Lindsey Graham talks immigration within 12 hours to Obama

The body isn’t even cold and our man Judas Senator Lindsey Graham can’t wait to turn Rino on us. Isn’t this just the icing on the cake?  I just bet Obama called Graham’s twin in the Senate, McCain. I guess we can figure why Obama gave Congress six weeks to come up with a bill. So now they will try rush this through during the lame duck. Thanks fellas.


Just over 12 hours after the Republican Party captured control of the Senate from the Democrats, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham says he’s already been in touch with President Barack Obama on how to move forward.

“The president called last night,” Graham said. “We had a rather lengthy discussion. I think the president was very sincere in wanting to find common ground. Only time will tell.”[…]

Graham says he continues to believe there is bipartisan action on immigration reform. Just last year, Graham was part of a bipartisan group of senators who drafted and ultimately passed a comprehensive immigration reform bill through the Senate. The House of Representatives, however, never took up the bill.

“I intend to seek common ground on this issue as I have for the past eight years on almost,” Graham said.[…]

But Graham also warned that Republicans will need to be open to working with Democrats to keep the GOP majority.

“We will lose ground in ’16 if we can’t prove to the people that there’s a new Republican Party, that’s going to come to Washington to get things done. It puts a lot of pressure on [Majority Leader Mitch] McConnell and [Minority Leader Harry] Reid to come up with a positive agenda,” Graham said.

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