Emmy’s first: ‘Non Binary’ Outfit worn by Carl Clemons-Hopkins

Carl Clemons-Hopkins became the first non-binary person to be nominated for best supporting actor at the 73rd Emmy Awards on Sunday. Here is what we have to look forward to that will be coming soon to our flatscreen. While AOC got all the attention for her “tax the rich” outfit compliments of Chick fil-A, a grander vision was with this fine fellow.

To celebrate, the “Hacks” actor walked the red carpet in a custom Christian Siriano outfit inspired by the non-binary flag, according to the designer. The actor’s white button-down shirt, black trousers, purple belt, and purple and yellow train featured the colors of the flag.

The outfit was created as “an homage to the non-binary flag and celebrating our identities and beauty beyond the heteronormative standard,” Clemons-Hopkins’ stylist, Jyotisha Bridges, wrote in an Instagram post on Sunday.

The star reflected on how they came to identify as non-binary in an essay penned for The Hollywood Reporter in July, writing that they began to identify as queer in college before exploring gender norms during lockdown.

“In the past five or six years, I’ve been doing a lot of studies on the origins of masculinity, where all these rules and norms came from. At the same time, there’s been so much violence and misunderstanding with trans folk and other queer people,” Clemons-Hopkins wrote.

Makes Mustang’s post yesterday seem tame regarding our culture.

Ebonics and woke culture – the lowest possible common denominator and an earlier post English Touring Opera sacks half its members citing ‘increased diversity’

Just noting that the swamp is devastating our culture and desensitizing us.

16 Responses to “Emmy’s first: ‘Non Binary’ Outfit worn by Carl Clemons-Hopkins”

  1. Heltau Says:

    America is just going to Hell.

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  2. Baysider Says:

    @nrringlee: I thought nonbinary was a synonym for confused. Yours is even better.

    What can one say? Especially in this town where driving home today, I spied a young man in a parking lot near my house dressed like summer Santa Clause: skimpy red shorts, little red knee bands and some sort of ersatz covering for the chest, all trimmed in white fur. This does not give So California a good name! That freak above does not give the human race a good name. Just another seeker of his 2 minutes of fame in the sun. Plus what Sparky said.

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  3. markone1blog Says:

    This is yet one more reason to never turn on an awards ceremony for any artsy-fartsy group.

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  4. Linda Says:

    I agree with your responses so far…this is a mental health issue, hands down. sigh

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  5. Mustang Says:

    Ah, so THIS is Carl … wearing Karen’s dress. Got it. Until now, I’ve never heard of this, um, nonbinary … um, person. I’m no expert, of course, but I’m guessing that Carl wouldn’t be so foolish to wear that outfit while strolling along 125th Street in Harlem or riding side-saddle on a Lambretta in the Upton section of Baltimore. Although I could be wrong. I join Sparky in prayer, but I have to admit that her comment made me laugh.

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  6. Sparky Says:

    I feel so sad that the mentally ill are not getting the help they so desperately need. Allowing and even promoting this type of behaviour is not helping someone that is so lost. They need Jesus, first and foremost, for He helps all of us give up our addictions. Then they need to get serious counseling and to keep their sickness private so they may heal. Something is very wrong with their minds. I pray for them all.

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  7. peter3nj Says:

    With america too stupid to stay away from anything coming out o shameless Hollyscum there is no end in sight of the bilge spewing forth.

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  8. nrringlee Says:

    This is a mental health issue. Nonbinary is a synonym for bipolar.

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