The Quest for Mediocrity



The Quest for Mediocrity

(Or, keeping our standards low so that we can always attain them)

by Mustang

As we previously reported, most of the old gang has returned to help Uncle Joe Stal … er … Biden govern these somewhat united states, which should give no one conversant about the state of our once-great Republic cause for confidence in our future.  But there are a few new faces, as well.  

Gina Raimondo

Rhode Island governor Gina Raimondo is one example.  She’s been nominated to become our 40th Secretary of Commerce.  It is enough to cause stuttering in an elocutionist.

According to Wallet Hub, Rhode Island ranked last in their assessment of the best and worst states to start a business.  Of course, maybe it’s all relative.  In 2015, when Gina assumed the mantle of leadership in Rhode Island, the state was ranked 48th.  In 2016, its ranking was 50th, 45th in 2017, and 50th again in 2019.  So then, what does Gina bring to the table in the Sta.. (damn it) Biden administration?  

Well, for one thing, Gina kept manufacturing and construction operations open during the Covid kerfuffle.  Maybe the state’s problem has more to do with her tax policies than anything else.  

The Curtin opens … anyone who loves taxes has to appear on Biden’s “plus” column and the fact that Rhode Island has the worse economic infrastructure (ranked with 98 points out of a possible 350) probably doesn’t matter — so long as Gina strives to reach the climate change challenges, which can only be achieved through taxing the bejesus out of Rhode Island citizens.  Well, that’s okay, too, since the Rhode Island people, in their wisdom, elected her.

We — the rest of us — on the other hand, didn’t elect her.  I don’t know why I continue to do this, but I feel compelled to re-state the obvious: the election of president carries with it significant consequences.  Where Gina will take our country’s commerce is anyone’s guess — and maybe it doesn’t matter.  Maybe we don’t need any stinking jobs, or any stinking American-centered trade agreements — not when we have the Paris environmental accords to keep us warm at night.

What?  More corrupt politicians inside the beltway, you claim?  Oh say it isn’t so!


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