Jim Acosta and Morning Joe videos show how wrong they were about migrants storming the border



Recall the dust-up at a presser in the WH when Jim wouldn’t give up the mic? Here is a recall as to the topic. Then we have a clip of Mika and Joe making the proverbial ass of themselves. Benny Johnson gives a real treat and a treatment to Jim Acosta.



“Jim Acosta lectured President Trump about the migrant caravan saying: – Not an invasion – Hundreds of miles away – Would not jump border wall. I overlaid actual footage from today of the migrant caravan storming the border to invade the US over Jim’s question. I hope you enjoy.” — It’s hard not to enjoy Jim Acosta making a colossal ass of himself. But man, he really, really screwed up this time. — JL.



Now that Jim Acosta’s got his hard pass back, we’re looking forward to seeing him confront Donald Trump on the migrant caravan again. Because it’s pretty clear from this video by Benny Johnson that it didn’t work out so well for him the last time around: — Benny @bennyjohnson


So nice to have the internet to reflect on what once was “Fake News.”

‘Morning Joe’ Co-Hosts’ Mockery Of Fox News’ Caravan Coverage Did Not Age Well

If you only got your news from MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” you might have been quite surprised to learn it was actually happening: — Kyle Morris @RealKyleMorris: “Here’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski mocking Fox News’ coverage of the migrant caravan the day after midterm elections. They seem to consider it no big deal. Scarborough: “It’s such nonsense … they’re not coming.”” — Earlier this month it was a “ghost caravan”: — MSNBC @MSNBC: “.@JoeNBC: “My feeling has been you know what this is America…you vote the way obviously you want to vote…That’s a little harder to do in 2018 when you have the President of the United States lying about small pox…lying about this ghost caravan.””




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