Two former Secretaries of Defense give scathing rebuke of Defense policies

We know how the Emperor is doing on the home front, but anyone wondering how he is demonstrating his intellectual prowess as the Commander-in-Chief? (Or should I add how Valerie is doing)? We have heard subtle comments that he is micro managing our military actions, but this is a scathing report by two former Secretaries of Defense. This story makes the immigration issue pale for those who are serving or have loved ones serving in our military. Here we go:

President Obama’s former Secretaries of Defense have a low opinion of the boss’ defense policy.

Robert Gates, who served in that position under Obama from 2009 to 2011, and his replacement Leon Panetta (2011 to 2013), sharply criticized Obama on everything from administrative methods to being too insular to fighting the Islamic State terrorist organization in speeches at the Reagan National Defense Forum November 15.

“[President Obama] has given them the mission of destroying ISIS,” Gates said. “But when you then deny the military the authorities they require to achieve the objective, you leave them with a great sense of frustration.”


“I think it is important for the president and I think it’s important for our military leaders to know that they have to be able to use every possible option on the table in order to be able to succeed in that effort, and that we ought not to just ad hoc limit certain areas,” Panetta said.

“I think there is a gap between the president’s rhetoric in terms of the objectives and the missions that he sets for the military and then the authorization that he gives them to carry it out,” Gates added

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