UN conference adopts treaty banning nuclear weapons

In a  little reported action of the U.N. last week, the world once again looked into that dark place which makes possible the total annihilation of human life on this beautiful orb known as Mother Earth. Mustang gives us his thoughts with his guest post today.

7 July 2017 – Countries meeting at a United Nations conference in New York adopted the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Controlling Nuclear Arms

Well, the good news is that several countries have participated in a UN conference designed to prohibit nuclear weapons.  According to Global Security, this was the first ever multilateral, legally-binding instrument for nuclear disarmament over the past 20 years.

The treaty passed by a vote of 122 for, one against (Netherlands), and one abstention (Singapore).  Prohibited will be the undertaking to develop, test, produce, manufacture, acquire, possess, or stockpile nuclear weapons or explosives.


I am not a fan of nuclear war.  Neither do I think the US was justified in dropping two atom bombs on Japan in 1945.  In late July 1945, the Japanese were ready to throw in the towel.  What led us down this unhappy road was no more than a thirst for revenge against the Japanese (never mind that FDR wanted a war with Japan as much as Elvis wanted his first guitar) —and our own hubris.  At the same time, how well is our prohibitions of firearms working?  Will it be any easier to manage caches of internationally placed atomic weapons, or those as may be stored in such Middle Eastern cesspools?

This move is typical of leftists who think that all we need to do to save the world from idiots such as Fat boy Kim, is to pass a law that cannot and will not be enforced.  I will even suggest that doing silly things such as this simply makes our world an even more dangerous place.  We will be sticking our heads in the sand, pretending that Pakistan, India, Iran, and Saudi Arabia really do not already have atomic weapons.  And, we’ll all be happier in our practiced ignorance.

No, sorry … I don’t buy it.  The only effective way of managing North Korea is to drop twenty or thirty MOABs at strategic locations throughout that godforsaken landscape, ten of which we should place at the epicenter Kim’s bedroom.

The icing on this cake is Costa Rica Ambassador Elayne Whyte Gomez, who told us, “We feel emotional because we are responding to the hopes and dreams of the present and future generations.  We are one step closer to a total elimination of nuclear weapons.”

Right … feeling emotional.

I came across this interesting quote the other day.  It concerns society during the Roman Empire.  “There was nothing inherently wrong with Roman society so long as the citizen’s basic needs were met.  The Roman was content to be ruled by his betters.  For him, that was the natural state of affairs.  All he asked was not to be abused by those in power.”

If this doesn’t describe modern socialist society, then I don’t know what does … and to make matters worse, we now have the United Nations organization dictating to us the way our world will be … how, or if, we may defend ourselves against nitwits (who also happen to be leftists).  It is an aspect of representative democracy that makes me cringe.  I did not elect Gomez to represent my interests in the United Nations … and once more, I will ask: how is that gun control thing working out in Chicago?

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