NASA map shows Africa has more fires burning than Brazil


The dust up with France’s Macron and the President of Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro regarding the fires burning in the Amazon left out one small detail. Africa is on fire as well. NASA maps show that there are more fires in the African region than in the Amazon.

The on again off again acceptance of money to fight the Amazon fire lost sight that we have fires everywhere. The G-7 Summit raised $20 Million to assist in putting out the fires in Brazil.

No doubt more proof that humans are just too destructive to the “lungs” of earth.

Another detail never mentioned is that long before planes and humans, fires raged across the planet. It was nature’s way of regeneration. Old growth was removed and new growth lead to food sources for animals and birds.

But after all now, humans are much wiser. An earlier post:

CA Fires of Hell? Thank Obama and the Environmentalists

“Hotter, drier, longer forest fires we are witnessing today have nothing to do with dangerous manmade climate change. They have a lot to do with idiotic forest mismanagement policies and practices. Diseases are devastating the Forest.

It’s the worst of both worlds, small fires are not allowed to burn allowing forests to rejuvenate with new growth and browse necessary to sustain animal life. Appropriate logging has been stopped or severely curtailed thus limiting barriers to these hellish fires as well and help keeping forests healthy.

In a 2016 Townhall column, Paul Driessen explains:

Eco-purists want no cutting, no thinning – no using fire retardants in “sensitive” areas because the chemicals might get into streams that will be boiled away by conflagrations. They prevent homeowners from clearing brush around their homes, because it might provide cover or habitat for endangered species and other critters that will get incinerated or lose their forage, prey and habitats in the next blaze. They rarely alter their policies during drought years.

The resulting fires are not the “forest-rejuvenating” blazes of environmentalist lore. They are cauldron-hot conflagrations that exterminate wildlife habitats, roast bald eagle and spotted owl fledglings alive in their nests, boil away trout and trout streams, leave surviving animals to starve, and incinerate every living organism in already thin soils … that then get washed away during future downpours and snow melts. Areas incinerated by such fires don’t recover their arboreal biodiversity for decades.

But I digressed. Of course I don’t think that the fires burning in the Amazon are a good thing. I just suggest keeping a perspective. Fires have raged across the earth long before humans came on the scene:

Over a period of two days last week, Angola had approximately three times more fires than Brazil , according to data that Bloomberg news agency obtained from Weather Source. On Sunday, 6,902 fires were recorded in Angola and 3,395 in the neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo , compared to 2,127 fires in Brazil. In the last 48 hours, Zambia ranked fourth in the list of countries with the most fires and Bolivia, a neighbor of Brazil, ranked sixth.

Fires in Africa and South America

It remains to be determined whether these are grassland or forest fires, the magnitude of these and whether they have been caused . Experts say that the fires in the rainforest of Central Africa are often seasonal and are linked to traditional farming methods . African farmers set fire to forests in the dry season to “clean” the land in order to plant crops. Deforestation, soil erosion and loss of biodiversity are some of the consequences of using this agricultural technique known as ” logging and burning ” and is usually carried out by these dates, one month before the start of the season of rains

According to NASA, in June last year more than 67,000 fires were registered in a period of one week..

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15 Responses to “NASA map shows Africa has more fires burning than Brazil”

  1. If All You See… » Pirate's Cove Says:

    […] blog of the day is Bunkerville, with a post on NASA showing more fires in Africa than […]


  2. Mustang Says:

    The number one cause of death in Africa is Africans. Now if these people are too stupid to figure this out, they get no sympathy from me.

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  3. markone1blog Says:

    Considering the number of Nigerian Christians slaughtered by Muslims without a peep on the American press, I am not surprised. Also considering the number of South African white farmers killed by black nationalists, who can be surprised at the magnitude of burning in Africa? One thing that does surprise me is the liberal media’s capacity for ignoring inconvenient truths.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      After all, Africans are eating too much meat so the sooner they perish the better for the earth apparently… they have a thing about birds and plants and pretty things that are in the Amazon… not so much in Africa.


  4. Always On Watch Says:

    The Left never misses a change to promote an agenda. Damn wearisome.

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  5. peter3nj Says:

    Surely one of the squad of 20 can promise to put out the Amazon fires if elected.

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  6. A Lady of Reason Says:

    Their priorities are messed up anyways…. Just selective outrage to virtue signal!

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