Golden nuggets from the day the USA shall remain in infamy

Why would they shoot this woman with SWAT right behind her? Something isn’t right here…and nobody is speaking up. Also, numerous people walking into the building, even w police escort…why her? This doesn’t pass the sniff test

Some clips for the old scrap book.

This includes a different view from what is being shown most frequently.


A good thread on the tweet.

All is well in the swamp.

13 Responses to “Golden nuggets from the day the USA shall remain in infamy”

  1. Steve Dennis Says:

    Nothing is as it seems any more when it comes to the television. I would not be surprised if this was all staged by Antifa and the media.

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  2. hocuspocus13 Says:

    4 Veterans speak out without releasing their names in fear of being arrested for something they didn’t do and didn’t start

    Capital Police waved and invited Patriots towards Capitol Building

    Where they were met with another group of “vicious” Capital Police who attacked them for no reason

    Hitting children and grandmothers with metal batons cracking skulls open

    Shooting at them throwing grenades of tear gas and mace

    The Patriots were running for their lives

    No stand down order like BLM AntiFa

    Objective cause chaos

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  3. peter3nj Says:

    Here is what the unsuspecting hoards vote for… not really unsuspecting since they had no expectations to begin with. They’re not getting what they voted for because they voted for nothing; they’re little more than cattle.

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  4. hocuspocus13 Says:

    …and more bizarre

    Don’t know if this is true

    When the attack on the Capitol started and those in Congress aka Cowards had to run and hide in their bunkers or basement or wherever

    Their laptops were taken by the Military

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  5. hocuspocus13 Says:

    Lin Wood on Parler last night posted some strange and very concerning stuff

    Emails between Mike Pence and Paul Ryan who were planning a coup against Candidate Trump in 2016

    Wanting to activate Rule #9 which is to replace a nominated person through death

    What was their scheme? To kill Trump?

    Pence wanted to be President and Paul Ryan his VP in 2016

    Once Trump won his 2nd debate against Crooked Hillary they dropped the scheme
    Emails of Crooked Hillary wanting Pence to take over the Presidency in 2017
    Capital Police on January 6 @ 10am were told to go home leaving only a handful of cops

    Chief of Police tweets that the rioters came with metal pipes, chemicals and other weapons against the Capital Police

    Someone responded saying I guess then Trump didn’t incite a riot

    They say the Chief resigned leaving January 17
    More video emerges of Capital Police waving and inviting Patriots into the Capital building
    NPR on Instagram January 6 @ 9:33am stating the Capital Building has been attacked by Trump supporters when at that time it hadn’t happened yet and Trump hadn’t even spoke yet

    How would NPR know that unless this attack on Capitol building was pre planned
    Now people in authority are saying there needs to be an investigation into the 2020 election
    Keep your eye on Lin Woods Parler account it seems he’s got the goods!

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