The Leftist Way

The Leftist Way. Guest post by Mustang.

It is difficult not to appreciate the way leftists demonstrate against those with whom they disagree.  Their first tool out of the box is ad nauseam repetition of the rather asinine charge that conservatives are fascists, apparently not understanding what a fascist is or how such governments work. In the recent British election, the leftist tripe under Jerry Corbyn attacked conservative member of parliament Sheryll Murray by painting swastikas over her election posters.  That wasn’t enough, though; they also made personal attacks against her on Face Book … and then some slug urinated on the door to her office.  How nice.

The amusing part is that these so-called neo-communists seem not to understand that there is but a hair’s breadth between these two criminal organizations.  Let’s review, shall we?

Fascists generally head authoritarian one-party states within which no democratic election of representatives is possible without the consent of the head of state, where free markets are unable to survive due to rampant corruption, where the state seeks to stamp out individualism, and where the state controls the press and all other media.

Communists are generally lead by an authoritarian state within which political parties are approved in advance, where the democratic election of representatives is s sham, where free markets are unable to survive because the state exercises central control over every aspect of the economy, within which individualism is discouraged, and where the state controls the press and all other media.

Yes, these are mere summaries and because of the near-psycho nature of communist doctrine, the communist theory is much more complicated than we can fit into a one paragraph brief … and yet, it doesn’t take much to understand that each of these —far from being at opposite ends of a political spectrum— pretty much follow the same tenets.  Each subverts the will of the people, each controls the media (either through force or co-opting the media), both hate those who generate wealth and jobs, and both suppress individual liberty.  Did I mention they are liars of the first order?

In addition to the disgusting behaviors of the Corbyn crime family, Sheryll Murray, aged 61-years and a widowed mother of two, was threatened with physical violence and harassed on social media —you know, the kind of thing that cowards do … a new form of bullying where one can hide behind their tweets and Face Book smears.

We see this sort of thing in the United States, as well. It is, after all, the Leftist Way. We have come to know the political left as a collection of human filth too stupid to feel ashamed of their tawdry behaviors.

Source: Daily Mail, June 29, 2017


14 Responses to “The Leftist Way”

  1. petermac3 Says:

    The useful idiots breed like mosquitos in stagnant water as they look to suck the blood out of our dying republic per their masters direction.

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  2. Hootin' Anni Says:

    Great thoughts Mr. B/Mustang!!
    But, I can’t say that some of US [me included] can be seen/known as perfect….CNN {Communist News Network?]..And, certainly not that I disagree….y’know? I think we as a whole America are in dire need of a fix-up attitude. I also think the media has a lot to do with our hatred and bullying of parties, etc.

    Did you see Pelosi’s weekly briefing online? She’s sad…scary almost. Part of her speech was Medicaid…”if it’s cut, it will hurt the children and other living things”….I ’bout choked. I didn’t know squid and trees and OTHER living things were covered.


  3. JCscuba Says:

    Funny, those of us who grew up in the sixty’s during Vietnam were for the most part leftists, yet we didn’t hold a candle to todays douche bags. Most of us grew up saw the light, let’s hope some of them will as well. Thanks, J.C.

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  4. Simply Linda Says:

    Yep…my mil is 72 and she harassed me and sent a threat over FB…FB does nothing about those threats, just saying…anyways, the reason why I am not on FB anymore.

    I’ll tell you, these fascists about driving me up the wall with their non stop dribble.

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