Bowe Bergdahl deserted, pervert father stalks twins

No one is covering this little factor, so I will re-post an earlier story.

So we hear that Bowe Bergdahl will be charged with desertion. The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. While Obama pranced about praising the poor suffering family, the press never reported that the father was a pervert. No, we had to believe that the embracement of this deserter was more important than those who may have died or risked their lives trying to retrieve this rascal. So lets take a look at Dad. First:

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who was released by the Taliban last year in exchange for five prisoners, is being charged with desertion, retired Lt. Col. Tony Schaffer told Bill O’Reilly on “The O’Reilly Factor” Monday.Read more: Washington Times

One weird family, this Bergdahl family.  A little reported story regarding dear old dad Bob Bergdahl, father of Bowe Bergdahl.  The original police reports are out there for confirmation. About Pops.


The father of embattled POW Bowe Bergdahl, who landed on US soil,, waged a sinister campaign of stalking and harassment against pretty twin sisters – even stealing a gnome from their garden and peaking at them in the shower, the sisters claim in shocking police reports.

Lacey and Allie Hillman, 31-year-old twin sisters from Hailey, Idaho, went to police after a series of harassing incidents involving Robert (Bob) Bergdahl in 2011
They claim that Bergdahl, a UPS driver, drove by their home ‘several times a day’ even though he had nothing to pick up or deliver and left ‘creepy’ notes
Allie claims that he once banged on her door and accused her of cheating on him, saying ‘What are you two-timing me b****,’ even though they never dated or were even friends

The sisters claim Bergdahl took a small gnome from their garden and later approached Lacey to ask her if ‘something was missing’ from their yard
She later notice that the gnome was indeed gone, only to have it reappear days later

Read the sordid details: Keep reading

32 Responses to “Bowe Bergdahl deserted, pervert father stalks twins”

  1. Just what has ‘Clock Boy’ been up to lately? | Says:

    […] if the Bergdahl (Bowe Bergdahl deserted, pervert father stalks twins) invite did not bring embarrassment to the White House, let’s try Sudanese Clock boy and his […]

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    […] October 19, an astronomy night the White House is hosting for top scientists. So if the Bergdahl (Bowe Bergdahl deserted, pervert father stalks twins) invite did not bring embarrassment to the White House, let’s try Sudanese Clock boy and his […]


  3. Jersey McJones Says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnddd….. Yet MORE frothing at the mouth rabid hatred of your fellow Americans! Good job! If you were trying to prove how horrible the conservative character really is, you sure did it here!



  4. My Article Read (3-25-2015) | My Daily Musing Says:

    […] Bowe Bergdahl deserted, pervert father stalks twins […]

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  5. Bowe Bergdahl deserted, pervert father stalks twins | 4frespeech Says:

    […] Bowe Bergdahl deserted, pervert father stalks twins. […]

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  6. ComradeMatrix (@ComradeMatrix) Says:

    Agree with geeez2014. All I can think of is those who lost their lives for this piece of sh#t. And the parents of those who knew we couldn’t trade for. Yet we gave terrorist back for this? It doesn’t get much more horrible.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Jersey McJones Says:

    I will never understand the fascination the low-brows have with the sordid. You guys are like people who watch races hoping to see a crash. On TV now, they have these “professional” fights now where it’s guys in cages punching and kicking each other, Rocky meets Bruce Lee style. Do you guys watch that stuff?

    Here’s the thing – if guys think for one second the character of white American Christian conservatives is any better than every other schmuck out there, you are really white American Christian conservatives. Hypocrites.



  8. Petermc3 Says:

    That middle aged gray pussy pony tail is not the only thing needing to be lopped off with a scimitar.

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  9. Steve Dennis Says:

    You are the only one I have seen covering the story of the father, nobody else seems to be interested in this little fact and of course we know why. At least we got some good news today, I was sure Obama would make sure the desertion charges would never be brought up but maybe this shows us the contempt in which the military holds Obama. I do not doubt he tried to stop this but thankfully they are going to do what is right!

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  10. geeez2014 Says:

    I feel so sad for those families of Americans who were beheaded because we, rightly, don’t negotiate. Apparently, we do negotiate for families like Bergdahl, a deserter who apparently bad mouthed America to his unit.
    And, really…did he desert or did he seek the Taliban? There was talk about that, too.
    Is his father a muslim or is the bear his bad imitation of my revered ZZ TOP bunch? 🙂

    What’s ‘holy’ about the Bergdahl’s? ladyRaven is right…why didn’t they press charges?

    McNorman, you must be a monk to observe silence for every stupidity you encounter!!

    So, today, Bergdahl’s announcement came: He could get anywhere from release to life. It looks to me like he’d get five years and then they’d say “Well, the poor chump did all those years with the Taliban, so let’s make that concurrent and let him go now.” I’d be willing to make bet on that.
    There’s something that this White House loves about Bergdahl and if we had any kind of media interested in truth, they’d be digging now. Instead, they’re digging into Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, and others and finding so much that you’d think Democrats NEVER do anything wrong, wouldn’t you? :-)..

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Right you are. I am surprised it wasn’t a Friday dump. I can only imagine how those who died trying to retrieve this treasonous creature must be feeling.


      • geeez2014 Says:

        Bunkerville, picture yourself as the mother of one of those boys who died looking for this kid….and the outrage shown by the guys in his unit really cheered me; so righteous, so patriotic and so mad at someone who’d desert. Good stuff. I’d forgotten till I just saw tape on TV, that Bergdahl’s dad spoke such good ‘whatever the Taliban speaks’…Pashtoon or something? My ear is tuned to Arabic, Armenian, etc…and his accent was perfect. Almost unbelievably good. Odd. And to suggest he was speaking it (this was in the Rose Garden) because he’d heard his son hadn’t talked English anymore…? WHO is he kidding?
        And his son still hasn’t talked to him, as far as I’ve heard…have you? maybe his son new dad’s a pervert.


      • Always On Watch Says:

        Those words that Bob Bergdahl uttered at the White House were words that forever dedicated the ground there dedicated to Allah. Just sayin’.

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      • bunkerville Says:

        This whole thing is beyond imagination. Pinch me, I must be dreaming.


      • bunkerville Says:

        G- I understand that as well. Madness, total madness.


  11. mcnorman Says:

    In the Barry world trading five terrorists for a deserter is par for the course. I remind myself to give 4 seconds of silence to every moment of stupidity that I encounter.

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  12. LadyRavenSDC Says:

    Yeah I missed that story.
    I wonder who talked those two women into not pressing charges.

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