and a 35th generation New Mexican. (Doing a fast math, giving that a generation is 30 years,  30 generations gives you about a 1000 years. I am sure she knows the name of everyone of the tribes.)

The department in April allowed regional Bureau of Indian Affairs directors to review and approve applications, a reversal of a Trump-era order that gave jurisdiction to the department’s headquarters and triggered delays.

A department official said 560,000 acres of land were placed in trust for tribes during the Obama administration, followed by 75,000 acres of land under the Trump administration.

More at Yahoo News

This should put Texas in a happy place. Not overwhelmed yet by the so called migrants? Let’s just give the state back to Mexico? How about California going back to Spain? Why not the U.S. back to Great Britain?

That’s the best of the swamp today.

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20 Responses to “Biden Starting Plans To Give Back Lands To Native American Tribes”

  1. Bill H. Says:

    Has Elizabeth Warren weighed in on this issue yet?

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  2. nrringlee Says:

    Emerging from my canyon out West to comment. I am withing a 7mm Rem Mag shot of reservation land. Heck, half of my church come from the Hualapai Reservation. We have a little different perspective on this. Looking at this from simply a resource management perspective this is a good thing. Not that every bogus Connecticut ‘ghost’ tribe or nation should be recognized, I get that but if you simply look at what the tribes and nations of Arizona and New Mexico have done with their land as compared to the US Park Service, Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management you will be pleasantly surprised. Want big elk, sheep and deer? Go to the rez. Afraid of wild fires? Either live on the rez or do as they do. Our last three major fires in North Central Arizona, in the White Mountains and environs all stopped…………………………at the border of the reservations. Why? The management by the nations is not hampered by tree hugging environmentalist religion. No, they do real science. They log. They do controlled burns and allow the God Given fire cycle to do its necessary work in our forests, grass lands and chaparral. They hunt and fish and make a good living from it in strict accordance with the North American Model of Wildlife Management. The tribes and nations of the Southwest can teach us a lot about how to effectively manage our natural legacy. There are very legitimate claims on lands taken long ago and we need to respect our fellow citizens and hear their claims. My three years of making Marines here on the reservations taught me that there are few people more loyal to this nation. Give them a hearing. Side note: we currently have fire crews from all over Arizona and New Mexico fighting totally unnecessary wild fires in California. Those fires are the result of a century of neglect. Those firefighters are primarily from our tribes and nations. Please pray for them.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      While I concur with your sentiments the end result will probably be disastrous. I am talking about clear land titles. There will be endless litigation regarding property titles once this movement gets started. From 1971 to 1980, the state of Maine grappled with one of the greatest legal challenges ever before it. That challenge had its origin in a suit. The Maine Indian Land Claim Settlement – CORE.
      32 pages.

      A post done in 2013. Where does it end? We had the Pigford settlement… now on to Native Americans.

      Obama to buy back land 2x size of MA to give to Indians

      (UPI) — The U.S. government is gearing up to spend nearly $2 billion on 10 million acres of land that will in turn be given back to Native American tribes. (Twice the size of Massachusetts).

      Congress agreed to the buyback in 2010 to settle a lawsuit.

      “We can improve Indian Country if people will go along with this program and sell their interests back to their tribes,” Kevin Washburn, the head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, said in an interview.

      The plan entails buying back reservation land from willing sellers and distributing that land among 150 tribes across the nation, the McClatchy Newspapers reported Sunday.

      Read more: UPI
      Thanks for your thoughtful comment….

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    • Mustang Says:

      It’s nice to hear good news for a change. We’re not hearing about this in the press or from many Indian organizations. Thanks for the information.

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  3. Mustang Says:

    The issue of Indian land has been a disaster since the US created the first reservation. Currently, about 22% of the nation’s native population live on Indian land. Go to any Indian reservation and you’d swear you’re in a third or fourth-world country. Giving Indians more land won’t solve this problem. Why? Because the largest source of income for native populations is either tribal government or federal entitlements. The unemployment rate among native populations, generally, is around 70%. Of those who do have jobs, 28% live below the federal poverty line but on the reservation, around 50% live below the poverty line.

    American Indians (Amerind) have a housing problem, as well. One estimate is that 90,000 natives are homeless or under-housed. Of natives who do have housing, they are 40% overcrowded. Most Indian homes are substandard. Some people even sleep in junk cars haphazardly set on their wasted land.

    So “giving land back to the Indians” won’t help most Indians. These are facts well known to everyone except Washington politicians, which means that here we have yet another government program that has no worthwhile effect at all on Americans.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Here is my thought. I would have loved to have lived and worked where I was born and raised. My friends, my family. I had a choice since there were no jobs of any consequence and my life would have been of going out bowling perhaps one night a week, go to the bar with hubby one night as well. Minimum wage.
      I moved on and moved out… but you are correct. We did no favors and it was a cruel measure what we did to them. But this is now and what it is and where it is. Pick up and move on. All I owe anyone. Chose your destiny.

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    • markone1blog Says:

      Were Dementia Joe to erase all of the cities and towns across Texas, remove the interstates and other roads, and somehow get the land back to the supposed decedents of Karankawa people — wouldn’t living in a mud hut and slathering one’s self with alligator grease to avoid mosquitos fall into the “under the poverty line” level?

      While this would be setting things back to the original equilibrium, how is that right? Doesn’t that take someone with more than two brain cells to rub together? Looks like real justice requires action from someone other than a Democrat and it requires something more than taking land and giving land.

      Instead, make opportunities for all.

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    • Mustang Says:

      @ Mark

      The cruelest and most inhumane thing the US government has ever done to its citizens is to make them dependent on the government for the food they set on their tables. Whether we’re talking about poor whites, blacks, Hispanics, or native Americans, the effect is the same. The demonstrated result of “free money” is that it does not encourage work, it is responsible for the breakdown of the traditional family unit, increases out-of-wedlock childbirth, and it has done nothing (emphasis on nothing) to reduce poverty.

      But because it’s “free,” the lazy, shiftless, no-goods line up to get it, even when they’re making a lot more money selling drugs to their neighbors and pimping out their sisters. Psychologically, those who make a career from welfare (where the “entitlement” never stops), become “enslaved” to the government’s plantation. There is only ONE benefit to welfare: it pushes the shiftless into the Democratic Voter category.

      Pride in ownership, achievement, self-confidence, reinforcing traditional American values? Forgetabouit. If the government would divert the cash laid out for welfare benefits to jobs programs, we’d see a shift back in the other direction … but no. I have to say that in this regard, our government is pure evil. “Here’s free money, now go and buy a bottle of whiskey, and don’t forget to vote for AOC! She loves you, man.”

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  4. markone1blog Says:

    You know, before the Spanish came invading from the South (New Spain) and East (Louisiana), Texas was in a continual war between the invading Comanches and the Atakapa, Karankawa, Mariame, Caddos, Jumanos, and Akokisa. How exactly do we split this when the Karankawas and Jumanos were wiped out by the Comanches? Do we reward the Comanches for their agressiveness? If so, why not reward White guys for their agressiveness?

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  5. peter3nj Says:

    Give back the DC swamp to the Whothefugarewe Tribe.

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